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Online programming crack piracy 3 80 jailed for money

Oriental Network July 21st news: the defendant, the 3 after 80, 2 College students. The former elite network, now in court language: "a thought just did not think it would be illegal, criminal crime, now feel regret. Set foot on the community soon, please the court give me a chance to start with a clean slate, I will do a good citizen law-abiding." This is the day before the Xuhui District court tribunal trial of copyright infringement and illegal business case scene.

is proficient in Network Literacy read more

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Ali Yun OS and its small partners more than and 30 small partners where Fate

October 21st, after the Meizu Ali strategic conference, Alibaba CTO Wang Jian talked about Yun OS, said: as of October 2014, the use of Yun OS mobile phone brand has more than and 30, end user about 10000000. So the question is, these more than and 30 small partners who have the relationship with the Alibaba in the end how Ali and Meizu cooperation on their impact?.

Yun OS small partners more than 30, more than 40, but there are many large manufacturers

from each of the partners announced the case of Ali, the outside world can only understand about 10. But according to the Ministry of network data, as of October 15th this year, the use of Yun OS mobile phone 42, 76 mobile phone manufacturers. Coupled with just Meizu MX4 and PHILPS I966, it should be 43 small partners, launched the 78 phones. Among them, more than 80% of mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen, with an average of each mobile phone sales of about 100000. read more

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Understand the industry rankings precision positioning promotion strategy

now, for the family, the Internet has penetrated into most ordinary families, affecting people’s lives, learning and many other aspects. For businesses, the Internet is not just an advertising media, but as a tool for business expansion. A web site can be regarded as a customer service and business personnel of the enterprise, it can help enterprises to whenever and wherever possible each transaction, and the cost of sales ratio will be greatly reduced, reducing the overhead and cost of natural means profit increase. Even if the enterprise is not a production and sales oriented enterprises, the same can also bring the business through the online advertising effect, thereby increasing profits. Web site is the basis for the formation of the Internet, and statistical tools have become an indispensable tool for the development of the internet. read more

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Everyone in the whirlpool of controversy express we are not courier company

[Abstract] we are not a courier company, we are a crowdsourcing service, is a point in time city distribution information platform."

was founded in 2013, after the beginning of this year, everyone got more than ten million U.S. dollars of financing, the recent launch of the B round of financing

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on October 20th

recently, a courier company quickly became popular, the main slogan is: on the way home, the way to send a courier, you can earn a little extra money. Everyone express win a lot of users at the same time, is also facing serious challenges. read more

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Pseudo open reflection nternet giant underwear worn

do Zynga dream developers, is likely to become an open platform to test the market in a day of mice. Open platform, so terrible?


| Zheng Jiangbo

is said to be a Zynga game on the Tencent platform for less than three months, Tencent has launched its own from the name to the content are very similar to the same theme game. This is the world’s largest social gaming experience in china.

survive? Yes, it’s survival. But, this is not alarmist: parasitic on the open platform of entrepreneurs should be suffering, because you don’t know what time will be kill off, kill and you are not rivals, but the platform itself, which makes people did not fight back. read more

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Vintage teeth takeover Pinyin domain name fanke com worth

renamed China (eName.cn) August 29th news, from the beginning of creation, "VANCL" with the domain name vancl.com electric business single-handed, Duchuang billowy. Jingdong, vip.com and other electricity providers for short domain name, it does not participate. It has more than 6 years, and even fell into a trough never low noble head. Thanks to the expert Lei Jun good practice guidance, VANCL, cut "Eslite" two words, and hold back big fanke.com new domain name.

in August 28th, more than a year of silence all passengers aged CEO in the spotlight, announced to the world to sell his shirt. The return of the aged, this time the attitude is very low, he admitted that "where once ‘poisoned’, took a long detour, this is my fault, anxious." It said to be "Eslite" two characters into all products where the customer, not reflected in the logo. As for the domain name fanke.com, old said, consumers often complain about the domain name vancl.com is too difficult to remember, so the cruel will take Larry domain. And where the new domain name is good or bad? read more

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ndustry business solutions PHP168 business system officially released

business system as an important part of the PHP168 system, will be based on the actual business process development. Business system so that grassroots users gradually turned to operating, profitable web site creators, the site will be more inclined to the core enterprise and enterprise products.

