Xining North City to take measures to stabilize the price guarantee supply

Xining North City to take measures to stabilize the price guarantee supply

March 30, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

in order to ensure the basic stability of market prices during the holiday season, the north of the city of Xining District Bridge in the bazaars and building the south market to more than and 100 cheap vegetables point the issuance of temporary price subsidies of 44 thousand and 700 yuan of funds, strictly control the vegetables zero slip. All relevant departments to take effective measures to stabilize prices, protect the basic livelihood of the masses.

to do the life consumption of material supply and price stability control, led by the district government, with prices, industry and commerce, urban management, finance, public security, towns (Office) and other departments actively play the supervision function. At the same time, strengthen price monitoring and early warning, monitoring the implementation date of report system of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other residents of important daily necessities prices, increase the implementation of zero slip control efforts of the main vegetable varieties belonged to the farmers market 27, effectively curb the price of vegetables is not reasonable price. Continue to implement the highest retail price management of the retail price of beef and mutton in the main markets.

in addition, increase the frequency of market inspection and supervision efforts, continue to carry out market price monitoring work, to grasp the commodity market price changes in the first hand information, and take active measures to deal with. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of each big market, to crack down and investigate the price alliance, price collusion, hoarding and profiteering, price gouging, disguised price hikes and other illegal behavior and disrupt the market order. (author: Su Jianping Fan Shengdong)

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