Bus auction first hammer knock out 7 million 320 thousand yuan

Bus auction first hammer knock out 7 million 320 thousand yuan

March 21, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

"56 thousand yuan, there is no increase? 56 thousand yuan, first yuan, 56 thousand yuan, second yuan, 56 thousand yuan, turnover of third!" With the first ringing sound of ringing, a purchase of 23 thousand yuan in 2006 to assess the modern brand of off-road vehicles to find a new owner, but also marks the province’s bus reform into a new stage.

6 30, 2009, Qinghai provincial authorities concerned about the reform of public service vehicles to cancel the vehicle, ushered in the first auction. On the same day in Qinghai Lake City exchange auction hall full of people, to participate in the auction of more than 400 people in more than 4 hours, in the first auction of 98 buses, no first-class shot, turnover rate of 100%, turnover reached 7 million 329 thousand yuan.

early in the morning, the auction vehicle neatly parked in the parking lot, people through the windshield carefully check the vehicle information posted on the windows inside: label type, display mileage, the initial registration date, the starting price etc..

before the auction, we through newspapers, websites, WeChat public numbers and other means of publicity, to participate in the auction of official vehicles were announced. The auction will be organized by the provincial auction house, Xining public auction center, Qinghai Rong Rong Auction Co., ltd.. The main brands of vehicles are Mercedes Benz, Audi, Passat, Santana, Buick, Hyundai, starting price ranging from 8000 yuan to 262 thousand yuan. Auction implementation of ‘license plate separation’, without a license auction." Provincial authorities Affairs Bureau (chips) responsible person Wang Pingxi introduction.

9 30, the auction began, the scene atmosphere "hot", "all bidders eager for a fight", frequently placards, premium repeatedly climbing, applause, laughter continuously. A 2004 license on the TOYOTA Land Cruiser Car, the atmosphere will bring a small peak, the car starting price of 69 thousand yuan, many bidders on it". After several rounds of price increases, eventually to 315 thousand yuan hammer. "Get ready to shoot five or six today." Mr. Xue told reporters that he was engaged in the construction industry, to participate in the auction is for the company to choose a number of construction sites. For this price, Mr. Xue was very satisfied.

government departments of the vehicle maintenance well, there is no violation and other bad records, the price is also very cost-effective, but the bus auction open, fair, rest assured." According to Mr. Han came to introduce the car, he was a few days ago to see the auction notice issued online, so he wanted to live in the Taobao, buy their favorite vehicles.

auction, a starting price of 262 thousand yuan for the Mercedes Benz sedan, after several rounds of fierce competition, the final price of 350 thousand yuan to be taken away, become the first auction of "king".

"all successful vehicles will be completed within 10 working days." According to the relevant person in charge of auction companies, the transaction amount will be deducted from the relevant taxes turned over to the central treasury and the Qinghai provincial treasury.

it is reported that the province’s provincial authorities to reform the official vehicle system to cancel the number of public auction vehicles;

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