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Gorakhpur encephalitis deaths: Myriad factors plague communities

first_imgIn villages racked by encephalitis in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, children play barefoot in mud, with dirty water collecting all around and garbage piled up, ignorant of the fact that their surroundings could lead them to contract the disease.After three decades of high incidence of encephalitis cases and deaths, the Gorakhpur division of U.P. is still struggling to contain the disease that is linked to insanitary conditions and is particularly spread by mosquitoes via pigs and drinking dirty water.Padmavati Devi, who lost her grandson Alok to encephalitis last week, says she does not know what happened to him or how he got the disease.Speaking outside her home in Gorakhpur’s Belipar on what would have been Alok’s 14th birthday, she says: “We are poor and uneducated, what do we know about the disease? All we know is that he had a fever.”Alok was among the children admitted to Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das Medical College, where 60 children died in a span of five days starting August 7. | Photo Credit: V.V. Krishnan Just outside his home, children play in the rainwater that has collected. When asked if they know how encephalitis spreads, neighbours say they did not. “Children are children, they will play,” says one neighbour.In Bichhiya in Gorakhpur, the home of a family that lost a five-year-old child to encephalitis on August 11 is surrounded by filth — dirty drains, faeces of goats, and chicken and trash. The grandfather of the child, Ilahi, says the family tries to keep the house clean, but the condition of the neighbourhood has always been bad. “The administration should have made roads and drains. We have no option but to dump the garbage outside,” he says, adding that he does not know how encephalitis spreads.Lack of awarenessThe lack of awareness spreads to other parts of the region as well. Shamsul Ansari from Gamharia in Bihar says he does not know what had happened to his three-year-old son, except that it was “serious”. After three days of high fever that medicines prescribed by local doctors could not control, he says he brought his son to Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College, where the child is in the ICU. He says has not heard of encephalitis, or mastikshk jwar, or of the news on the medical college.  Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, the president of the Indian Medical Association, said that most cases of encephalitis can be controlled with better sanitation and medicine.“About 10% of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) cases are Japanese encephalitis, which is spread by mosquitoes. This is preventable as culex mosquitoes breed in dirty water,” he said.He added that scrub typhus, another cause of AES that is linked to lice, mites and fleas on the ground, can be “100 % managed” with antibiotics if caught in time. Another type of AES, caused by enterovirus, is linked to lack of sanitation, which can also be addressed. A child undergoing treatment at the BRD Medical College Hospital in Gorakpur.last_img read more

