This winter the provincial capital of thirty thousand new natural gas users to benefit more than 5

This winter the provincial capital of thirty thousand new natural gas users to benefit more than 5

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sells stoves and chimneys…… This winter, the provincial capital of many old residential areas will be used on natural gas wall boiler. In October 11th, a reporter from the Xining oil and gas limited liability company was informed that this year, in Xining City, more than 30 thousand new users of natural gas, the new old residential natural gas users to more than 5 thousand residents.


of South East area of Xining City Hospital No. 1 is the last century in 80s the families, the natural gas pipeline in the Yellow frame outside the building, in which more than and 60 households in the eyes, this one eye-catching yellow as warm as the winter sun.

"it’s convenient and hot!" Since the end of last month through residential natural gas, said the most is this sentence every eighty year old Ann Cong lian. In the early morning of the outdoor hanqixiren, but living in the first floor of an inexpensive home plexus is as warm as in spring. If in the last year, the old two have already put on cotton padded clothes. "Soil heating + oven + small sun" is the necessary equipment in the past, and now the earth heating stove and oven has been sold by the elderly, the sun is also covered with thick cloth in the corner. Every night, the old man will open a new installation of natural gas wall boiler for more than an hour, the family did not say warm, as well as hot water bath. The old man said: "these two days the weather is not too cold, the boiler burning an hour is enough, burn a long time too hot to stand."

this morning, the five floor of the residents around Zhang Mingwen stood at the door, he asked the Gas Co staff today, No. 1 residents home gas debugging card reader, to give way in the yard of the old people to teach the safe use of boiler, he said the yard of the old man, to speak several times before. South Chuang-tzu Hospital No. 1, No. 2 hospital for installation of natural gas pipeline procedures are hand to Zhang Mingwen, when he learned that the yard of the gas after the excitement The old man wept bitterly. "Building 1 is built in 1984, for decades, we are living stove winter. Today, 90% of the residents in the yard are elderly, with an average age of over the age of seventy." Zhang Mingwen said, "I am 68 years old this year, in the elderly is still young, but upstairs downstairs to lift coal has been fixed, so we are looking forward to access to natural gas, enjoy yourself."

at the same time, the wood road is located in the Qaidam area, the construction personnel in Xining Gas Co are busy home project of natural gas pipeline, natural gas engineering can be expected this month end of the cell was completed, the area 115 households this year will be able to use natural gas. According to the Xining petroleum Gas Co responsible person, the company has increased the intensity of gas engineering construction, increase the construction of power at the same time, for all project co-ordination arrangements, to secure the construction schedule. At present, the construction of the project reached more than and 100, Xining petroleum Gas Co has already carried out the inverted schedule, go all out on all projects, shut down in November 20th before the completion of project construction tasks, to ensure that residents of gas project completed on time. The construction conditions are not complete, the user can not be completed within the year, Xining petroleum Gas Co has advance notice to users not to demolish the existing heating equipment, to ensure the normal heating this winter. Author: Wei Jinyu;

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