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Global T annual salary ranking China ranked thirteenth with an average annual salary of 270 thous

2015 global IT annual salary survey report

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 22nd news, technology website Indiarealtime published an article today that a recruitment platform website MyHiringClub recently released a survey report of the annual salary of global IT in 2015, the report shows: the average annual salary of $42689 ($China IT RMB 270 thousand), ranked thirteenth in the world. Switzerland ranked first, IT annual salary of up to $171465, while Belgium and Denmark ranked second and third. The United States ranked fourth, with an annual salary of $132877. read more

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Personal website to increase the effective way of the chain blog promotion and BBS promotion

personal website to increase the effective method of the chain: blog promotion and promotion of forum, my website is just made in September this year, up to now, the flow outside the chain, profits increased, except PR (if not updated)! Each site began to start, consider these things, how to increase the flow, how to increase the chain, how to improve the PR, how to make profits, these things owners concerned, also must be considered in


today, I will share with you and I use the forum and blog to increase the chain method, and others may be a bit different, but, these things I personally done and more effective! read more

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Content marketing no content Have you tried these 10 methods

today’s network is full of all kinds of information and content. Blogs, news, information, advertising, etc.. According to the data collected by the MBAOnline show that the daily updated content actually increased. Therefore, this article will be a key aspect of content marketing for you to understand the key marketing.

according to data collected by MBAOnline:

* 2 million blog update

* a total of 864000 hours of video is placed in the gifted rabbit

*2 50 million photos on Facebook update read more

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Biography for Jingdong and beauty group Li Zhigang just got 18 million Pre A round of financing

today and another 90 Hu Xinshu won financing compared to 1975 born Li Zhigang is clearly more senior, from 1998 into the "Southern Metropolis Daily" to establish "new economy 100", he has been in the media industry for 18 years, can be described as a "old gun". Of course, Li Zhigang is not wasted years, after forty years old the first venture won the favor of many investors.

January 2016, "new economy 100" won the 4 million yuan angel investment from the source of capital and capital of the high zhang. Li Zhigang recalled the process of contact with the high Zhang capital founder Fan Weifeng: "we met at a dinner, did not know, but after talking, old fan on the spot out of agreement for me to sign, I must vote." read more

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No official website WeChat no two public number three App no the Divine Comedy Zhang Shichao how

Abstract: in the event of hot events do not have a special plan to engage in speculation, do not do any guidance, let the event free fermentation. This is often either caused by the waste flow, or public opinion out of control, or the cop-out get throught a thing carelessly.

when all entrepreneurial companies in the amount of reading 10W+ and brains when a song "Zhang Shichao where you put my keys" divine quietly brush over the circle of friends, micro-blog WeChat. At the same time, Zhang Shichao, the amount of Baidu instant breakthrough 80W, Baidu search index from January 13th onwards, soared to 13000. This let the old and new SEOer also died instantly. A previously unknown choir, a no official website, no two WeChat public number, three no App, just give the entrepreneur a vivid communication course. read more

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Education O2O will become the next fall off the pig

throughout the O2O market in 2015, thousands of O2O business platform collapse death recorded widespread, O2O from everyone sought to kill them. In fact, O2O itself is not a problem, but the problem in these O2O platform body. In the Internet plus under the impact of traditional education and training Chinese has been a serious threat, as the New Oriental Yu Minhong said: "the transformation may not be able to live, but not necessarily die transformation".

is also in this Internet plus the fashion, Chinese education platform such as O2O like bamboo shoots after a spring rain after another, such as teacher, tutor, teacher came gently, O2O education platform superior education started to go up, but the whole education O2O industry has appeared a lot of problems, and even some abuse of the O2O. read more

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Who said APP domain name vip com Alipay is not heavy work

renamed China (eName.cn) January 20th hearing, officially released in Japan before the Tencent’s "2014 Tencent applications treasure star APP list, vip.com, Ctrip, public comment, a taxi drops, unfamiliar street, Tencent video, QQ music, cool running every day, the United States shot, Alipay 10 mobile phone APP won the ten annual breakthrough award. Domain credit.

in vip.com, public comment, the ten mobile phone APP, domain name, domain name, combination of two phonetic domain consisted of three, 3 each application in the use of letter names somewhat lonely, the only one of vip.com, but the domain name itself is the highest value, vip.com. read more

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End of the community to land three new board financing 16 years to maintain the community’s final tr

did not expect so many people concerned about the horizon, Xing Ming, President of Tianya community in connection with Sina Technology, said.

he is in the sina science and technology to communicate with him when the three new board listed on the news made the above statement. The other end of the phone, his voice seemed very excited, in his view, the horizon seems to have the opportunity to be reborn.

, however, the bearer of too many memories and sustenance of the old community has gradually faded out of people’s vision. The establishment of 16 years, the loyal fans have entered the thirty years of age. read more

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Why is the author of the coral caught Hong Bo uncomfortable

      see Mr. Hong Bo wrote: "Sanyan Erpai coral the hapless" one article, always feel to the Tencent between the lines revealed contempt and resentment, but the argumentation and argument of Mr. Hong is not sufficient, but also with a strong subjective sense of color master. Do the following analysis:

      Mr. Hung said, "a Tencent is really worth more than the entire DVD industry?" In this regard, I would like to ask this is Mr. hung in contempt of China’s intellectual property behind, or despise Tencent? Hackers crack iPhone is also a crime, although supported by many fans, AT& T has filed a complaint. Copyright protection of DVD operating system Chinese adverse, rampant piracy is a social problem China, the price is high and the DVD disk operating system and China consumer income is not the consequence of coordination. read more

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Stationmaster Congress feedback insist insist insist again

April 19th, today is to get up early, early to the venue, 8 came to Beijing new hotel, surprised to find that was not too much to the webmaster webmaster, probably because not up early habit.

According to the custom

sign, according to the custom to seat, waiting for half an hour, attend the meeting of the owners only after another to reach the venue, the venue is on a noisy up, exchange name card, mutual communication, cooperation relationship, the big hall is filled with lively webmaster jin. read more

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