Huangyuan invited the public to enjoy the Spring Festival cultural feast

Huangyuan invited the public to enjoy the Spring Festival cultural feast

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The Spring Festival is approaching, Huangyuan county is rich in active urban and rural areas throughout the county people’s spiritual and cultural life, so that people of all nationalities live a happy and peaceful holiday, carefully created a series of rich and colorful cultural activities, consisting of a colorful cultural feast, the celebration of the spring and the people.

wonderful performances again and again

3 2 (the 12th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar), held the fourth session of the original ecological folk culture in Hehuang tour in the county will cross the opening ceremony, "dragon and lion dance celebrating the Spring Festival", "the blessing" and "Hehuang children Qingfeng years", "ocean’s puppet" and "old yangko dance twist out of peace" and other traditional festivals project will be staged in March 2nd, March 4th, March 5th; (the twelve, fourteen, fifteen), Huangyuan township fire team will parade in excellent. On March 3rd to 5 (the thirteen, fourteen, fifteen), Huangyuan County Stadium will hold "performances Dancheng stage", rural community cultural programs, including rural art programs, Community Art Festival and the festival show each morning point performances.

theme exhibition featuring

3 2 July March 6th (January twelve to sixteen), Huangyuan county has also launched a series of rich and colorful characteristics of exhibitions and activities in the county population centralized location to carry out "reading bearing dream" flow borrow books and promotional activities; the company organization showing excellent team selection of films in the county and the township tour show; organized by the Huangyuan historical relics, calligraphy and painting exhibition in the County Museum; exhibition carpet, embroidered leather, vinegar, paper cutting, embroidery, carving, stone carving, painting, coins, gold and silver, bronze and other folk handicrafts.

group activities colorful

2 from Feb 18 to March 6th (the twelfth lunar month thirty to month sixteen), Huangyuan county will be in accordance with the traditional custom, exhibition of intangible cultural heritage in Huangyuan "Huangyuan light" during the Spring Festival, and a full lighting lighting for Street building, built with Huangyuan local characteristics, creative and beautiful color of the door lights. March 2nd to March 6th (the first twelve months to the first lunar month of sixteen), Huangyuan province and the county to participate in the shadow play team, held a shadow show singing activities. March 5th (day fifteen) on the same day, Huangyuan county will play a variety of lanterns hung in the streets, held the lantern lantern riddles activities.


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