Asian financial cooperation alliance million fund precise helping Wulong Village

Asian financial cooperation alliance million fund precise helping Wulong Village

March 20, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

condensed financial resources to promote accurate poverty alleviation. In August 9th, Asian financial cooperation alliance and the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government signed the agreement of poverty alleviation Wulong Chang Mu Zhen Village precise helping Guide County, 10 million yuan to set up a "precise poverty alleviation fund".

According to the

protocol, Asian financial cooperation alliance with two years of poverty alleviation fund invested 5 million yuan, to support Wulong village poverty alleviation orientation. Two years after the expiration of the relevant poverty alleviation projects and then put into follow-up funds, the total amount of poverty alleviation fund reached 10 million yuan.

is reported that the poverty alleviation projects, including infrastructure projects and agricultural industrialization projects. Infrastructure construction project support in the local government investment, or local government investment funding gap of infrastructure projects; agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization projects to support agriculture and animal husbandry Wulong village oriented industry leading enterprises, production cooperatives and farmers and herdsmen to carry out the characteristics of planting and breeding, rural tourism and other industries, to promote the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry in order to form industry, poverty alleviation, driven by poor peasants and herdsmen from the source.

as the poverty alleviation special fund supervision of banks, the Bank of Qinghai Guide branch responsible person said, will conscientiously perform their duties, to cooperate with the local government and village organizations implement precise poverty alleviation work, the poverty alleviation fund, accurate identification, precise, accurate to one household.


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