Xining to crack down on barbaric demolition 80% households agreed to be demolished

Xining to crack down on barbaric demolition 80% households agreed to be demolished

March 25, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

City Real Estate Management Bureau, the municipal government work this year in accordance with the ideas of "resettlement demolition, resettlement demolition insurance to promote", I will fully rectify the market, normative acts of demolition, demolition, demolition to make harmonious appear in the demolition site on the high streets and back lanes.

it is reported that this year the city will continue to increase the intensity of housing units to ensure the smooth implementation of affordable housing, major infrastructure projects, urban landscape reconstruction and other key construction projects. In the demolition work, the strict implementation of the housing demolition permit to take the system in advance, in the demolition of more than 80% households agreed to the premise, it will be issued "housing demolition permit". At the same time, to further standardize the demolition process, uniform relocation compensation standards, to crack down on the "barbaric demolition" and "undocumented residents" seriously damage the dismantlees interests illegal behavior, to ensure that the housing demolition work orderly.

in the standard of housing demolition behavior, real estate relocation departments will implement the demolition filing system, crack down on housing demolition parties have not signed the agreement in the case of unauthorized removal of public facilities construction and demolition behavior of indoor facilities without authorization, seriously affected the normal life behavior of other tenants did not sign etc..


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