To continue to fight for the revitalization of China

To continue to fight for the revitalization of China

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the best memorial to Mr Sun Zhongshan, is to learn and inherit his precious spirit, unite forces to mobilize all elements that can be mobilized for the rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of him and continue to struggle." In commemoration of the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech, deeply cherish the glorious life of Mr. Sun Zhongshan for national independence, social progress and people’s well-being and make unremitting efforts, profoundly expounded all the Chinese people to work together to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s historical mission, solemnly reiterate the unity of the motherland’s solemn stance and firm determination. General secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, for us to inherit and carry forward the great spirit of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, to create a new situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, provides an important follow-up.

Mr. Sun Zhongshan has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, enjoys a high prestige in the hearts of the Chinese people, and is respected by all the Chinese people. Under his leadership and influence, the revolution of 1911 ended the autocratic monarchy that ruled China for thousands of years, and created the full sense of the modern national democratic revolution. Chinese communist party faithful successor to Sun Zhongshan’s legacy, unite and lead people of all nationalities and heroic struggle, continue to move forward, to complete the unfinished business of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. Today, we are closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than any other time in history, more confident and capable of achieving this goal than any other time in history. The best commemoration of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, is to learn and inherit his precious spirit, to continue to fight for the revitalization of china.

to continue to struggle for the revitalization of China, need to adhere to the correct path. Mr. Sun Zhongshan throughout his life to struggle, confirms a profound truth: the transformation from China must China reality, go for Chinese national road. We study the lofty Mr. Sun Zhongshan love for the motherland, the motherland, the people, the heart of the whole world as one community broad feelings, just like him, always maintain a high degree of national pride and national self-confidence, not imitation, not conservative, not faith, not to enhance the road of socialism China, confidence, confidence, confidence in the system, the theory of cultural self-confidence we must always put; as the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, always keep the people of the more than 1 billion 300 million people’s Chinese utter innocence, condensed into a majestic force to promote the development and growth of the Chinese nation, in advance of the times in the torrent of Chinese writing a new chapter in the development of.

continue to fight for the revitalization of China, need to maintain the state of progress. "The great cause is great, not only because it is a just cause, but also because it is not plain sailing." We learn the excellent quality of the pursuit of truth, Mr. Sun Zhongshan of the times, and firm and indomitable fighting spirit will never yield in spite of reverses, there are long-term and unremitting hard work of ideological preparation and ability of courage, what time can not imagine the drums, shunshundangdang to achieve our goal. Put the responsibility on his shoulders, Buweijianxian, tackle tough, high spirited, ready to respond to major challenges be enthusiastic and press on, and resist the great risk, overcome great resistance, solve major spear;

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