Sanjiang National Park into a bright business card

Sanjiang National Park into a bright business card

March 21, 2017 upgypqbj 0

is known as the "third pole" of the world and Chinese water tower of Sanjiang is China’s important source of fresh water supply, maintaining ecological security of the country and Asia is the lifeblood of response to global climate change is one of the most sensitive areas. Sanjiang source National Park media line, after more than more than and 10 days of in-depth interviews with reporters and field knowledge, the herdsmen in Sanjiang, the source of the national park construction efforts and environmental philosophy deeply impressed. Today, the source of Sanjiang National Park Authority (chips) has been established, the world’s attention to the Sanjiang National Park Planning? How to build? Reporters interviewed the source of Sanjiang National Park Authority (chips) party secretary Li Xiaonan.

Sanjiang National Park?

Sanjiang National Park is a park? Li Xiaonan introduced, typical and representative area to carry out the pilot National Park System in Sanjiang, the construction of "three zone" one Park National Park, is the source of Sanjiang National Park, including the source of the Yangtze River (HOH), the Yellow River source, the source of Lancang River 3 Park, Sanjiang National Park, including the source of the Hoh Xil national nature the protection zone and Qinghai source of Sanjiang National Nature Reserve – Zhaling Lake Eling Lake, sea stars, soca – Qu Ma River, agsai 5 Protection Division, involving Madoi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and county Zaduo cocoa three Zhiduo, West of Qumalai National Nature Reserve District Administration jurisdiction.

completely change Kowloon flood situation

Li Xiaonan, the National Park Service Sanjiang (chips) officially inaugurated, marking the National Park Management Bureau of Sanjiang source (chip) to complete the formation of formal operation, the current Management Bureau leadership is in place, staff have been to the park management committee established posts, has been basically completed, the reform of the big department system synchronization fast forward, the source of the Sanjiang national park system pilot work has achieved a good start steady, start work goal, work everything in good order and well arranged in full swing. Through the planning facilities, measures to implement, to achieve the two unified exercise, completely change the Kowloon flood, and comprehensively enhance the ability of the entire region of Sanjiang ecological management, improve the level of protection.

ecological protection full training imminent

source of the Sanjiang national park management, rely on a number of high-quality team, by the end of this year will be completed before the administration of the whole system of staff training, the first half of next year to complete the training and management of ecological public welfare jobs for farmers and herdsmen to training, and strive to build a high-quality, energetic team, the national park construction solid mass foundation. Park will also be completed within the scope of 12 township (town) to protect the work of the management station and the pilot work as well as the comprehensive management of nature reserves, ecological protection as soon as possible to organize the inspection, grid management. In the future, efforts will be made to build a beautiful source of Sanjiang national park beautiful Chinese business card.


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