Double eleven is approaching Xining postal express delivery industry is facing millions of exams

Double eleven is approaching Xining postal express delivery industry is facing millions of exams

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distance double eleven also some days, but the business on the double eleven propaganda has long been started. In October 31st, the reporter learned from the Xining Post Bureau held the city’s postal service, express business season security work conference, this year "double eleven" period, Xining City, postal and courier services with express mail (e-mail) will be close to one million.

from the beginning of November, postal and courier services will usher in the season once a year, in recent years, the "double eleven" is almost a big test for postal, courier industry. According to the city express industry business season for nearly two years amount of investigation and analysis, Xining postal administration is expected in 2014 "double eleven" period, Xining City, the mail, express business volume will exceed 995 thousand, is expected to the maximum daily processing volume may exceed 100 thousand, an increase of 20% over last year.

2014, the postal express business season range mainly concentrated in the "double eleven" "shuangshier" during the electricity supplier promotions and Christmas, and the 2015 New Year’s day and Spring Festival on the eve of the 104 day, the "double eleven" period (November 11th to 16) will be the peak season. In order to meet the courier industry season this year, Xining Post Bureau early start, make a plan to require all enterprises to adhere to the "business who and who is responsible" principle, the establishment of season security work leading institutions, implement the relevant requirements, improve the enterprise special emergency plan amendments and information reporting system. Xining City postal service, postal and courier services in accordance with the requirements of enterprises to the overall season "to ensure smooth, ensure safety, smooth" and the basic principle of "no paralysis, not, not exposure warehouse explosion", implement the enterprise service guarantee work season. During the season, to strengthen the reserves of emergency supplies and emergency prevention ability of postal and courier companies, earnestly implement and execute acceptance visual inspection system, to users (including online) mailed items must be 100% visual inspection of the box, to prevent the acceptance of contraband. At the same time, to smooth complaint channels, timely publication of the season peak delivery arrangement, through additional customer service staff, properly handle customer complaints.

in recent years, Xining postal service, express industry development is good, the city’s postal and courier companies reached more than twenty, expanding the scope of services, but considering the peak volume of business electricity supplier and express the capacity of enterprises to express the amount of rapid high volume growth in the short term, still makes the whole industry to deal with difficult.

on the same day, Xining postal service and the postal and courier companies signed a postal service, express business season security and safety responsibility to supervise the postal, courier companies to actively respond to the upcoming season.


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