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Domain name an important factor affecting website development

website webmaster all know Google is in both technique and character is far better than Baidu, but Google has been done in Chinese but Baidu, a lot of people to study, finally come to the conclusion that Google does not understand Chinese or do not understand the Chinese market marketing! Google said that Baidu does not understand Chinese that is just speculation, do not take it seriously.

            said Google does not understand this is plausible marketing, which company in Shenzhen no one day is Baidu’s telephone marketing bombing over N times? In my opinion, these are not the main factors. Once I speak to a friend, I said that you will find products to Google may find a good point, Baidu is advertising, the friends more than once asked me: "feel shy, I forget how to play, last time you said that the Google’s Web site?" I really can’t only tell him one of the most simple method, that is you to Baidu search "Google" can be found. read more

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Human nature marketing in traditional industries

gets up in the morning. The feeling of the body is not as good as before, writing articles can exercise the mind, the storm did not stop, exercise stopped. Who and I meet for the first time do not forget a word, too thin. Indeed, uncoordinated. 1 meters tall, only 70 kilograms, 82. Partial thin. Plus do not exercise, before doing a half year fitness card, since the Yellow after. Stop it. In fact, it was also occasionally go, a week can go on a good. There is no time, but also to write articles. Sister always laugh at me, like a little girl, good shape. read more

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On the brand advertising and media companies from the media a few new ideas

1, the product is greater than the brand

my personal experience is that the faster the spread of information, the more difficult it is to maintain brand loyalty.

we often say that the concept of brand loyalty, in fact, for any brand, the product has been the most important, the product is not good or can not follow the progress of the times, and then loyal fans will turn. Brand loyalty may delay the death of a brand, but there will never be an eternal brand loyalty, if there is always brand loyalty, then NOKIA will not collapse. read more

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How to use customer resources and integration to promote Taobao exchange station

today, there are still many Taobao who join the group, Taobao guest website promotion and difficult in operation, the choice of what kind of products, personal feeling is according to their own interest and understanding. As long as the Commission is too low the product can do, Taobao railway station has been not suitable for Baidu optimization, because Baidu Taobao guest kind of site is more and more big crackdown. While Taobao station general lack of quality content, product data acquisition is taobao.com, itself is not conducive to optimization. But you can choose to WeChat platform or QQ platform to promote, no matter what platform to choose, the most difficult step is the accumulation of pre marketing users, which is a long process. read more

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2008 online union ranking network selection results

participate in activity requirements:

works Name:


your "beauty declaration"

home page shows a thumbnail (format JPG, < =1M, specification 160*200)

works show a, there are introduction to the specific situation of the Union (specification 750*1000)

relevant information please contact customer service QQ:407391717 (Note: participate in the selection activities)

a, activity profile

fell in love with online games was founded in Pudong in January 11, 2007. Jointly organized this event, Ipark voice platform, Hua Jun software, and a number of units of a visit to the development of online games industry at the same time can change the mode of economic growth, better promote the show online union a special "online union charm line" activities. read more

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From the little apple to see the soft text to promote writing

recently, "little apple" was finally squeezed under the ice bucket challenge layout headlines, I can calm down to think about the relationship between a small apple and soft writing. Of course, the period will continue to ring, "you are my little apple". This is the magic of this song, whether you love or not love, he is in the head of a circle around.

small apple lyrics VS soft text content

mountain, highbrow, these words cannot be used to describe the "little apple", can only use "down to earth", "mass line" to describe. The lyrics of the small apple is really popular, let a person immediately understand what to say, you are my little apple, in love, in the family, which includes all the tenderness. The song itself is as a way of entertainment, relaxation, chatting with others talking, in this big market China environment, we can obtain the right to speak in the popular communication. So there is no doubt that the contents of the small apple to cater to the public taste. Not only is the chopsticks brothers, as well as Yang Chengang, Long Pang and other singers, they are about to be attracted to the positioning of the target group is quite accurate. read more

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What is blog blog network and blog site

Since 2002, the blog has been stationed in China, the development of the blog is very rapid in china. Blog is a new thing. Blog, the earth people know. When it comes to blogging, there will be many different answers to   the case, because each can go to his own mind to interpret the concept. In the major search engines can be found in the relevant mass data. Especially "what is a blog?" As keywords, become hot links. Until now there is a more stringent definition of introduction. At the same time I went to look for a number of popular network of several interpretations, coupled with their own thinking to understand.