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The energiser

first_imgInnovation could well be her middle name and an instant connect with people, her forte. For it was a strong R & D culture backed with people practices that grew the Rs 1 crore turnover of her company, when she took over as CEO in 1997, to 100 times that,Innovation could well be her middle name and an instant connect with people, her forte. For it was a strong R & D culture backed with people practices that grew the Rs 1 crore turnover of her company, when she took over as CEO in 1997, to 100 times that in a span of 11 years. Meet Hema Hattangady, the non-techie woman behind the success of one of India’s largest energy management firms, Conzerv Systems India.The youngest of four sisters and the daughter of a civil defence officer at the Army HQ in Delhi, Hattangady, 47, grew up in the Capital in the 60s and studied at the Carmel Convent School. When she was 13, her father retired. Living in the city became expensive and the family moved to Dharwad, a quiet town in Karnataka, inhabited mostly by pensioners. “Let’s just say it was a little too quiet for me,” she says laughing. After graduating in commerce at 21, she was married.It was during her years in Delhi and the trips to the local Konkani Association that Hattangady met future husband, Ashok, later chief designer at Conzerv, as their parents were friends. In fact, at the age of six, she was cast opposite him, then seven years old, as bride and groom, in one of the association’s plays, The Wedding of the Painted Doll. “Who knew 15 years later the two of us would be exchanging vows in real life,” she says. Soon after, her husband headed to the University of Texas for his MS while Hattangady was denied a visa to join him. She instead, decided to pursue an MBA at the Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata.With the family (clockwise from left): Raghav, Ashok, Hattangady and AnanyaConzerv was born in 1988 as Enercon Systems, a business in digital meters started by Hattangady’s father-in-law, H. Vasanth Rao. In 1989, post a brief stint at the advertising agency, Adwit India as GM, she joined the family business as project coordinator. She looked into almost every aspect of the business, from the building of the factory, to procuring materials, to sales, to marketing. In 1992, despite cutting edge designs, the company started running into losses. Former Hindustan Unilever India chairman, T.Thomas, came to their rescue. He was starting the first venture capital fund in India, Indus Venture Capital, and was looking to invest in a company with potential and approached Enercon. However, this meant that the family’s stake would go down from a 100 per cent to 25 per cent while Ashok took over as CEO. Being a technical person, he wanted to focus only on design and felt it was hard to manage both the technical and managerial roles. He suggested that Hattangady be appointed CEO. “And there I was, suddenly right in the middle of everything,” she says. Was her non-engineering background a hurdle? On the contrary, she feels it was an advantage. She could see the customer’s perspective and pitched in with her inputs about what was needed and what not. “I’ve always believed you don’t have to be an IT person to run a successful IT business. You have to be a good manager.” The technical basics, she learnt from her husband.At age 13 with the SBI rolling shield she won for debate at St. Joseph’s High, DharwadA huge challenge lay ahead. She picked up the threads and began to analyse what was not right with the company. Since the Bangalore based Conzerv was mainly a south Indian company, foraying into the north by expanding the sales and dealer force was necessary. Next, she made sure that at least a sizeable part of the turnover, between five and eight per cent, was invested back into R & D as the business depended on constant improvement and technical innovation of products. She also created an advisory panel consisting of academics, customers and representatives of government testing labs.Keeping up the morale and retaining designers was essential too. That’s when her love for human resource and people practices was born. “I think the thing people valued most about Conzerv was the people connect. That’s what kept the lid on attrition,” she says. It is this trait that her mentor R.R. Nair, former director with HUL and an organisational development consultant now, feels is responsible for her success. With son Raghav, nine, and daughter Ananya at age one at home in Bangalore”Hema’s attention to detail and emotional intelligence are outstanding. She would remember every employee’s birthday and anniversary and probably be the first one to wish them.” He recalls the time during the 2004 tsunami, when an engineer at the company lost his life and Hattangady rallied the whole of Conzerv to support the family.Being a woman, the going was tough, but she continued to persist. On one occasion, Hattangady had gone to demonstrate a product to a textile mill owner in the interiors of Tamil Nadu. Instead, he asked her to open it up and tell her the cost of each component and add it up. And then remarked, “If all of it adds upto Rs 30,000, why should I pay Rs 70,000? You’re fleecing us.” “I tried explaining to him that the software that came along was what he mainly paid for but to no avail. I almost ran out in tears.”Hattangady, six, with her mother on the terrace of their Delhi homeTalking of persistence, her husband remembers the time when he was completing his degree in Texas and Hattangady had joined him there for a few months. “On one of the nights, I was wrapping up a project and had to stay out late. At times like these I would just grab a few chocolate bars and that would be dinner. At about 1 a.m., I heard a loud knock on my lab door and was surprised to see Hema standing there with a basket of food. With no access card, she had managed to get into the building by waiting for a student to pass by so she could sneak in and did the same in the lift. It took her almost an hour but in the end she got what she wanted,” he laughs.Over the years, Conzerv has had a steady annual growth figure of almost 40 per cent and today it sells its products across 22 countries. The recent decision to sell the company was a tough one. Schneider Electric first made an offer in 2004 but the deal came through only in 2009.”I call it the five-year courtship period,” Hattangady laughs. Now seemed like the right time. “The company had become big, the engineers needed to move up and we had products that needed to be sold abroad. Also, the children were growing up while I was not around.”advertisementadvertisementHattangady, 21, and husband Ashok, 22, at their engagement in March 1984She has just completed her employment contract with Schneider and has already launched an advertising and brand consulting firm, NewClue Innovations, along with her husband. Currently, Hattangady is enjoying her relaxed schedule and spending time with the children, 15-year-old Raghav and sixyear-old Ananya. Her day starts at 6.45 a.m. and she heads to drop her daughter to school. Post that she goes for a four km walk with her husband. After breakfast, she works on her consulting assignments and then goes to pick up Ananya from school. “Because Ananya has announced to the world that her mother sold her business so she could drop and pick her up from school everyday,” she says. Hattangady loves to travel and is an avid golfer. In-house jam sessions are regular family affairs as Raghav plays the keyboard, Ashok is a percussionist while she sings and Ananya does the ballet.The break has also given her time for other commitments such as her brainchild, the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), an industry association that is a policy research and advocacy body supporting the government’s energy efficiency policy. She is also on the board for several NGOs such as Dream-a-Dream that works with street children and the Bangalore chapter of Common Purpose, a UK based organisation that holds workshops to develop leadership at the middle management level.Hattangady has added a lot of firsts to the industry. Conzerv was the first metering firm in India and one of the few in the world to add energy consulting services to their portfolio. Another first was to shut the company twice a year for a week each time to ensure employees took time off. Her success story has even been turned into a Harvard Business School case study, as part of the Advanced Management Programme.”Ashok and I wanted to build a company that was sustainable, that outlived the two of us,” she says. Which is why the transition to Schneider has been so smooth. Within a year, Hattangady has managed to hand over the company. “We will continue to look for great investment opportunities and if the idea is right, who knows we will make another success story like Conzerv when the children are a little older.” The world is watching. 5 Places to Visit with Children1 Goa : For its beaches, food and the lush greens that are so relaxing. A holiday in the monsoon. Wet. Wild. Fun.2 Coorg : The natural beauty, coffee plantations, wildlife parks, treks and the weather are all amazing especially during the Christmas season.3 Osaka, Japan : To see the hundreds of cherry blossom trees flowering together during the Golden Week in the first week of May.4 Penang, Malaysia : For the water sports, the shopping, the Petronas Towers and an amazing cultural blend of the West and the East.5 Washington DC : For the numerous museums and political monuments especially The Smithsonian and the International Spy Museum.advertisementlast_img read more

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From creating unusual silhouettes to reinventing classics, designers in hyderabad are doing everything to stay on top of the fashion game.

