Municipal government and then steady growth measures

Municipal government and then steady growth measures

March 20, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

Wang Xiao presided over the sixth meeting of the Municipal Finance Leading Group, the introduction of the steady growth of the 16 measures — efforts to achieve a good start

February 27th, the municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired the sixth meeting of the Municipal Finance Leading Group, which is after the end of this year in February 21st, the second session of the municipal finance held a leading group meeting. The meeting heard a report on the municipal finance office, on behalf of the municipal government to determine the introduction of 16 measures to stabilize growth.

Wang Xiao pointed out that since June last year, the establishment of the Municipal Finance Leading Group, has held 6 meetings, analysis judged economic situation, timely deployment of work. According to the February 21st fifth meeting of the municipal financial work leading group of the basic requirements, municipal finance office in conjunction with the relevant departments in the second half of last year 28 steady growth measures, 16 measures proposed, the higher gold content, targeted and operable, for the positive guide market expectations and enhance their confidence and have a positive impact on the stable growth of economy will.

Wang Xiao requirements, a timely publicity notice. To increase the publicity of policies and measures, so that all departments at all levels and market players to understand the policy, the use of policies, so that enterprises and the masses as soon as possible to benefit and work together to achieve a good start". Two to grasp the policy landing. To open up the "obstruction" and "the last 1 km", and resolutely put an end to the "blame" and "buck" phenomenon, make the policy of "gold content" release the greatest effect. We must resolutely overcome departmental interests, clear policy threshold and cumbersome conditions, shorten the time limit for work, so that the policy is not only good-looking, better use. To strengthen the coordination between departments, strengthen coordination between policy, policy and reform measures, the implementation of the supervision and evaluation of third party evaluation, strengthen the responsibility accountability, to meet the conditions of the enterprise to get policy support. Three to find a real. To continue to do a good job of national and provincial policy attention and docking, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of economic operation, according to the development needs of the situation, timely study and put forward new policy initiatives, under good chess upper hand, playing the "initiative", "13th Five-Year" to ensure that the city’s economic work to achieve a good start.





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