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Recommend a few low risk venture to give you

venture most afraid of high risk, the smaller the risk is often more popular entrepreneurs. However, in the real market, the probability of entrepreneurs to find low-risk projects is relatively low. Seeing 2015 is about to pass, here are a few low-risk venture to recommend to everyone.

Huani Gallery

color mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If you are in the vicinity of the school or open a flower mud Gallery, aimed at students doing business quasi money. Investment: total investment of 2600 yuan. The rent is 500 yuan / month, 40 yuan, 60 yuan banner shelf table 5 piece of 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 30 chairs, a simple decoration costs 100 yuan, 20 yuan fee, 1200 yuan of raw materials. read more

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What business is more promising in 2016

2016 what business is more promising? This is the vast majority of entrepreneurs are thinking about the problem, so the whole network "scan" for grassroots entrepreneurial investors in many areas, the trend in 2016 is expected to introduce, for entrepreneurs to provide the inspiration in the 2016 adjustment of business ideas, grasp the profitable business opportunities in 2016!


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Teach you how to enhance the brand competitiveness of coffee shops

today’s era of leisure and comfort of consumer goods gradually welcomed by consumers, which may have a direct relationship with our pace of life accelerated. Now the development speed of the coffee industry in China amazing, from a certain extent inspired many investors, many entrepreneurs have joined the coffee industry mining opportunities, resulting in increasing the market competitiveness of the industry to join the coffee. How to make the coffee shop in the fierce competition to stand out, this is also an important issue for investment entrepreneurs must think about. read more

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Liquor market prospects for joining the project unlimited good

liquor, in our lives, has been very popular choice. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development space choice. How about wine? Quality projects, worthy of our attention!

China wine culture is broad and profound, since ancient times there is no wine not a seat that any party catering field and all kinds of drinks, a table of essential drinks, which makes wine sales China a good market prospects. Faced with the needs of the beverage market, many investors put their eyes into the liquor to join the project. read more

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Teach you how to shop what propaganda coup

to open a shop, even if there is no high quality and inexpensive products, the means of publicity, so it will not make a profit, and how to promote

1, the advertising campaign preparation

this is the basic plan for the whole shop activities, to develop the overall progress, the most the ideal situation is to be filed in the 10 months before the opening, to be finalized in the shop 6 months ago, so the activity can be fully prepared and effectively.


3, the late read more

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Survey of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

80, the generation of 90 college students are growing up in the Internet environment, which makes them in the business will be more inclined to use the network to carry out e-commerce marketing, let more people have a go in the business world.

data show that in 2015, Heilongjiang Province independent college graduates entrepreneurship rate more than the same period last year by 0.37 percentage points. Among them, the model of network entrepreneurship has become the mainstream of college students on the basis of the accumulation and evolution model, dependent entrepreneurial model, knowledge conversion model and other traditional entrepreneurial models. read more

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Many initiatives to create an atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation in Linfen

this is an advocate of public business, the pioneering era, more and more areas to respond positively to the call of the Party Central Committee, and actively create atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship. Linfen in response to the policy introduced five initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Li Xiang began his third venture

once, has two times the business Li Xiang is considered the first person to 80 business, now the restless entrepreneurs began his third venture. Witnessing this proverb is life, entrepreneurship is more than the.

10 13 June 2007, founder of the family car, former president Li Xiang today in micro-blog for his third venture to recruit talent, the first two entrepreneurs were founded and car home, this is Li Xiang from the home of the president of the car after leaving the first public own whereabouts. read more

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How to operate the off season dry cleaners

although the development of the economy, as well as changes in people’s consumption concept, resulting in the demand for the entire dry cleaning market is growing. However, many people know that laundry is a cool industry, due to the effect of dressing characteristics of the summer people, the dry cleaners to the volume of business in summer is relatively low, so in the face of the summer business season, summer dry cleaners, how to deal with?

a, professional training

dry cleaning industry is a service industry, the dry cleaning industry has changed from a low technology content, strong labor intensity of the traditional industry into the store image fashion, advanced equipment, laundry new model. However, in the wake of the booming development of the washing industry is the lack of professional laundry personnel, the overall lack of professional knowledge of the washing, washing operating costs are too high, washing disputes, etc.. read more

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Concealer which brand is good

even with a good foundation, in the years of erosion, want to perfect skin has become a very difficult thing. However, it is not enough to have enough time to rely solely on liquid foundation skin, more prominent defects need to rely on Concealer products to cover the two times, then Concealer which brand is good? Following along with the small series to know it.

Concealer which brand is good? 1 full cover amore all-weather double color moisturizing Concealer

recommended reason: This is a lot of people like to use a concealer, whether it is to cover the intensity or degree of moisture is relatively good, and is a state of the two flat. You can see from the test color, paste with some OilFeel, suitable for dry skin. However, the stability of the skin is not strong, so the use of this time must be very careful makeup. read more

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