first_imgDream SequinsShravan Kumar, 40Designer Shravan Kumar with model Monika Thangalapalli sporting his creation.If there’s a god he worships most ardently, “it’s got to be the one in the finer details,” says Shravan Kumar, who has been styling the who’s who of the city for nearly two decades. Regulars find the,Dream SequinsShravan Kumar, 40Designer Shravan Kumar with model Monika Thangalapalli sporting his creation.If there’s a god he worships most ardently, “it’s got to be the one in the finer details,” says Shravan Kumar, who has been styling the who’s who of the city for nearly two decades. Regulars find the outfits created at Kumar’s studio flawless in design and detail.An ode to weaves and weavers of India, Kumar’s creations are rendered on handlooms mostly. Sometimes there are rare kalamkaris or Mangalgiri silks, “that can outdo the softest of Dhakai muslins in the way they fall.” His latest collection that he featured at the Dubai Fashion Week comprises these besides several more handlooms from across India. “The clothes were inspired from various Indian royal lineages. We had lehengas paired with cholis and kancholis, Hyderabadi khara dupattas, anarkalis and leelakalis besides chogas and peshwas, sherwanis and khaja coats for men,” says Kumar.Drawn from the royal wardrobes of India, these also have an evergreen feel about them. He adds that for the detailing, gota patti work was used besides crushed sequins for ornate borders, or minute pearls for filling a pattern and the like, “to make every garment exquisitely unique.” The use of jewel tones like sapphire yellow, emerald green, ruby red or the rich blue of turquoise and the radiance of corals only added to this fervently festive collection. His advise to brides: “Pick an outfit and jewellery that ultimately reflect who you are as individuals rather than following any kind of fad.” Hints Jayanti Reddy, 28Since she is a selftaught designer, management graduate Jayanti Reddy describes her aesthetic sensibilities as being “bound by no rules.” What resulted out of a passion for clothes and art cultivated from a young age, was her eponymous label, launched in 2012, which is all about an understated sense of style, with handcrafted embroideries on naturally dyed fabrics.Her collection titled Siaa: Reimagining the past, showcased at the spring/summer leg of the Lakme India Fashion Week 2016 features perfect examples of her design philosophy. “It was all about discovering the chic in the classic and the unusual in the traditional,” says Reddy adding that it “celebrates India’s weaves and dyes” albeit for the modern woman. “Siaa draws inspiration from the woman who would like to stick to her roots but is willing to experiment with her style too,” says Reddy.Ask her what else inspires her creativity and the answer is “People, travel and art.” Her art-infused home is certainly a haven for creative stimulation, with a drawing room corner dedicated to Bangladeshi artist Tayeba Lipi’s famous sewing machine artwork made with sharp steel razor blades. Analysis  Gaurang Shah, 43Designer Gaurang Shah with his creations.With every new show, Gaurang Shah’s saris- that Kirron Kher once aptly described as “artworks in themselves”-are increasingly underscoring his reputation as Hyderabad’s maestro of drapes. Shah’s passion for Indian weaves shows in everything he creates and he believes that the possibilities can be “truly endless”. His latest collection, which he showcased at the winter/festive show of the Lakme India Fashion Week 2016, was a celebration of not just regional handlooms but also of the unique weaving and dyeing techniques of India.Add to this the theme of Vrindavan, live music on the ramp, and more than 25 different draping style of the sari, and the show had to be a stunning success. Amidst the unstopping cheer though, Shah remains humble and gives all credit to the six-yard wonder. “My collection featured a whole range- from khadi jamdhanis to paithani saris of Maharashtra, Gujarati patolas, a treasure trove of silks from the south, Benarasi saris and a whole lot more,” he says.Handwoven dhotis, kurtas and sherwanis for men stood out for their woven textures and subdued drama. “We played with a variety of draping styles for the dhotis too, like the Telangana style, Rajasthani drape or traditional Bihari style, among others,” he says. The usual bridal shades of reds, pinks and oranges were deliberately skipped for this collection. “I wanted to show how beautiful blue can look as wedding wear, instead,” says Shah, inviting brides to experiment with pastels and unusual combinations such as a sky blue Kanjeevaram paired with a bright peach blouse. Weds New, Archita Narayanam, 29Designer Archita Narayanam.The beautiful architecture, old-world charm and bazaars of Benares had Archita Narayanam deeply inspired for her debut showcasing at the Lakme India Fashion Week this year. “I was fascinated by everything about Benares, especially its bustling marketplaces and decided to name my collection for the winter/festive season, Kaasika Bazaar,” says Narayanam, as we browse through the ornately embroidered lehengas and anarkalis.advertisementA leitmotif in this collection is the elephant, which you will see patterned in fine zardozi or chosen for a blouse latkan. “Elements like the zardozi embroidery and the peacock motifs are drawn from Hyderabad, which I have fused with my Benares inspiration,” says Narayanam calling her collection, “a blend of Benarasi weaves with Hyderabadi finesse.”In greens, reds and gold, these creations are for the contemporary bride, “who would like to neither compromise on comfort nor tradition.” A collared blouse to go with an otherwise conventional lehenga, a pull up dhoti sari or a jacket paired with palazzo pants are twists she’s offered to her ethnic designs. “These separates can be mixed and matched too.For instance, the heavy jacket can be paired with a sari as well,” shares the engineering graduate who never studied design but was always drawn to artsy tailoring. Her showstopper Karishma Kapoor too sported a lehenga with a western silhouette blouse and twirled on the ramp rather effortlessly, “despite the 24 kg that the outfit weighed.” narayanam/Signature Svelte  Archana Rao, 31 Archana Rao’s inner artist is hugely stimulated by the juxtaposition of extreme ideas and the result is fashion that is artsy enough to intrigue, yet uncomplicated in design. Imagine fusing elements from the hi-tech clothing of astronauts with a vintage India style of the 1920s that she showcased at the New York Fashion Week. Or take for instance her collection, A petticoat, from earlier this year, which turned out to be a creative indulgence with European inner wear to reinvent statement evening dresses.”The idea was to bring the inner wear out and work with elements like the lace of classic lingerie for designs like a slip dress worn under a sheer shirt,” offers Rao. For many, it might sound like impossible propositions but for Rao, this is daily bread.”I enjoy bringing contradictions together in most of my designs,” she says settling on a couch among her creations; the exquisite pastels from the ‘Astronaut Likes Tea’ collection looking like they belong in a Parisian boutique. “These are mostly westerns in fabrics such as merino wool teamed with sheers for a layered kind of styling,” says Rao.The Indian vintage embroidery and pearl work makes for rich surface detailing on many of these outfits that are as wearable as they are stylised. Ask Rao to describe her clothes in one word and the spontaneous response is “hassle-free.” To that, we would certainly like to add charming. read more