Second, to interpret from the blog verbalnominalization. In the first definition, the word from the Chinese part of the word is a verb, but also the blog is another English word Blogger. And the -er end of the word, is the "people" meaning. So, that’s who wrote blog. Originally more accurately translated as "blog" or "blog"". But the "guest" word "call on some industries to patronize people (visitors, customers, etc.) to engage in certain activities or has some specialized people (politicians, swordsman, brokers etc.)". It is clear that the guest itself contains "people" to explain, so the "person" or "people" to go, it becomes a blog. At this time, the interpretation of the nominalization is: people engaged in the creation of the network log. read more

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n order to promote we really have to do anything


mailbox will receive letters more aggressive e-mail, said it is fierce because the title is too white, motionless that "I wanted to find someone" cohabitation "today I uploaded nude photos". Needless to say, this is some bad Adsense in order to promote their website and mass production of spam.

here I do not want to blame these people, after all, everyone has their own way of promotion, not even Ali mother has been a period of time often sent to advertise on your website fraud information. But I want to say is that maybe we can take some of the more civilized way, webmaster should be Internet development enabler, not spoilers. read more

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Zhou Hongyi talks about doing product manager heart care always pay attention to

Zhou Hongyi

lead: Zhou Hongyi did in their own products, have a lot of experience. One point is that Zhou Hongyi felt the heart, responsible for their own products on their own responsibility, is the basic premise of a product manager.

I just came, the conference organizers told me that many people today to exchange is the designer and product manager, said there are 50 company executives, I want to have a talk with you today, for many executives, I actually have a suggestion, past this division particularly clear, do a product like a production line, was responsible for the planning, known as product manager, responsible for the implementation of the project, known as project manager, and specializes in UE, UX and UE later I did not understand how to distinguish between, there was a big company with me for a long time, UX is the user experience, UE UED, the very fine, I listened for a long time, these two characters at least in my career, I think it is difficult to distinguish, finally there may be responsible for R & D, get responsible for product planning, with the code Pile up. read more

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Jingdong entrance or in the year of WeChat launched a red bag to grab users

Xu Lei, vice president of Jingdong

today, said in a media communication conference on the entrance of Jingdong in WeChat will be on the line in the near future, but did not disclose the specific time.

Jingdong roadshow information, it is expected in the WeChat access port is an entrance directly with the circle of friends, such as parallel sweep swept away, but not before selection of merchandise at my bank card, the next level.

According to Xu Lei

, WeChat entrance or launch during the 618 Shopping Festival of Jingdong, "not for 618 and specially launched, but as to catch up with the 618 Shopping Festival, so there will be some factors of promotion." Xu Lei said that in the 618 Shopping Festival, Jingdong and Tencent will be further cooperation, then WeChat, hand QQ, Jingdong APP will also launch a joint venture with the red envelopes grab. read more

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Group purchase pattern settles former Gaopeng difficult full

IT Internet industry enterprise peak worship to be too numerous to enumerate but few people pay attention to the past, Lawrence in lonely, without the group purchase industry. The rise of group purchase for nearly four years, the battle had the book of feudal lords vying for the throne, the U.S. group, public comment on the group’s market share of over 70%, the industry structure has settled. But for the future development of the industry, the case is more a failure sometimes successful model of nutrient and warning significance, the first weekly 2013 year-end inventory about the group purchase industry "loser" mentality impetuous faded after. read more

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What is the CN domain name

domain name is a widely used Internet address. People visit websites, send e-mail, use the domain name. For example, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee website domain name is: beijing2008.cn.

        domain name is from forward to arrange. The last paragraph of a domain name belongs to the type. For example,.DE on behalf of Germany,.UK on behalf of the United Kingdom,.CN on behalf of China’s national top-level domain name. All the end of the CN domain name represents China’s Web site or for Chinese users of the site. read more

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Export electricity supplier peace light n the first half of this a few listed three new board

unlike the cross-border import electricity supplier as a sudden burst of sudden cooling, cross-border export electricity supplier for so many years seems to have been relatively steady development, but not "tepid" too. Of course, more ups and downs, sad history only practitioners themselves most clearly. From the situation of the capital market this year, the export electricity supplier industry is still a lot of gratifying things, the new board also appeared several familiar faces.

so far this year, the listing of three new board of cross-border export electricity supplier companies, including proud electricity supplier, there is a tree, the electricity supplier and the price of the chain of these four. Among them, the electricity supplier overgreat 2015 operating income was 910 million yuan, net profit of about 17 million 395 thousand yuan; there is a tree in 2015 operating income of about 1 billion 80 million yuan, net profit of about 64 million 880 thousand yuan, gross margin was 39.13%; the sea wing electricity supplier in 2015 operating income reached 1 billion 300 million yuan, net profit of 160 million yuan, gross margin of 52.53%; the price chain business in 2015 income is 137 million yuan, net profit of 8 million 750 thousand yuan, gross margin was 45.38%. read more

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Hunan satellite TV television network in Taobao landing

circulated on the Internet a "Hunan satellite TV – Happigo – taobao.com cooperation plan", "landing" to network television, made an interesting interpretation.

