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Pathfinder mode all the chips to achieve corner overtaking book for Jingdong

for the book publishing industry, can not be achieved after the publication of the first collection? This is probably a lot of publishers in the dream, because it will greatly improve cash flow, and the market risk to a minimum. Recently, Jingdong book took the lead in the industry to test the water to raise the public, significant achievements, has subverted the traditional publishing model, take the lead.

is expected to exceed 2000% of all chips: like Jun Jun and Zhou Hongyi

recently, for a comic author like bashing Jun book "Hey," it was found in the Jingdong to raise public platform debut. Like bashing Jun hope by the end of July to raise ten thousand yuan, for editing, publishing and subsequent publicity. Unexpectedly, as of July 16th, the amount of fund-raising has more than 200 thousand, supporters reached 1656, more than expected to raise the amount of the public, the author was surprised by the amount of money raised by 2000%. read more

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Cottage Zappos is also a shortcut to B2C E commerce

takes Zappos as an example, explains how to build the core competitiveness of the store, get a bigger market and better development. Subsequently, marine science and technology found a domestic B2C e-commerce website "tomato tree" every little bit copy of the Zappos: pleasant online shopping experience, rich product information, company staff blog and the low price strategy, of course, they sell products are shoes.

tomato tree is a truly young e-commerce company, was formally established in March 29th this year, it is the team after 85, its founder Huang Xiuyuan is a graduate of this year’s College students. In Huang Xiuyuan blog wrote on his Zappos reverence, the online retailer is the industry benchmark, occupy the network footwear market of about 30% of the United States, and it had been acquired by Amazon for $847 million. Zappos it to a series of legendary service concept for their reputation, many Americans love to choose their own shoes on the site, then try to not satisfied and then returned to Zappos because it is completely free. read more

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Taobao online Taobao students eroded the field of education electricity supplier

Two days before

, officially launched the "Taobao" students, as early as July 8, 2013, Taobao official revealed in the recent launch of Taobao may be called "students" educational channel, has seemed to educational field of electricity providers to enter, "mixed mode" platform Taobao classmates go 2B+2C, earlier Taobao on the line Taobao e-book bookstore, to the electricity supplier in the field of challenge. In recent years action analysis, has penetrated into all fields of electronic commerce, in Chinese really well-known business platform so few,, Jingdong mall, pat network. Basically we will choose online shopping this three in one, according to their own a little experience, Taobao online merchandise most, but before the there are many fakes, then Taobao launched Tmall, to a certain extent, to curb the sale of counterfeits sellers, few Jingdong mall to buy things, not enough supply of as for, pat Network, Tencent’s shopping site, and QQ connect and all members of QQ there is a discount. read more

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