with the help of the business system will allow users to further use of PHP168 CMS program, built with the traditional economy or high degree of enterprise products combined with the Internet system.

business system in the existing mainstream e-commerce website optimization, the basic framework of maturity. There is a sound platform for independent businesses, to manage enterprise products and all related behavior, while the owners and the owners have a good relationship system. With a number of inquiries, product recommendations, bulk quotation, personalized certification system, information systems and other special features. read more

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Yushu seven websites black cast

and the Wenchuan earthquake, many people mourning on the network for Yushu earthquake victims. Comic: Liang Wenshan

this is a network of sacrifice for the victims of the Yushu produced pictures.

Qinghai Yushu earthquake occurred 7 days ago, people from across the country to the earthquake stricken people pray and the blessing is covered with the entire network. At the beginning of the earthquake, many netizens and experts have suggested that the government set up a national day of mourning. Now, the initiative has been a positive response to the State Council, the national mourning victims compatriots mourning, and all the network entertainment related activities will be suspended, to mourn the victims of Yushu theme activities have started. Today, youku.com and tudou.com, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other major sites will have to cast a dark gray veil, net net, offering Sina micro-blog (http://s.t.sina.com.cn), World of Warcraft, Baidu post also launched activities to support the grief. All this is reminiscent of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. And the mourning of Yushu, also known as the founding of new China since the second civilian Memorial day". read more

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Father of free software Apple Microsoft and other companies have

"father of free software" Richard · (Richard)


    Sina technical pan


has over sixty, but Richard · Stallman (Richard Stallman) obviously could not do the ear". He will at any time, any place, to allow all doubt tone, debate free software and disagree on who.

free software is not equal to open source software, you are completely mistaken." In an interview with Sina Technology, he used this as an opening. In a speech later, he told an admiring fans expressed the same dissatisfaction, and ask for a "Free Software (free software) label stickers, T-shirts covered body" open source ". read more

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Taobao electric city plans to start open recruitment of genuine licensed sellers


Electric City recruitment of genuine licensed sellers


sina science and technology news on December 3rd morning news, Taobao low-key preparation of 3C vertical website has been recruited sellers. Taobao website today launched the "Taobao Electric City genuine licensed sellers recruiting plan, plans to show Taobao sellers can join, not limited to the mall and the bazaar. According to the previous Taobao planning, the city’s fastest electric appliances can be launched before the Spring Festival next year. read more

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Liu Wei Shi Yuzhu’s aggressive to pull back

for some time, in order to advertise, Shi Yuzhu often with Liu Wei and three people together to run CCTV. They have a baby face, look at a young age. Some people uninformed, old jokes with Shi Yuzhu said, the history of the old, why do you always take two nieces.

Shi Yuzhu hems, only smiled but did not reply. In fact, they were both deputy general Shanghai jiante, head of gold partner and melatonin business, Shi Yuzhu is the main management, "the Four Musketeers" two (the other two are Chen Guo and Fei Yong Jun). Liu Wei Shi Yuzhu is one of the earliest employees (1992), served as secretary, Minister of personnel, vice president and other staff, now is the giant network president. read more

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73% minors play online games

in Beijing in January 31, Chinese Youth Social Service Center, before the release of "minor" investigation report on the status of the application of Internet technology. The report shows that the proportion of minors playing online games is very high.

very high proportion of minors, accounting for 73.1% of the total, did not play a relatively small number, accounting for the total number of 25.6%.

has not played in the minors online games, said he did not want to play and do not want to play very much, respectively, the total number of people 41.5% and 22.22%, said the general accounted for 27.73%. read more

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To avoid the Red Sea live gaming circles do ESPN mbaTV completed nearly 100 million yuan B round o

lead: to raise the public League + + game + variety event broadcast made drama, ImbaTV is also exploring the standard mode of gaming content production.

video game content provider ImbaTV announced on October 26th has completed nearly 100 million yuan of B round of financing. This round of financing by the fund’s Adams Zijin culture capital lead investor, MIPs capital investment, A round investors Sequoia Capital and innovation works continue to overweight with investment. ImbaTV co-founder and CEO Shen Weirong said that a new round of financing will be used primarily to three pieces of content: create a new game show form, construction business model, O2O organized international tournament. read more

