Cosmetics franchise stores how to receive customers

Cosmetics franchise stores how to receive customers

March 21, 2017 azwnolxx 0

is now the beauty industry with the improvement of people’s living standard continues to improve, how can we find suitable for the industrial development of marketing strategy, look at the cosmetics chain stores and other services to customer reception.

4) clearly record the customer’s name, card number, service items, and the appointment of the beautician appointment. 5) of all beauty products performance, price, service project should know, answer fluently. 6) to the customer to explain the relevant provisions of appointment, appointment and retention time of the beautician beauty bed. 7) after the end of the appointment, to thank customers, goodbye, and other customers after hanging up the phone, then hung up the phone 8) in order to avoid customer appointments or late customer reservation one day before the best again call, or SMS notification, to remind customers to accept the service, for customers to develop good habits.

3) in order to avoid the loss of customers after the appointment or not to be late, it is best to confirm the phone the day before, so as to remind customers to arrive at the beauty salon on time. If customers cancel, or you can immediately fill the gap. 4) booking customer if you are late, can politely told her, because of her late may lead to a reservation customer, to shorten the time for her service, so it can remind her next appointment on time. 5) let the customer know the beautician work schedule were pre arranged, can not arbitrarily change, otherwise it will disrupt the beauty salon work arrangements, impact on other customer service.


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