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New York Jets Owners interviewing former Bills coach Doug Marrone

first_imgNEW YORK  – Doug Marrone is next up in the New York Jets’ coaching search.Owner Woody Johnson and consultants Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly were meeting with the former Buffalo Bills coach on Saturday as the Jets seek a replacement for the fired Rex Ryan.Marrone became one of the Jets’ top candidates Wednesday night when he surprisingly opted out of his contract with the Bills. NFL Network first reported the Jets’ plan to meet with Marrone on Saturday.Marrone led the Bills to a 9-7 finish in his second season for Buffalo’s first winning campaign since 2004. Buffalo still missed the playoffs, extending the NFL’s longest active postseason drought to 15 seasons — but beat the Jets twice. The Bronx native previously went 25-25 in four seasons as the coach at Syracuse, including two Pinstripe Bowl victories.His lengthy coaching history includes a stint as the Jets’ offensive line coach under Herm Edwards from 2002-05.Marrone is the fourth confirmed candidate to interview for the coaching position. Johnson, Wolf and Casserly returned from Seattle on Friday night after two days during which they talked to Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and assistant head coach-offensive line coach Tom Cable. The Jets have also interviewed Anthony Lynn, who served as running backs coach and assistant head coach under Ryan.San Diego offensive coordinator Frank Reich is expected to meet with Johnson during the next few days. There is also interest from the Jets in Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Baltimore offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak.New York is also in the process of finding a new general manager, running concurrent GM and coaching searches after Johnson fired John Idzik along with Ryan last Monday.Seahawks director of pro personnel Trent Kirchner interviewed for the job on Thursday while the Jets were in Seattle. New York has already interviewed Cleveland executive chief of staff Bill Kuharich and will talk to Houston director of college scouting Mike Maccagnan and Philadelphia director of pro personnel Rick Mueller in the next few days.New York has also requested permission to interview Kansas City director of player personnel Chris Ballard and Miami director of college scouting Chris Grier.Rod Graves, the Jets’ senior director of football administration, met with the team Wednesday. He’s currently overseeing New York’s football operations on an interim basis until a GM is hired.DENNIS WASZAK Jr., AP Sports Writer___TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

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Spain’s Isco looking forward to UEFA Nations League under new coach Luis Enrique

first_imgLuis Enrique has not been one of the favourite appointment as successor to Julen Lopetegui due to his prickly relationship with the media and his barely concealed distaste for Real Madrid in the past.But midfielder Isco has come out in support of the team’s new manager, saying that he welcomes coach Luis Enrique’s ban on mobile phones during team meals and has embraced the new manager’s footballing ideas and team building exercises.”It’s always good to have a little bit of discipline, not having phones at meals is a good idea to me, these days we are often more focused on machines than speaking with our team mates,” Isco told a news conference on Thursday.No importa si es con la derecha o con la izquierda… ¡@isco_alarcon tiene el punto de mira perfectamente afinado!#UnaNuevaIlusiónón Española de Fútbol (@SeFutbol) September 4, 2018Spain play their first game under former Barcelona coach Luis Enrique on Saturday away to England in their opening match of the UEFA Nations League before hosting Croatia on Tuesday.Their last outing was their shock elimination from the World Cup to Russia on penalties following a 1-1 draw in the last 16.Real Madrid midfielder Isco, however, said the team have taken to the coach’s training methods as well as his quirky ideas off the pitch, which saw him take the players to an escape room on Wednesday, where participants have to break out of a locked room by completing puzzles.advertisementOFICIAL | Lista de convocados por @LUISENRIQUE21 para los partidos ante Inglaterra (@England) y Croacia (@HNS_CFF) de la UEFA Nations League#UnaNuevaIlusiónón Española de Fútbol (@SeFutbol) August 31, 2018″The escape room was very good, we were able to disconnect a bit and have a lot of laughs. We had to find clues and solve riddles,” Isco added.”We are very happy with him and we are excited about starting the important things which are the games so we can know what level we are at.”(With inputs from Reuters)last_img read more

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‘For Ajax, this is the best moment to face Real Madrid’

first_imgAjax could not be facing Real Madrid at a better time when they meeting the Champions League last-16 next February, according to former playmaker Wesley Sneijder.Erik ten Hag’s side posses some of the most revered young players in Europe and are enjoying a revival after four successive runners-up finishes in the Eredivisie.Though they trail leaders PSV Eindhoven by two points they have won their last 11 league games and twice held Bayern Munich in their Champions League group. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Paired with defending champions Real in the first knock-out round of Europe’s premier club competition, the Dutch side are naturally the underdogs but Sneijder is hopeful of an upset.”For Ajax, this is the best moment to take on Real Madrid,” the ex-Netherlands international, who is currently playing for Qatar side Al Gharafa, told Marca.”I don’t see Real Madrid as being as strong as in previous years. That’s obvious.”Ajax are a very young team, but nobody should be mistaken about them as they have a lot of quality and play very well, especially at home in Amsterdam.”It’ll be a difficult tie for Real Madrid.”Los Blancos have endured a contrasting campaign, replacing Julen Lopetegui with Santiago Solari after a poor start to the season.Solari guided Real to the Fifa Club World Cup earlier this month but there remain questions over his long-term future.Ajax’s last progressed beyond the round-of-16 in the 1995-96, when they beat Real en route to the final – where they lost to Juventus on penalties.Sneijder, who played in Amsterdam between 2002 and 2007 before moving to the Spanish capital for two seasons, says the two-legged tie will be a decent barometer of progress made by his boyhood club.”Real Madrid are still the favourites despite everything,” he added.”But look! If Ajax can achieve a good result in the first leg then Real Madrid could have problems, and we’ve seen that recently when they face teams that keep the ball.”This is a good matchup to check the quality of this Ajax side, one that is very exciting, as they go up against the three-in-a-row Champions League winners.”Real Madrid are different in Europe, but Ajax have a chance to move on to the next round.””They believe that Ajax are the same as the last few times they visited Madrid. But they’re nothing like those teams.”Plus, the average Real Madrid fan doesn’t follow Dutch football and doesn’t know about Ajax.”I do know about them, though, and they have a line-up with a lot of quality.”last_img read more