According to the

cooperation programs, Hunan satellite TV will make its joint venture with QVC Company Happigo taobao.com, known as "happy life of cross media (Internet) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: happy life)".

in accordance with the previous version of the spread of cooperation, the joy of the purchase and the establishment of a joint venture with Taobao, trying to create interactive entertainment, set the content and product sales promotion in a new cross media company". E-commerce and television marketing platform will be happy to buy and Taobao to build a happy purchase will provide warehousing and logistics and call center support. read more

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Do not be too bad psychological quality shop

to do business, has always been the risks and opportunities, not 100% insurance money trading, in other words, "is the heart of the play, is to earn it!" as the network becomes more and more popular, more and more friends on the network shop business, has become a trend of a kind of life attitude however, more and more friends are often owner in the psychological quality of the obstacles before the stop or run, give up halfway. There is no good psychological quality, psychological quality does not know this off, although less than the supply problem promotion problems, logistics problems are more significant and attractive, more likely to be entrepreneurs ignore, but it is really need to pay special attention to what shopkeepers. read more

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After breaking up with Jingdong to single handedly make it up

news July 21st, the day before, Fast Retailing (UNIQLO parent Fast Retailing Company) CFO Okazaki in the 9 fiscal year 2016 months before the conference call revealed that the plan in China and the United States the construction of the new distribution center, may achieve the next day and day.

in April this year, fast selling in Tokyo, Ariake launched a new distribution center, the main supply to the store, but will soon be used for online distribution, service in the autumn and winter clothing season. "One of the main purposes of Ariake warehouse is in line with the network’s flagship store on-line news this fall, also plans to launch online for a pin." CFO Okazaki said. read more

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Ali group adaptation pave the way Ma era

over the past year, Ma completed two things, one is combing the business structure, the structure of the shareholders of the two comb. The former includes spin off Taobao, involved in intelligent mobile phone, including Alibaba, YAHOO, Alipay stock repurchase delisting to VIE.


two event, Ma from "two business" an one step: organization architecture. This step is the most difficult step, because it involves the redistribution of power Alibaba.

July 23rd, Ali group announced organizational restructuring, after the adjustment of the Ali group is divided into a Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Ali Amoy, international business, small business and Ali Ali cloud and other 7 major business groups, the 7 group will include consumers, distributors, manufacturers, business service provider four part. read more

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Taobao this year 11 double sales is expected to be 63 billion 700 million

xinhuanet.com November 8 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Zhou Runjian, Zhu Tianjiao) 2013 "double 11" Taobao turnover of 35 billion yuan, this year will be? 360 mobile phone assistant to the latest release of "2014 two eleven shopping APP analysis report" is expected this year, Taobao "double 11" sales of approximately 63 billion 700 million yuan.

double 11 since its inception, rising sales. Public data shows that last year taobao.com, "double 11" on the same day, Alipay’s total number of transactions 170 million pen, the average order price is 209.7 yuan, the total turnover of 35 billion yuan all day long. read more

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Excellent soft science and technology electricity supplier 3 cloud business era has come the inevit

e-commerce after 1 pure electricity supplier started, to the development of the electricity supplier o2o of 2, has now been upgraded to the era of competition of 3.

In the

1 era, competition in the electricity supplier battlefield almost stay in the Internet, the fight is the flow, then is the Jingdong, Taobao store in the golden age, because of the small number of participants, the flow is enough, and online and offline spreads significantly, not only traffic is not a problem, the profit is also good. read more

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Live marketing case analysis report to explore the impact of live broadcast on nternet Marketing

2016 is the first year of the outbreak of the broadcast platform. A new way of entertainment – "live" began to appear everywhere in the public view. Live grew up in the top of the mobile Internet, the moment to meet a new generation of social main 90, 00 after "for attention", "desire", "social demands to fire, fast shocking! Such a hot trend also attracted the attention of all major brands of the main.

however, when the overnight "live + marketing" has become a major brand marketing mode in the new standard, but we need some more review: read more

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