Autumn help 1 million 350 thousand students to help college students of 450

Autumn help 1 million 350 thousand students to help college students of 450

March 21, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

To actively assist the Party committee and government to solve the difficulties of workers and migrant workers children to university difficult problems, and strive to make every poor students do not drop out of school because of poverty in July 14th, Union City autumn student campaign started.

it is reported that this year’s "student" activities, the Municipal Federation of trade unions a total funding of about 1 million 350 thousand yuan, plans for the 450 workers in difficulty in the college entrance examination this year was admitted to college Colleges (including migrant workers) families give 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan of Undergraduate College schooling assistance, and the children of poor families in the workers during the four years university, to give 3000 yuan per person per year in the whole process of helping.

The main object of the

bailout is: family income per capita is slightly higher than the local minimum living security line but there are family members suffering from serious illness, disability and other special difficulties in guaranteeing the edge of their children; after a government bailout after life is still difficult for the children of employees in low family workers; suffered major natural disasters such as earthquake difficult children; difficult worker family the employment difficulty of college graduates; difficulties in school children of migrant workers in city.

to ensure that the "student" activities, and promote the effectiveness of this year, the Municipal Federation of trade unions to carry out the "student" activities, as the specific measures for the practice of socialist core values and the implementation of the party’s mass line, so that the early mobilization, early deployment, early arrangements are made clear in relief conditions and reporting program etc.. In addition to relief workers and laid-off workers, the difficulties of migrant workers, single parent difficult female workers, children of migrant workers as the main target of relief.


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