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Arsenal confirm Ozil & Kolasinac out after ‘security incidents’

first_imgArsenal have announced Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac will not be part of the squad that opens the Premier League season against Newcastle, following “further security incidents” which the club says are being investigated by police.The pair were the victims of an attempted car-jacking in late July, after returning to London following the club’s tour of the United States. The statement from the club says: “Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac will not be part of the squad for our opening match against Newcastle United following further security incidents which are being investigated by the police. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? “The welfare of our players and their families is always a top priority and we have taken this decision following discussion with the players and their representatives. We are liaising with the police and are providing the players and their families with ongoing support.”We look forward to welcoming the players back to the squad as soon as possible.”Arsenal have declined to comment further on the situation. Sources tell Goal both Ozil and Kolasinac are safe and unharmed but they have been targeted more than once, in separate incidents over the past couple of days.The Met Police also released a statement saying: “The MPS are in contact with Arsenal FC and will investigate any offences reported appropriately.”Ozil and Kolasinac were first attacked July 25 by masked assailants allegedly armed with knives, with both players escaping the incident unharmed.Video on social media surfaced following the incident of Kolasinac appearing to try to fight some of the attackers.Ozil took refuge in a nearby Turkish resturaunt called Likya, and the assailants fled the scene empty-handed after restaurant staff came to the pair’s aid.Police confirmed the incident at the time but did not make any arrests in the case, and were continuing enquiries into the matter. Following the incident, Ozil thanked fans for their support while Kolasinac took to social media to claim they were fine, though Arsenal manager Unai Emery held them duo out of his side’s next pre-season friendly.Both had featured since for the Gunners in the run-up to the 2018-19 Premier League season, which gets underway on Sunday against Newcastle at St. James’ Park. Arsenal follow up with their first home game of the season the following week against Burnley, and then face top-six rivals Liverpool and Tottenham in their next two matches. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

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Penn State Special Teams Coordinator Phil Galiano Leaving For NFL

first_imgA generic picture of three footballs next to a pylonThe Penn State Nittany Lions are losing a top assistant to the NFL. According to a report from Lions 247, 247Sports’ Penn State site, special teams coordinator and assistant defensive line coach Phil Galiano is leaving to pursue and opportunity in the NFL.Galiano spent the 2017 college football season as a defensive analyst for the Nittany Lions before his promotion to special teams coordinator in 2018. He heads back to the NFL, where he was an assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2012-13 and Miami Dolphins in 2016.Head coach James Franklin confirmed the report. He released a statement following the move.“We are excited for Phil and his family. This is a tremendous opportunity for Phil to return to the NFL. We are very appreciative of Phil and everything he has done for our program over the last two years. We wish him nothing but success moving forward.”The move could be a blessing in disguise for the Nittany Lions, who’s special teams unit suffered a significant drop off under Galiano. After former special teams coordinator Charles Huff left for Mississippi State with Joe Moorhead, Penn State dropped to No. 77 in the nation in Bill Connelly’s special teams rankings – just two years after holding a No. 11 rank.Execution has been lacking for the Nittany Lions and this gives the team a chance to change that.[Lions 247]last_img read more

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Minister to Advance Nova Scotias Business Relationships in China

first_img Several other companies are also participating. Companies being showcased at the Food and Hotel China event in Shanghai on Nov. 13 include: Oxford Frozen Foods, Oxford Steinhart Distillery, Arisaig, Antigonish Co. Victoria Co-operative Fisheries, Neil’s Harbour, Victoria Co. Sainte Famille Wines, Falmouth, Hants Co. Jus Nova, Halifax Benjamin Bridge, Gaspereau Valley, Kings Co. Authentic Seacoast, Guysborough, Guysborough Co. Domaine de Grand Pre Wineries, Grand Pre, Kings Co. The minister will also attend the 7th Annual World Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries: A New Era of Aquaculture Science and Technology, in Weihai from Oct. 29 to 31. Nova Scotia’s exports to China were $114 million in 2011 and have since risen to $604 million in 2017. Total Nova Scotia seafood exports to China in 2017 were valued at $389 million. This is expected to grow this year – fish and seafood products exported from the province to China in the first eight months of 2018 were valued at $344 million. This is an increase of 22 per cent from the $281 million exported in the same period the previous year. Atlantic Resources Partnership, Halifax Atlantic Sea Cucumber, Halifax Top Claw Lobster Seafood Company, Newellton, Shelburne Co. Fisher King Seafoods, Lower Sackville Gidney Fisheries, Digby Louisbourg Seafoods, Louisbourg Nautical Seafoods, Annapolis Royal Right Source Seafood Fisheries, Bedford Atlantic Aqua Farms, Dartmouth Victoria Co-operative Fisheries, Neil’s Harbour, Victoria Co. World Link Food Distributors, Goffs, Halifax Regional Municipality Rio Imports and Exports, Dartmouth Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell is travelling to China Saturday, Oct. 27, to help promote business relationships in fisheries, aquaculture, agri-food and beverages. He will return Nov. 15. “We have built successful trading relationships in China, which has contributed to our record high export sales, primarily for our fishery,” said Mr. Colwell. “Even with this success, it remains critical to connect with key buyers from food service, wholesale, retail and e-commerce sectors to continue advancing economic opportunities for Nova Scotia’s export businesses.” During this trip, the minister will represent the premier at key events in Qingdao and Shanghai as part of the Atlantic Growth Strategy Trade Mission to China. Nova Scotia companies will be represented at one of the world’s largest expos, the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao on Nov. 7. These include:last_img read more

