Guangzhou to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship to take four measures

Guangzhou to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship to take four measures

March 19, 2017 bksuroys 0

now all over the country in order to promote the development of entrepreneurship, began to introduce a variety of policies for local entrepreneurship has a great push. Today, the State Information Office held a press conference on the development situation of management, Guangzhou mayor Wen Guohui introduced the management situation of Guangzhou city. Wen Guohui pointed out that Guangzhou by insisting on the direction of industrialization, the use of market mechanism, the construction of policy system is incomplete and adhere to the open sharing and other measures to promote the development of management.

in the first half of this year, Guangzhou achieved a GDP of 884 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 8%, continued to maintain a high growth. In particular, the new generation of information technology services, financial services, technology services and other new service formats have more than 10% growth, the new economy, new momentum has become a strong support for the development of a new round of restructuring and development in Guangzhou. So far, there are 1919 high-tech enterprises in Guangzhou, 174 various types of incubators, hatching area of 7 million 300 thousand square meters, 6000 enterprises in incubation, with the public record space 83, model 44 R & D institutions, like the emergence of tat gene, Guan Hao biological, cool nest, a demonstration meeting with Guangzhou incubator leading enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship, full of vitality.

Wen Guohui, Guangzhou construction work and management work management demonstration base mainly has the following features. First, adhere to the direction of industrialization. "13th Five-Year" national plan to support the eastern region to create new heights in the transformation and upgrading of the requirements, to be built in Guangdong science and technology industrial innovation center. Guangzhou market economy is developed, but also has a strong industrial base, with a complete range of industries and the development of the Pearl River Delta region of the industrial support for the transformation of innovative achievements in Guangzhou provides a strong support and backing. The development strategy of Guangzhou to drive the implementation of advanced manufacturing and modern services in double, the innovative economy as the most critical task of supply side structural reforms to make up the short board.

defines a new generation of information technology, biotechnology and health as the focus of the development of strategic emerging industries and new models, new forms of producer services, living services for the main direction. In the double demonstration base, relying on the park leading enterprises to carry out internal incubation, incubation, hatching hatching cooperative extension mode. In the new space renovation of buildings and city center city relying on the Internet and mobile Internet based to develop new formats and new models, the initial formation of the leading enterprises of indomitable spirit, SMEs overwhelming enterprises situation. In the first half of this year, Guangzhou new market players 116 thousand, an increase of 15.6%.

two is the use of market-oriented mechanism to encourage the construction of various types of market-oriented incubators and customer center. Guangzhou city now hatching area of 7 million 300 thousand square meters, the implementation of incubator strategy in the management of scientific demonstration base in Guangzhou City, especially to encourage social capital and private participation in the construction and operation of incubator. The 40 incubation carrier built in 40 demonstration base, these 80% are composed of social capital, private capital construction recommended

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