Xining Railway Station to Xining North freight center five houses successfully capped

Xining Railway Station to Xining North freight center five houses successfully capped

March 21, 2017 upgypqbj 0

January 2nd 18 PM, Xining North freight center site flags flying, firecrackers, with the last car concrete pouring completed, marking the Xining Railway Station changed 5 houses 2 tenders successfully completed.

since November 14th began, the participation of China Railway five Bureau of the four project department staff running approach, carry forward the special ability to adapt, especially patience, persistence, especially able to endure hardship, fighting spirit, efforts to overcome the cold climate, land demolition difficult, winter construction safety risks and other practical difficulties, quickly set off the construction of big climax. In the construction, the project department carefully organized, inverted schedule, reasonable arrangements for the progress of the time schedule. Conscientiously implement the relevant regulations in winter construction and construction theory of technical operation, strengthen the construction process control, strengthen the winter fire safety work, to promote the safety risk management, and the work carried out, obtained the safety and quality of zero accidents good results, to ensure the smooth progress of the construction in winter.

through the participation of employees 50 days to the crucial, North Xining freight center housing construction business building, dormitory, canteen bathroom, police station, maintenance of a total of 5000 square meters 5 houses successfully completed. At present, the project is fully speeding up the construction of the follow-up project for the end of April, the center houses all submit to lay a solid foundation to put into use. (author: Kong Xiangrui, Luo Changmin, Li Changqing)

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