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Roger Federer overcomes scare cruises to 2nd round

first_imgLondon: Eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer overcame a first set scare to reach the second round on Tuesday beating South African debutant Lloyd Harris 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2. Federer, whose great rival Rafael Nadal was also in action against Japanese qualifier Yuichi Sugita, took time to get going and was helped by his opponent suffering a calf problem midway through the match. “I struggled early on, my legs were frozen and the ball was not going where I wanted it to,” said Federer. “He was hitting big and things were going quickly. I was nervous for a set and a half. “So it took a good effort from me. Lloyd played a good match.” Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football togetherIf Nadal comes through, he will renew his bitter rivalry with Nick Kyrgios after the combustible Australian claimed a 7-6 (7/4), 3-6, 7-6 (12/10), 0-6, 6-1 win over countryman Jordan Thompson. Kyrgios, who stunned Nadal as a 144-ranked wildcard on his tournament debut in 2014, put in a typically raucous and charismatic display on Court 3 where he fired 23 aces and 63 winners. However, while he progressed another of the top 10 seeds fell by the wayside — two-time French Open champion Dominic Thiem’s lack of ease on grass being exposed by veteran American serve and volleyer Sam Querrey. Querrey, a Wimbledon semi-finalist in 2017, prevailed 6-7 (4/7), 7-6 (7/1), 6-3, 6-0. “There’s still things which are not easy,” said Thiem. “I mean, last year and this year together I played four grass court matches, which is not a lot at all. “All the clay court season it takes a lot out of me,” added the 25-year-old Austrian.last_img read more

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Wildlife relocation expert to oust koieating otter from Vancouver garden

first_imgVANCOUVER — The Vancouver Park Board says it’s not a matter of if — but when — a river otter is humanely captured and safely removed from a tranquil garden where it has made a den and is rapidly munching through a stock of large and valuable koi carp.The park board says a wildlife relocation expert will be brought in today to trap the otter and move it to a more appropriate home.Officials originally thought the otter could be transplanted to nearby Stanley Park, but a news release from the park board says once the creature is caught it will be moved to the Fraser Valley because that is the “best habitat for a long and healthy life.”Koi began disappearing from the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in downtown Vancouver last weekend, just hours after a Vancouver resident took a photo of an otter scampering through the busy streets surrounding the walled park.A spokesman for the garden says remnants of at least six of the carp have been found since then and the hungry critter also revealed its stubborn “ottertude” early Thursday when it snatched the bait from a trap set to snare it, but avoided capture.Park Board staff plan to hold a news conference Friday morning to discuss the next steps to deal with the otter and protect the garden’s remaining koi.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Police in western Quebec investigate attacks on various public utilities

first_imgGATINEAU, Que. — Police forces in western Quebec are investigating a series of attacks on public utility installations and private business equipment that occurred over a one-month period earlier this spring.Montreal La Presse reported today as many as 15 sites were hit by bullets from a high-calibre rifle between mid-March and mid-April.Targeted sites included hydro towers, highway inspection installations and telecommunication company equipment. There were no reported injuries.A Hydro-Quebec spokesman estimates the damage to one of the corporation’s towers will cost between $75,000 and $100,000 to repair.Police in Gatineau, the MRC-des-Collines police force and Quebec provincial police are all confirming they have open investigations into attacks on public utilities or on private business equipment.Gatineau police say they are investigating nine cases and are trying to determine whether a person they recently arrested is linked to any of the crimes.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Morocco Circle Oil Abandons well Over Disappointing Results

Rabat – Irish company Circle Oil announced on Monday that it will abandon the NFA-1 well located on the Lalla Mimouna permit onshore Morocco.The Limerick-based company said it encountered gas shows whilst drilling at the targeted depth but the reservoir quality encountered in the well was not as high as previous estimates. As a result, the well will now be plugged and abandoned.NFA-1 was the third well drilled by Circle Oil on the Lalla Mimouna permit onshore. Circle Oil’s shares were trading lower on Monday following the news that the company is abandoning the NFA-1 well onshore Morocco. Shares in the company were down 6.5% in early trade.The rig used to drill NFA-1 will now be mobilized to drill the Ksiri South (KSS-A) exploration well in the Sebou permit in the Rharb Basin.Circle Oil’s Chief executive Mitch Flegg, said: “As planned we will now return to the Sebou permit to continue our drilling operations there while we interpret the valuable data gained from the first three Lalla Mimouna wells.”The Sebou permit is a partnership between Circle Oil Maroc Limited (75%) and ONHYM (Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines) (25%).© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

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Winning streak ends for Ohio State field hockey in blowout loss to

OSU sophomore forward/midfielder Maddy Humphrey (23) runs with the ball during a game against St. Louis on Aug. 28. OSU won 5-0. Credit: Kevin Stankiewicz / Asst. Sports EditorThe Ohio State field hockey team’s four-game winning streak came to an end Wednesday when Miami University’s Henni Otten and Bea Dechant each scored twice to bring the Redhawks a 5-0 victory.Despite being outshot 18-4, the offensively driven first half gave OSU sophomore goalie Liz Tamburro a chance to shine with seven saves at the cage. Combined with the second half’s four, Tamburro finished with a season-high of 11 saves and 49 total for the season. The first goal was scored nearly 23 minutes in as a breakaway goal from Otten, with an assist from junior midfielder/forward Carla Romagosa. Seven minutes later, the Redhawks struck again when Dechant scored through a backhand shot, bringing the game to 2-0.The lead became three goals early in the second half when Otten scored her second goal of the game nearly five minutes in.OSU was unable to break through the opponent’s balanced defense for a goal during the remainder of the game, and Miami scored again at the 52- and 70-minute marks, closing the game in its favor, 5-0.Miami’s strong defense caused the Buckeyes to come out with a season-low tally of four total shots, three of which were on goal. Junior midfielder Paige Hamilton shot two of them, and the remaining two were by junior forward Brooke Hiltz and sophomore midfielder Morgan Kile. OSU is set to hit the field again for a noon game Sunday in State College, Pennsylvania, to face off against Big Ten competitor Penn State. read more

