Spring grass what do people think what we do

Spring grass what do people think what we do

March 21, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

Ledu County township of the Tibetan camp

this winter is particularly beautiful, where the United States? Your beauty in the township party and government cadres with the villagers do several things before we want to do but no ability to do things: cement road every household, every family has a tap water to farmers, livestock breeding industry to provide free, long-term design to increase production……

extends on the road of hope

"tea and tower spring is because this road has a way out." Ledu County Xiang Xia Ying Tibetan tea dragon village Party branch secretary Li Geng Tai station at the entrance to the village, looking at the front of the stretch of circling Road, many feelings welled up in the chest.

for a while, Li Geng Tai turned on the side of the Camp Township Party Secretary Yang Wama said: "Yang, in this way, the township cadres are fine leg two laps, run to and fro a few."

car in and out from time to time from the entrance to the village, a new building material pull pull bricks, also have to store the distribution of goods in the village, Li Geng Tai mood.according heart of joy: "you see, this way, what is convenient." He said, among other things, the first life convenient, also go to a few kilometers outside the township to buy before is to buy a bag of salt, a sunny day and was caught in the rain, people don’t want to go out, people don’t want to come out.

for this, the township government cadres are very deep experience. Yang Wama said: "every time you come to the village, we reflect the most intense is the problem of the road. Since we contact the masses at the grassroots level, do not give them the most urgent problem to solve, it is meaningless to contact the masses." So, the cadres of the Party committee and government to actively apply for Xia Ying Xiang, tea dragon tower spring road project.

after nearly 5 years of unremitting efforts, finally through a spring, tea dragon to peace County Ba Tibetan Gou road and a pit, leading to the city of Taiwan Xiang GA Zhuang Road opened. Extension of the two road to the camp infrastructure improved, some craftsmen and young men out of the mountain.

"14 km, 8 million 600 thousand, provincial financial allocations." Yang Wama said that this is the party and the government’s favor, Li Gengtai said that this is the cadres of the two legs ran out of hope. This is the two of the village Xia Ying Xiang Road, now 10 villages have all realized the Xia Ying Xiang road hardening household.

flow in the water of joy

last November, Xia Ying Xiang Bao Zi Cun Zhu LAN but a big thing in my heart, the family finally pass on the tap water, his wife would no longer need to flood difficult to carry water.

January 11th, Yang Wama and several village cadres came to shangpuzi village. I heard that there are people in the water pipe burst, and see what happens, the repair to repair, can not let the villagers eat no water." Yang said as he walked, the pace is not much faster.

came to wish Lanying has;


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