Go grassroots end of first people’s Livelihood small warm things

Go grassroots end of first people’s Livelihood small warm things

March 21, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

This year’s winter is particularly cold, however, is located in the Wenfeng District of Xining City Court of the Hui Hui Hui five households in the elderly Ma Guihua, a warm breeze blowing. Ma Yi, a former living in the East District of Xining City prosperous lane, the three generation of people crowded in more than a dozen square meters of cottage, not on the water, cooking can only take a simple coal stove in the doorway of the seven. "The worst thing is the toilet, forty or fifty meters to go dark at night, very inconvenient." Ma Guihua said.

new fitness equipment, water garden pavilions, bright and spacious lift…… If you do not see it, it is difficult to believe that a village in the city of all aspects of the self built area comparable to the downtown area. In October 16th last year, with the bang of firecrackers, Fu Chuang village of Wangjiazhuang District of Xining City Chengdong district built in the ceremony held. Inadvertently, the mouth of the alley wall culture concentrated taste; lanterns, colorful neon lights on the periphery of the cell body to clean toilets is also good to hear or see; no longer is hard to find…… Many of the details of the change, so many people feel the eastern part of the bursts of warmth.

compared with previous years of practical projects for the people, compared with the actual needs of the east district do these things in 2012, more reflects the concept of carefully designed livelihood details. Today, a large garden road reconstruction for residents is no longer a stormy day trip for a headache, Zhu, Xiao Zhai, Lin Jiaya, Lu Jia Zhuang village sewage collection and treatment system engineering and street landscape, green space and supporting the garbage transfer station is completed, greatly improving the living environment of the residents of shantytowns. At the same time, East District has invested the Dongguan 5 Village (community) culture station, built 8 small village fitness path, 10 popular science gallery. As a community service center, office building, 8 new elderly day care center, free of charge for the 500 sanitation workers and more than 340 special physical examination etc.. Education, health care and other aspects of social undertakings, although very small, but it deeply warm the hearts of the masses.

it is understood that in 2012, East District of fiscal expenditure to adhere to the "overall planning, highlight key" principle, adhere to the small finance to solve the people’s livelihood, overall arrangement of the public expenditure budget, to ensure driving innovation and structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood and social construction, the urban and rural areas, city management and operation safety. Annual fiscal spending on people’s livelihood grew by 14.67%, accounting for public budget expenditure of 87.61%, the overall level of livelihood security to further enhance. (author: Su Jianping & Liu Zhenghai)


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