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National Sperm Bank stops recruiting donors after just two years

first_imgThe Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority estimate that 2,000 children are born every year in the UK using donated eggs, sperm or embryos and there are around licensed UK clinics performing sperm donor insemination. The number of couples needing sperm donations is growing every year  The number of couples needing sperm donations is growing every year  Britain’s first national sperm bank has given up recruiting donors just two years since it launched after struggling to fund its work.Despite national advertising campaigns, the bank has managed to find just seven suitable donors which has left it struggling to pay the bills.The National Sperm Bank (NSB) was a joint project run by the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) and the Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre and launched in October 2014 with a £77,000 grant from the Department of Health.It was hoped the service would plug the gap in the shortage of donors and prevent couples being forced to look for sperm from overseas.The bank hoped to be self-sufficient within a year but because the full donor process takes up to 18 months they were unable to generate enough income to keep going.Although they only managed to recruit seven viable donors, experts said it was the business model that proved their ultimate downfall.“It’s not just about getting men through the doors,” said Prof Allan Pacey, a spokesman for the British Fertility Society.“For every 100 men who enquire about being a donor, only 4 or 5 are ultimately accepted.“Therefore, you could view what they have done given the resources as a huge success. But the business model was not correct as it can take 12 to 18 months before the samples are released and the revenue starts flowing in.”center_img But the majority of clinics are based in London and the south-east of England and treatment can be expensive. The cost of donor sperm from the UK’s largest sperm bank, the London Sperm Bank, is currently £950. In contrast the National Sperm bank was proposing to charge £300 per insemination.Charles Lister, chair of the NGDT, said: “One of the lessons learned from running the NSB is that the level of ongoing investment required for successful donor recruitment is beyond the resources of a small charity like the NGDT.”The bank has also suffered because since 2005 the children of donors have a right to learn the identity of their fathers when they turn 18. The numbers of men willing to donate sperm has fallen dramatically since their anonymity was removed.Mr Lister said the NSB had demonstrated that with targeted information “more men are willing to become donors and give the precious gift of life”.The current donations from the NSB will be released shortly by Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre to clinics across the UK. The centre has its own sperm bank, which will continue recruiting donors.In a statement, the Department of Health said: “We gave a one-off start-up grant to help set up the National Sperm Bank, and while the number of donations have not been sufficient to support it continuing to seek new donors, this will have no impact on people being able to access safe egg and sperm donation services.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Police pick up two penguins stolen from a zoo

Two penguins stolen from a zoo last year have been found by police in a Nottinghamshire village.A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary and theft after officers found the penguins at a property in Strelley Village on Wednesday following a tip-off.The Humboldt penguins were taken from a zoo in November. Police declined to reveal which zoo was involved but said the penguins had now been returned.Sergeant Andrew Browning from Nottinghamshire Police said: “My first thought was this is one for the books, and one to tell the grandkids, because there’s no way we thought we would go down there and actually find two penguins.”It was an unusual one. Even when we went down to custody it made everyone laugh, particularly the custody sergeant who was booking us in. It was a real off-the-wall find.”A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman added: “Rather than let it turn into a cold case, we acted quickly on a tip-off that the pair of Humboldt penguins had been taken in November and were now believed to be residing in Notts. Humboldt penguins at London Zoo Humboldt penguins at London ZooCredit:Wiktor Szymanowicz / Barcroft Images “After putting our beak in and making inquiries, we recovered the birds safe and well on Wednesday afternoon and returned to the zoo.” It later emerged that exotic animal breeder Reece Oliver had alerted police after buying the penguins “in good faith” online. The 27-year-old found the penguins were microchipped when he took them to the vet, according to The Sun.The suspect, from the Preston area, was released under investigation.Humboldt penguins are native to South America, found on the coasts of Peru and Chile.They are named after the Humboldt current and can grow up to 2ft long. Conservationists have warned that their numbers in the wild are declining due to overfishing, pollution from oil spills, and habitat loss.They are also at risk from the disturbance caused by Guano harvesting. Guano – penguin droppings- is a valuable fertiliser and is harvested periodically from many colonies.  Protected nesting and foraging areas have been created. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

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Artificial colours off the shelves

first_imgParents no longer need to worry about artificial colouring in their food and drinks when they shop at Aldi. The discount retailer has become the first supermarket chain in Australia to banish artificial colourings from its entire range of food products. According to Aldi managing director for buying, Stefan Kopp, said the move would ease some of the stress parents have when buying food and drinks for their children. “While we completed the reformulation of our exclusive brands last year, we were determined to eradicate all artificial colours in the branded food products we sell as well,” Mr Kopp said in a statement earlier this week. “We have worked closely with our suppliers in both our exclusive brand lines and branded items by reformulating and removing all artificial food colourings and substituting them with natural alternatives where necessary, or nothing at all.” Artificial food colours are added to foods or drinks in powder or liquid form to enhance colour and appearance. Research from the University of Southampton in 2007 revealed evidence of increased levels of hyperactivity in young children from consuming mixtures of some artificial food colours and the preservative sodium benzoate. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Fight continues for Modern Greek

