Xining city court to study and practice activities to solve outstanding problems in development

Xining city court to study and practice activities to solve outstanding problems in development

March 19, 2017 nfyactcp 0

Xining City Intermediate People’s court held an in-depth study and practice mobilization meeting of Scientific Outlook on Development activities, combined with the actual work of the court, focusing on efforts to identify and solve outstanding problems in the development of justice.

, the court will strive to resolve the understanding is not clear, lack of confidence and ability to achieve the scientific development of the Xining court is not strong, the level is not high and inadequate measures as well as the development and development pattern positioning problem. To solve the justice for the people and the Trial Measures "five forbidden" implementation of the provisions in the judicial work is not enough, not deep understanding of society and public opinion, conform to the demands of the masses, not enough to realize, safeguard and develop the legitimate rights and interests of the masses is not enough attention, to solve the difficulty of complaints and complain difficult, difficult enforcement efforts on justice the people, the people, the convenience of judicial judicial protection does not do well and other issues. Efforts to solve the city’s courts to use judicial means to protect the integrity of the judicial work of sustainable development is not in place. Efforts to solve the work of justice for the people of little, little strength. There is a lack of efforts to solve the problems of both judicial justice and judicial efficiency, procedural justice and substantive justice, and according to the judgment of the lawsuit mediation, legal effect and social effect of law, judicial independence and judicial work, accept the supervision of professional and adhere to the mass line etc.. To solve some of the party members can play an exemplary role in the masses, the problem of low Zhongwei letter.


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