Xining customs 20 initiatives to promote Qinghai to stabilize foreign trade

Xining customs 20 initiatives to promote Qinghai to stabilize foreign trade

March 19, 2017 tazhawsu 0

Xining customs seize the national implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategic opportunities, Qinghai foreign trade after digging potential, the introduction of the "Xining Customs on the implementation of structural reforms to promote the supply side of the discharge pipe service reform to promote the foreign trade to stabilize the 20 measures", to create a good environment of customs clearance.

this year, Xining customs clearance integration reform deepening, expanding the area of benefit enterprises coverage, the full implementation of the declaration attached documents paperless. In the first half, the customs clearance paperless operation rate of 96%, the declaration of all declarations to achieve integration. At the same time, deepen reform, optimize the "double random inspection, continue to promote the" relief to sealed door clearance service, streamline the regulatory process, not only increases the actual supervision and reduce the cost of enterprise clearance.

strengthen decentralization, reducing the burden on foreign trade enterprises. Through the reform of administrative examination and approval system, formulate internal law enforcement matters approval list, Xining customs import and export goods currently reserved only sluggish newspaper gold 1 charges, the charges related enterprises to further consolidate the results of reform. At the end of June, a total of 33 million yuan of tax breaks for approval.

optimize service performance, to create a good business environment. Full implementation of the three mutual promote the construction of customs clearance, and the Qinghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed a memorandum on further improving the mechanism of cooperation between the inspection and quarantine, to further optimize the customs clearance cooperation. In the first half, the implementation of a declaration declaration 244 copies.

boost port construction, build a new platform for opening up. The development of Qinghai caojiabao bonded logistics center (B) inspection and supervision work program, and actively carry out the construction of information systems, to ensure that the bonded logistics center on July 29th officially confirmed by the state, to fill the gaps in the customs bonded without my province. Under the positive support and protection of the province, the province’s first half of the 261 Banda entry and exit of the air traffic, inbound and outbound passengers of 16769 passengers.


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