Three responsible person to respond to hot issues in Finance

Three responsible person to respond to hot issues in Finance

March 21, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

four meeting of the twelve session of the NPC news 12 afternoon held a press conference, Chinese CBRC Chairman Shang Fulin, chairman of the Commission Liu Shiyu, CIRC chairman Xiang Junbo appeared on the same stage, in response to financial issues concerned with Chinese and foreign journalists.

to support the steady growth of the real economy, the overall risk control of the banking sector

Shang Fulin said that China Banking Regulatory Commission insisted that the banking sector to promote economic and social development and prevention of financial risks.

– with good financial instruments to support the steady growth of the real economy, financial innovation always adhere to the "three benefits".

Shang Fulin asked the commercial banking institutions, innovation should be conducive to improve the quality and efficiency of the service of the real economy, not by the so-called innovation to evade supervision; to reduce financial risk, not to the risk to investors or borrowers; is conducive to the protection of investors and creditor’s legitimate rights and interests, the implementation of transmission management.

– strictly prevent the occurrence of systemic, regional risk bottom line, maintaining financial stability, to ensure the steady operation of the banking sector.

Shang Fulin introduction, as of the end of last year, the commercial bank capital adequacy ratio was 13.45%, the NPL ratio was 1.67%, provision coverage is about 181%, many indicators are better than the average level of some developed countries.

for some of the rating agencies recently lowered China’s sovereign rating and some financial institutions rating outlook, Shang Fulin believes that this is the case of China’s banking industry misjudgment. China’s banking industry overall risk control, we have to do is pay more attention to risk prevention, nip in the bud."

Shang Fulin said, to strengthen the prevention of credit risk, the overcapacity of enterprises and zombie companies, real name system management, the establishment of the creditors’ committee to determine the collective or loans, work together to solve business difficulties; to strengthen the prevention of the risk of financial products, to strengthen the supervision and coordination of capital flow cross industry, cross market, has always been able to "see" "manage" and "controlled live"; to strengthen the liquidity risk, regularly or irregularly organize pressure test, to encourage small and medium-sized banks to establish mutual mechanism; to strengthen the prevention of external risks, build a strong banking and non banking financial institutions and private financing activities of the firewall; to strengthen the prevention of operational risk, strengthen the bank employee behavior management.

– deepening reform and opening up, unimpeded access to various types of funds into the banking sector, and promote the development of private banks.

Shang Fulin said that China Banking Regulatory Commission in accordance with the principle of prudence and actively promote the pilot work of private banks, has now entered the normalization process. For the newly established private banks, accepting authority has been delegated to the local banking regulatory bureau, has entered the stage of 12."

Shang Fulin introduction, in 2014 began 5 private banks pilot is successful, the overall smooth operation of the financial market has brought new vitality. As of the end of 2015, the total assets of 5 banks amounted to $79 billion 400 million, total liabilities of $65 billion 100 million,;

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