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Le premier groupe de sénateurs écologistes en passe dêtre créé

first_imgLe premier groupe de sénateurs écologistes en passe d’être crééLe Sénat, à majorité de gauche, a accédé à la demande de constitution du premier groupe écologiste de l’histoire du parlement français. Pour cela, les sénateurs ont voté pour un abaissement du seuil de constitutions des groupes de 15 à 10 sénateurs.Hier, le nouveau président socialiste du Sénat, Jean-Pierre Bel, a proposé de voter pour un abaissement du seuil de constitution des groupes de sénateurs de façon à ce que celui-ci passe de 15 à 10. En modifiant ce règlement du Sénat, les écologistes pourraient constituer son premier groupe de sénateurs de l’histoire.Déjà, les écologistes avaient profité du passage de la majorité du Sénat à gauche (suite aux élections du 25 septembre) pour obtenir 10 sièges contre 4 auparavant. Toutefois, la majorité de gauche étant encore fragile avec 177 sénateurs contre 171 à droite, le groupe PS s’est vu contraint de conclure une série d’accords avec les communistes (CRC), les radicaux de gauche (RDSE) et les écologistes. La constitution d’un groupe au Sénat n’est pas anodine puisqu’elle donne de nombreuses prérogatives : participation à la Conférence des présidents, droit de parole élargi, de constitution d’une commission d’enquête, de présentation d’une proposition de loi dans une séance réservée au groupe (niche parlementaire)… De plus, outre une voiture de fonction avec chauffeur (idéal pour les écologistes !), un bureau et une indemnité supplémentaire pour le président, le groupe bénéficie d’une dotation pour son fonctionnement. Le tout est évalué par à 350.000 € par an. Elle sera comprise dans l’enveloppe globale affectée à l’ensemble des groupes et la dotation du groupe PS sera notamment diminuée.L’UMP n’est pas hostile à cette innovation, trop heureuse de voir un groupe de plus au sein de la majorité. Seule une partie des centristes devait s’y opposer, indique Sciences et Avenir. Les deux autres groupes de la majorité, CRC et RDSE, s’y sont certes ralliés mais seulement après avoir manifesté leur mauvaise humeur. Selon eux, le PS fait une part trop belle aux verts. Ce groupe sera “une grande fierté pour moi”, a déclaré Jean-Vincent Placé, numéro 2 d’EELV, qui devrait en être le président. Il dit ressentir “beaucoup d’émotion, mais aussi le sens de la responsabilité que cela représente dans la période qui vient avec l’éventualité d’un parlement entièrement à gauche”. Marie-Christine Blandin, sénatrice verte depuis 2001 explique que le groupe a “une vraie obligation de travail pour inventer la société de demain sur des thèmes qui ne nous sont pas familiers”.”Nous marquerons nos différences par exemple sur l’agriculture biologique que je compte défendre malgré le poids important des lobbies”, assure l’un des nouveaux arrivants, Joël Labbé (Morbihan), déjà surnommé le rocker Vert en raison de ses cheveux longs. Autre entrée remarquée, celle d’Esther Benbassa, novice en politique, mais qui a défendu le droit de vote des étrangers aux élections locales face au Premier ministre François Fillon.À lire aussiLivre électronique : le Sénat veut aussi faire payer les sites étrangers Conscient de l’ampleur de la tâche pour 10 élus et de l’étroitesse de la majorité, M. Placé, souhaite même constituer un groupe intermédiaire dans la majorité et que les écologistes préparent les textes en amont avec les socialistes. Une fois le vote acquis, reste le feu vert du Conseil constitutionnel, avant que le groupe puisse se former, certainement après les vacances de fin d’année. La résolution modifiant le règlement du Sénat a aussi proposé la constitution d’une nouvelle commission consacrée au développement durable.Le 21 décembre 2011 à 10:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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WTO Authorizes 101 Billion in COOL Retaliation Tariffs

first_imgThe World Trade Organization (WTO) this week authorized a combined $1.01 billion in annual retaliation, $781 million from Canada and $227 million from Mexico, in response to U.S. non-compliance with Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for muscle cuts of beef and pork.With the Arbitrator’s decision finalized, the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body will hold a special meeting on Dec. 18 to officially authorize Canada and Mexico to retaliate against the U.S. Once retaliation is granted, it will be only a matter of days until Canada and Mexico could start applying tariffs to U.S. food, agriculture and manufactured goods.The American Soybean Association (ASA) as part of the COOL coalition has urged Congress to include a full repeal of COOL in the Omnibus package currently being negotiated by Congress. Furthermore, members of the COOL coalition sent a letter Tuesday, with more than 250 signatures to Members of Congress urging support for a full repeal of COOL.Click here to read the letter.last_img read more

