Xining to the last mile to zero km

Xining to the last mile to zero km

March 26, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

from one to zero! Get through the last mile".

cancellation and adjustment of administrative approval items 73; the boiler coal gas and kerosene smoke, said Li Li changed, do not stay dead; the dismantling of illegal construction of 11093 square meters; for the city’s 76 community opened 15 parity direct supply of cheap car 431 tons of vegetables; through a broken road……

since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city actively explore new ways and new methods of mass work, education of Party members and cadres really put people when their loved ones, through extensive research Mocha, start from the people most concerned about specific issues, from the masses are not satisfied with the change from place to solve problems around them. Through the relationship between the "last mile", let the party masses relations, reproduce the profound feelings of flesh and blood ties.

how to do a good job of grassroots party building, improve the level of service for the people? By "behind closed doors" and "marking time" is not feasible! "Head" design, "pen" innovation is unrealistic! To this end, at the beginning of the event, the city first cracked the head of the design vector, the problem, from the ideological point of view to open the last mile".

in June this year, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee to carry out grassroots party building work to observe the month activities, the organization of 585 grassroots party organizations in various fields, party workers to observe the party building work. Grass-roots party organizations, party workers in the process, than the school, commenting ", learn some good experience and practice in front of peers, listen to opinions and suggestions, to find their own way and carrier to serve the people, in order to improve the scientific level of Party building work has injected new vitality.

as long as the interests of the masses, and then a small thing is also a major event." This is the belief of the majority of Party members and cadres in Xining!

window staff service attitude indifference, window waiting for a long time, more processes"…… To open up the last mile, I always highlight the problem oriented, focusing on the "four winds", listen to the opinions of the masses, solicit opinions from the masses, listen to the opinions of the masses, starting from the people most concerned about, the most urgent problem, efforts to solve the vital interests of the masses of the problem, solve the problem of the masses around the unwholesome tendencies in to improve the effectiveness of style, to the grassroots, really benefit the masses.

contact the masses zero gap, organization and management zero gap, serving the masses zero distance, the city’s departments continue to make efforts to make the last mile into zero kilometers".

The local taxation system

imputation and combing 10 categories of more than 280 tax approval list, simplifying approval procedures, to achieve the acceptance and examination, once completed, take tax approval forward to the window to solve the taxpayer "long run" and "repeat report"; Municipal Bureau of civil affairs for the community approval time by 30 work on the original compressed to 12 working days, private non enterprise approval time compression from 60 working days to 14 working days, alteration and cancellation of two working days of work items were compressed to 3 working days;

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