Do a good job in the work of the third links

Do a good job in the work of the third links

March 20, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

August 19th, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong chaired the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice leading group of the fourth meeting, Su Rong stressed that the implementation of the rectification, establish a new system link, is the key to the whole educational practice to overcome difficulties and achieve tangible results, it is most needed at the heart, together. To implement the spirit of the central and provincial Party committee and municipal Party committee, earnestly carry out the third links.

on the next step, Su Rong stressed that one should deepen the study and education, enhance their understanding. Party organizations at all levels must further deepen the understanding, more conscious of the educational practice put in an important position in the overall work, adhere strictly from the real, do not cut, no leakage problem program, the standard does not drop, not loose, carry forward the spirit of serious, keep energetic tenacity, a ruler in the end, a ring and then grab a ring, the careful and meticulous work, continue to force, to promote a good job, to ensure that activities from start to finish, good for a good, effective, long-term. Two to highlight rectification, solve practical problems. To solve the problem in the most important position, the activities of their own timely corrective guidance to solve the practical problems of concern to the masses, to solve the long-term impact of the establishment of the system. Three to adhere to the overall planning and promote key work. In the implementation of the rectification, establish a new system link, to put the "10 tasks of base construction and grassroots party building work as an important content, and enhance awareness of the problem, the major problems and promote the long-term development of the construction of educational practice with research on the thinking of the party together with the plan to promote. Four to strengthen organizational leadership, ensure that the finish. Each unit leaders should continue to conscientiously fulfill the duties of the first responsible person, consistently promote educational practice in depth, keep time and energy in place, and continue to play a good role in the lead model.  

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