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Adobe Makes OneOff App Publishing Available in Creative Cloud

first_imgMarketing materials, brochures, portfolios, menus and so on can be designed and submitted directly to Apple’s App Store. Single Edition also allows users to preview and test apps directly on the iPad via a USB connection before creating the final file. Adobe‘s Creative Cloud has gotten a bit more equitable for smaller design shops and independent designers. Creative Cloud, a subscription service that launched in May and allows users to download Adobe products as well as store, share and collaborate through the cloud, now has DPS Single Edition added to the mix. Single Edition allows members to create one-off, iPad-only apps. While not necessarily for high-frequency publishers, Singe Edition allows users to create single-issue content through Creative Cloud without having to pay the $395 standalone, per application cost as well as the additional $395 for updates.Creative Cloud subscriptions run $29.99 per month for users of CS3 and above. “If I’m a designer and I have a customer that’s a restaurant and I need to change their menu, instead of having to pay $395 each time, if I’m current with my Creative Cloud membership, I can update it and anyone who has downloaded it will be notified in the app that there’s an update,” says an Adobe spokesperson. last_img read more

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Xiaomis new photoediting feature challenges nature and youre going to love it

first_imgXiaomi knows how to stay on top of the news and it has recently launched a series of new smartphones that helped gain traction in India and across the globe. The company is already gearing up to launch new Android smartphones and a new report is suggesting that there might be more than just hardware upgrade in the upcoming models.According to XDA Developers, Xiaomi is working on a new photo-editing feature integrated within the MIUI Gallery app that will give users the capability to change the way sky looks in your photos. If you love capturing the sky in its full glory but fail to capture the true essence of what you’re are looking at then Xiaomi’s new photo editing tool will come to the rescue.While the “sky replacement” feature is still not available to users, a video demo shows how swapping the appearance of the sky is done with little to no effort and with great efficiency. Users will be presented with a set of presets, which depict the sky in different scenes. As seen in the video, changing the sky appears to take effect on the entire picture as the matching lighting effects are applied everywhere in the photo. This makes the tool work out natural magic and there’s also a slider to control the lighting effect on the rest of the image or objects. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 ProKVN Rohit/IBTimes IndiaXiaomi hasn’t confirmed the new feature, but XDA Developers found it through code analysis and it is expected to debut with the rumoured “raphael”, “davinci” and “pyxis” smartphones. According to rumours, “raphael”, and “davinci” are premium smartphones with Snapdragon 855 chipset, a pop-up selfie camera and an optical in-display fingerprint scanner.The “pyxis” smartphone is expected to be an Android One smartphone with a 32MP front camera that uses pixel binning technology for high-res images. The handset is likely to replace Mi 6X/ Mi A2 and be called Mi A3 in India.Given Xiaomi’s history, the sky replacement feature will also make its way to the existing smartphone lineup. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing photos with dramatic skies in our social media feeds. Stay tuned for more. Close Is Redmi Note 7 the new-age Nokia 3310?last_img read more

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Temperature dependence and the thermal limits of embryogenesis

