Xining city party demonstration fleet of leading the taxi industry chuangxianzhengyou

Xining city party demonstration fleet of leading the taxi industry chuangxianzhengyou

March 21, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

excel activities in Xining, city transportation bureau Party committee set up party demonstration fleet "in the taxi industry, and take effective measures to improve the management level and service level. Currently, 53 party members to become a model taxi industry pacesetter, leading the city’s active participation in the activities of the 5516 taxis.

53 party demonstration taxi unified roof signs, consciously accept supervision by the masses, and give an example, striving to be law-abiding example, striving to high-quality service become a chivalric example, striving to lead the industry pioneer initiative. A clear commitment to comply with the provisions of the party demonstration vehicle, single vehicle operators keep clean and tidy, not refuse; obligations "110" duties, consciously safeguard social order; adhere to the "five lead", which lead the road of civilization, take the lead, lead cut not disorderly U-turn, take the lead in the use of the term civilization, help the aged and the young lead. To play a leading role model, the party demonstration car shuttle free of charge for the sick and elderly and pregnant women; for the tourist season "hit" difficult, carry out good service activities for the Xining summer tourism, convenient tourists to nanjing. Last year’s love to send test activities, led by the party demonstration team, the city’s more than 200 taxis to join the love to send test activities, free shuttle college entrance examination students 3000 passengers.

party demonstration team also care for children the elderly, Chengzhong District, Shangri-La Nanchuan Road community organizations 10 old members, took them to visit the Xining City Economic Development Zone, the lake district and the south, the northern green, let the old members feel the changes in Xining; and 26 students Nanchuan road elementary school into Tu Autonomous County Xishan Xiang Zhang Jia Gou primary school, carry out the "hand in hand" and "love" activities, donations, books and computer style appliances more than $8000 worth of supplies for mountain students. Less than 2 hours after the earthquake occurred in Yushu last year, 8 brother party demonstration fleet organization composed of taxi Xining earthquake emergency relief teams, procurement of instant noodles, ham sausage and commonly used drugs and other supplies to the affected areas of Yushu. In the Yushu earthquake relief 10 days, go to the airport shuttle wounded 10 times, pick up the medical team and the wounded to place the 100 times, carrying hundreds of tons of relief materials, resulting in the relief of all the costs borne by the individual, with practical action to practice the advanced nature of Party members, with warm feelings for the disaster area. Under the leadership of the party demonstration team, Xining taxi employees donated 110 thousand yuan to the disaster area.


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