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Electricity supplier breaking Kung Fu outside the poem

More and more recent contact with the boss of

, found that many bosses into the electricity supplier of the siege, not come out, encounter a lot of problems in management, sales can not be resolved, want to go to a business master, broke through the siege, like Denon eight in Qiao Feng, mountain moving power to turn the tide. Reversed the situation.

but in fact, to find the means of breaking the Bureau, often "Kung Fu outside the poem". Zhuang Ziyun: "to the world as a cage, then the birds have no escape." A bird flying in the bow, bow and arrow can hit it, which is really a bow power; and if the whole world as a cage, so no one can escape the birds. read more

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The music stage to complete the D round of financing of 235 million of the first series

today announced the music stage, has completed the D series of the first round of financing, financing amounting to $235 million.

for the purpose of financing, the company founder and CEO Xiao Wenjie said, "the current round of funding will accelerate the expansion to the whole population stage music business, music and stage will also increase investment, build perfect risk management system, strengthen brand building".

public information, staged music was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen. As of April 2016, has more than 8 million registered users, in 2015 the annual sales exceeded RMB 10 billion, single month sales exceeded $2 billion. read more

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American website promotion way really all sorts of strange things

usually browse the English website abroad, Americans’ humor is really famous, today we want to tell you that this is the promotion of the site in the United States, humor". Indeed, a lot of Americans to see the SEO, the United States IT class

site, there are no small gains, Americans also have a unique idea!

1, on a grand holiday, put on the clothes that are printed on your website, URL, look for a TV reporter, and stand by him.

2, tell your website to the students on earth, let them do a web site with a link to your site. Then, you will begin to enjoy the endless flow of Page and Rank. read more

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Advertising is not accurate marketing insight data in order to lean and efficient

I do not know when to start, precision marketing began to be a lot of network marketing company touted. Especially some digital marketing agency, is to be called "precision" seems to look up to as the standard, two words, advertising effect will be increasing exponentially. Indeed, based on COOKIE implants, LBS positioning, as well as various types of client software assisted data collection, advertisers can collect huge user data. After the analysis and purification of these data, but also can effectively provide advertising support for decision-making. Perhaps the word that is a result of precision marketing, but advertising is precision marketing? Years of network marketing, pilotage Bo king of precision marketing should be considered from the beginning to the end of the whole process of lean operation, not to buy media advertising so simple and rude. read more

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Domain name an important factor affecting website development

website webmaster all know Google is in both technique and character is far better than Baidu, but Google has been done in Chinese but Baidu, a lot of people to study, finally come to the conclusion that Google does not understand Chinese or do not understand the Chinese market marketing! Google said that Baidu does not understand Chinese that is just speculation, do not take it seriously.

            said Google does not understand this is plausible marketing, which company in Shenzhen no one day is Baidu’s telephone marketing bombing over N times? In my opinion, these are not the main factors. Once I speak to a friend, I said that you will find products to Google may find a good point, Baidu is advertising, the friends more than once asked me: "feel shy, I forget how to play, last time you said that the Google’s Web site?" I really can’t only tell him one of the most simple method, that is you to Baidu search "Google" can be found. read more

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Human nature marketing in traditional industries

gets up in the morning. The feeling of the body is not as good as before, writing articles can exercise the mind, the storm did not stop, exercise stopped. Who and I meet for the first time do not forget a word, too thin. Indeed, uncoordinated. 1 meters tall, only 70 kilograms, 82. Partial thin. Plus do not exercise, before doing a half year fitness card, since the Yellow after. Stop it. In fact, it was also occasionally go, a week can go on a good. There is no time, but also to write articles. Sister always laugh at me, like a little girl, good shape. read more

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On the brand advertising and media companies from the media a few new ideas

1, the product is greater than the brand

my personal experience is that the faster the spread of information, the more difficult it is to maintain brand loyalty.

we often say that the concept of brand loyalty, in fact, for any brand, the product has been the most important, the product is not good or can not follow the progress of the times, and then loyal fans will turn. Brand loyalty may delay the death of a brand, but there will never be an eternal brand loyalty, if there is always brand loyalty, then NOKIA will not collapse. read more

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