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The fight for the survival for the Modern Greek language is far from over and the Greek community must not rest on its laurels now that Modern Greek has been included in the National Curriculum, warns the Federal Minister for School Education Peter Garrett.Mr Garrett says demand needs to come from the Greek community by enrolling children of the diaspora into Modern Greek in primary school and high school.Talking to Neos Kosmos, Mr Garrett acknowledged the hard work of the Greek community in ensuring Modern Greek was included in the National Curriculum but was quick to point out that the fight is not yet over. By enrolling children in Modern Greek, he said that the language will retain its status in the curriculum by maintaining a strong demand, and will ultimately mean the survival of Modern Greek language in Australia.This week, the minister visited Greek Orthodox school St George College in Thebarton, South Australia, alongside Federal Member for Hindmarsh Steve Georganas, to promote the government’s National Plan for School Improvement. Mr Garrett and Mr Georganas met with staff and students and the school’s priest to discuss the program in depth. Mr Georganas says the government will fund different projects tailored to the specific needs of each school. “St George College, in the electorate of Adelaide, has received $1.5 million for their Hospitality Skills Trade Training Centre and has installed 213 computers under the National Secondary School Computer Fund. The school also successfully applied for funding for a chaplain of student welfare worker,” he said.The National Plan aims to give each child the chance to get “world-class education, regardless of where they live, the school they attend, or their family background”.The plan is made more generally for all schools around Australia, but will benefit schools with specific ethnically diverse programs. The government hopes to be in the top five countries for education by 2025. As well as their contribution, the government is desperate for the States to fund the project to achieve their 2025 goal.last_img read more

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YouTube Google remporte une première victoire sur Viacom

first_imgYouTube : Google remporte une première victoire sur ViacomÉtats-Unis – Google vient de remporter le procès qui l’opposait au groupe de médias Viacom. Ce dernier avait déposé plainte contre YouTube, filiale de la firme de Mountain View, pour violation de propriété intellectuelle.Viacom avait porté plainte contre YouTube en 2008, estimant que la plate-forme vidéo violait les droits d’auteur en autorisant la publication de plusieurs centaines de milliers de contenus protégés, issus notamment des chaînes MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures et Comedy Central dont le groupe de médias est propriétaire. Viacom réclamait 1 milliard de dollars de dommages et intérêts.Le juge du district de New York en charge de cette affaire, Louis Stanton, a accordé à YouTube le bénéfice de bonne foi puisque la filiale de Google avait supprimé dès leur signalement par Viacom les milliers de vidéos piratées.”C’est une victoire importante, pas seulement pour nous mais pour des milliards de gens autour du monde qui utilisent le web pour communiquer et partager du contenu”, a souligné l’un des responsables juridiques de Google, Kent Walker. De son côté, Viacom a annoncé son intention de faire appel de cette décision. Le groupe rappelle que YouTube n’a mis en place ses outils permettant de limiter le piratage qu’après le dépôt de sa plainte. “Avantcela, YouTube et Google ont volé des centaines de milliers de vidéos originales, dont celles de Viacom, qui ont permis de créer un business substantiel” assure Viacom dans un communiqué.Le 24 juin 2010 à 16:36 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Anonymous Vivendi et Sony victimes de piratages

first_imgAnonymous: Vivendi et Sony victimes de piratagesLes deux sociétés et maisons de disque ont subi les attaques du collectif de pirates Anonymous avec fermeture de site et publication de tous les albums édités par Sony en téléchargement direct.Avec Vivendi, propriétaire d’Universal Music, et Sony, les Anonymous ont choisi des cibles de choix pour protester contre la fermeture du site d’hébergement Megaupload ordonné jeudi 19 janvier par le FBI. Les deux sociétés ont été victimes d’attaques différentes de celles connues par certains sites gouvernementaux américains et même français, qui eux ont vu leur site mis hors-service.À lire aussiLe baladeur : du walkman au MP3… 30 ans d’évolutionPour celui de Vivendi, la page d’accueil a laissé quelques minutes la place au logo des Anonymous, accompagné de leur slogan “We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, expect us”. Pour l’occasion se trouvait également au dessous un petit texte en français et truffé de fautes accusant Vivendi “d’acte de censure et de haute trahison envers l’esprit d’Internet”, ainsi que de “pression antidémocratique auprès des gouvernement” par le biais du lobbying, rappelle Clubic.Pour Sony, les pirates ont agi autrement. Ce dimanche 22 janvier s’est retrouvée en ligne une page web listant la majeure partie des artistes produits par la maison de disques, comme Michael Jackson ou AC/DC, avec les liens permettant d’accéder à leurs discographies soit par lien torrent, soit en lien de téléchargement direct. Aucune intrusion chez Sony, les liens postés étaient déjà disponibles depuis plusieurs mois, mais une façon de rappeler à tous les acteurs de la création que la fermeture de Megaupload n’empêchera pas la disponibilité des œuvres.Applaudie ou critiquée sur le web, la démarche des membres d’Anonymous a le mérite de poser la question de la sécurité des informations sur Internet. Pour certains, leur démarche est salutaire et montre aux puissants groupes industriels que les internautes gardent le pouvoir sur cet espace numérique. Pour les autres, les actions d’Anonymous décrédibilisent la relation entre internautes et pouvoirs en place et encouragent des mesures répressives comme la loi SOPA aux Etats-Unis ou le renforcement de l’Hadopi en France. En attendant, les pirates annoncent continuer leurs intrusions aussi longtemps que prendra la réouverture de Megaupload.Le 23 janvier 2012 à 15:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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