Wisdom wisdom boost the development of Qinghai

Wisdom wisdom boost the development of Qinghai

March 27, 2017 bksuroys 0

was in September of a year.

Qinghai plateau, ushered in the "become" three years of old friends – "Beijing Youth expert service group" experts. Involved in health care, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection, science and technology and other areas of the 16 Beijing experts and experts in the province of the formation of the "think tank" on the plateau, into the pastoral areas, the grassroots, to the front line of the 27…… To the province’s hospitals, schools and research institutions and other grassroots units, through the development of academic lectures, technical guidance, scientific research, project demonstration, decision-making consulting, personnel training, etc.". At this time of the year, Qinghai is more attractive because of "wisdom".

"Beijing Youth expert services group is Beijing City, Qinghai province from 2014 began to jointly build talent service brand project, I focus on solving the grassroots development problems, leading industrial upgrading, promote the combination of research and training of personnel urgently needed by the two common themes, selected outstanding experts, I went to the grassroots level for a province week of intellectual support. Over the past three years, the common aspirations of the experts did not change: the wisdom of the effort for the development of Qinghai to play its greatest role.

great beauty Qinghai, the United States in the ecological. Chang Guoliang, deputy director of the Beijing Institute of water science and technology, to the first day of green, it is urgent to chase, Huangyuan and other places to carry out field research. In view of the fact that Datong County is the back garden of Xining city and the important water source, the paper introduces the technology of kitchen waste compost in water source area, which provides a new method to deal with the "agricultural waste" in our country. See the river shore Amoy natural riparian phenomenon in Huangyuan Beishan basin, without affecting the natural landscape and ecological damage situation, combined with ecological revetment wall and Gabion check dam and other engineering measures to reduce soil erosion and impact on both sides of the river road and farmland, provides a new method and technology of construction Huangyuan county do a good job of comprehensive management of small watershed…… Provincial Water Resources Department official said: "the arrival of experts, is to give us a" timely rain ", these new technologies, new methods.

"what needs to be done, do everything you can to help solve it." This is the commitment of experts, but also action. In September 7th, Xining City East District Muslim Lane Community Social Work Service Center in the neighborhood of Capital Normal University professor Fan Yanning Institute of politics and law, young social workers has introduced the development of local social work and difficulties, and carefully consult the relevant professional issues, Professor fan through professional knowledge and practical experience of her rich the teachers and students to answer questions. The workstation is responsible for Wang Zhaozhen said excitedly: "we bring passion to halal Lane Community carrying out social service work, found in the service process, especially with the real situation of social work theory is combined with the actual needs of residents is an important aspect of social workers, learning view is narrow, need to accept the information, and constantly improve the work the level of. Professor Fan, the direct guidance of such experts, added new ideas to our brains. We feel that as long as the courage to step, dare to innovate, dare to practice, so that the world of social work will be more broad,;

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