Xining two Court opened the legal experts clinic

Xining two Court opened the legal experts clinic

March 24, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

is to improve the convenience and benefits to the people of the judicial service mechanism, recently, Xining City Intermediate People’s court began to establish the Litigation Service Center in Xining City Court, so that the masses in Xining feel the full procedure of one-stop service, full range, integration.

it is understood that the Xining two court litigation Service Center for filing court based, "a team of two brands, and members of the judicial committee of daily work into the Litigation Service Center, providing" expert outpatient service "legal service for the masses, to accept the party and the masses timely legal advice. The service center to guide the litigation, case inquiry and appointment of judges, service work, interpretation, answering charges paid back, judicial assistance, transfer of cases, convenience services and other litigation service functions; filing examination, mediation, mediation, property preservation before litigation dispute resolution confirmation function; multiple mediation, case cutting speed, classification the trial, three cases of shunt connection function, to provide one-stop legal services to the masses through the above functions. (author: Yu Ruirong, Li Wei, Qing Yan)


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