To strict requirements of the real style to do a good job of workers

To strict requirements of the real style to do a good job of workers

March 19, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

Holding a hot cup, Li Qinggong conceal his excitement and joy, he said: "we have a factory to drink water salt for several years, is the Provincial Federation of trade unions" over "working group to solve 7 water purifier to us, let the whole plant nearly 400 workers have to drink clean water, province the chief engineer will really give us to do a good thing." Since the "three real" special education, the Provincial Federation of trade unions to "take over" activities as the carrier, the focus shifted to the grassroots trade union cadres, sink to the masses, funding tilt to the line, to do practical, problem-solving things for the masses of workers, the three three real strict requirements into practical action union cadres.

to spend more money on some employees. In the absence of grass-roots trade unions, lack of funds, lack of personnel, lack of means and other issues, the Provincial Federation of trade unions in 2015 invested about 20000000 yuan for the grass-roots trade union force do staff house construction, employee services (helping) center, legal aid center building 10 things, for the grass-roots trade Union new social chemical worker will 41, solid the trade union work foundation.

let the staff’s spiritual and cultural life colorful. The lack of activity place, monotonous cultural life has been a major problem plagued the majority of workers. Since last year, the Provincial Federation of trade unions to actively coordinate the implementation of the provincial development and Reform Commission, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Minhe, mutual aid and other cultural activities of 7 County Housing construction projects, with a total investment of $21 million. As of now, the province’s Tibetan areas and counties under the jurisdiction of the Workers Cultural Palace (Club) to house a state house, a county, to achieve full coverage, build a platform for rich spiritual and cultural life of the masses of workers.

let the income of workers more. Around the wages of the core interests of workers, the Provincial Federation of trade unions in the Province vigorously promote collective bargaining. The province’s industrial collective contract signed 100 copies, covering 2873 enterprises, covering 94599 workers; industry wage special agreement signed in 109, covering 2922 enterprises, covering 72256 workers, and urge enterprises to establish a normal wage growth mechanism and a mechanism for guaranteeing payment, protection of the wages of workers rights and interests.

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