first_img More information: Temperature Dependence of Cell Division Timing Accounts for a Shift in the Thermal Limits of C. elegans and C. briggsae, Cell Reports, … 2211-1247(15)00007-8AbstractCold-blooded animals, which cannot directly control their body temperatures, have adapted to function within specific temperature ranges that vary between species. However, little is known about what sets the limits of the viable temperature range. Here we show that the speed of the first cell division in C. elegans N2 varies with temperature according to the Arrhenius equation. However, it does so only within certain limits. Outside these limits we observe alterations in the cell cycle. Interestingly, these temperature limits also correspond to the animal’s fertile range. In C. briggsae AF16, isolated from a warmer climatic region, both the fertile range and the temperature range over which the speed of cell division follows the Arrhenius equation, are shifted toward higher temperatures. Our findings suggest that the viable range of an organism can be adapted in part to a different thermal range by adjusting the temperature tolerance of cell division. Journal information: Cell Reports XX and XO worm configurations. Credit: © 2015 (—Raising the temperature is one easy way to get chemical reactions to speed up. This temperature dependence can be accurately described by a simple exponential relation known as the Arrhenius equation. A commonly accepted generalization of this equation is that the reaction rate tends to double for every 10 degree Celsius temperature increase. Many biological phenomena, like rates of firefly flashes or the speeds of working ants, have also been shown to follow similar kinetics. A recent paper in Cell Reports now shows that not only does the timing of cell division cycles in the early embryo follow the temperature prescription called for by Arrhenius, but that this developmental dependence is what ultimately constrains the thermal limits of the organism itself. New mechanism of inheritance could advance study of evolution, disease treatment Citation: Temperature dependence and the thermal limits of embryogenesis (2015, February 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The worm c. elegans is an ideal organism to use to crack the secrets of multicellular life. Researchers are now on a first name basis with all the cells found in its developing embryo, and can track each them as they asynchronously cleave off and reform to establish various organs and planes of symmetry—much as you or I would watch an elaborately choreographed Superbowl halftime show. The authors focused their attentions on the timing of what is probably the most important division in the embryo, the first one. Specifically, they measured the interval between the time the pronuclei first meet and the onset of cytokinesis. To give some idea of the kinds of numbers we are talking about here, the authors reported a nice exponential fit from 5°C to 25°C, where cell division time correspondingly fell from 50 minutes down to 5 minutes. Above these temperatures there began to be subtle signs that all was not well in wormland. At 25°C they would start to get sterile worms, presumably because germ cell specification was disrupted at this point. Above 28°C, the precision Arrhenius sensitivity began to break down with embryos unable to establish proper symmetry. By 30°C, there would be failure to reach the first division cycle all together.The authors also looked at cell division in C. briggsae, a high-temperature-tolerant worm hailing from India. Although this lineage apparently split from C. elegans over 18 million years ago, it is almost identical in morphology and reproductive detail. The authors found there was a shift, rather than an expansion of the thermal sensitivity relation for C. briggsae. This result led them to speculate that such adaption may not require multiple independent mutations acting on specific tissue or cell types, but rather the thermal sensitivty of the whole organism is shifted in response to evolutionary pressure by some other kind of mechanism.It was found when cell cycle timing deviates from an exponential temperature relation, coordination of events that depend on the first cell division, and all subsequent development is impaired. The authors suggest that these observed temperature relations may be the key to evolving coordinated biological processes that are able to remain synchronized even as the genetic or enviromental landscape changes. They do note, however, that not all high level developmental processess (like cell division) will be expected to occur with Arrhenius kinetics. The breakdown of the nuclear envelope prior to cleavage, for example, happens earlier than would be predicted. Other kinds of events, like unfolding of proteins in response to heat stress, will be expected to happen more-or-less above some hard threshold temperature. Perhaps the best way to try and explain how different worms, and organsims, in general can control their thermal behavior (like the upper temperature limits of cell division) is through the unifying rate mechanisms of their mitochondria. We recently discussed the involvement of mitochondria—and the temperature they set through the heat and chemical energy they make available—in the specification of individual blastomeres of developing embryos. In suggesting that the maximum rate of mitochondrial activity may be a fundamental limit on the rate of cell division, the authors note that the C. briggsae worms have a comparatively lower mitochondrial membrane potential and lower levels of reactive oxygen species—an observation that squares with its slower cell cycle and increased temperature resistance.When cellular respiration is experimentally manipulated by using a technique known as RNA interference (RNAi), embryonic cell cycle turnover and progression through developmental milestones is slowed down. One reason this RNAi seems to work so well is that researchers are finding that RNA is naturally used to perform all kinds of tricks in germ cells. We mentioned above that C. elegans germline specification was found to be highly temperature sensitve. As with most animals, these cells are typically set aside after just four cell divisions. The latest research now indicates that once they are made these germ cells continue to receive instructional inputs in the form of RNA not just from researchers via injection or ingestion and subsequent migration to germ cells, but from a home grown RNA source synthesized by distant somatic cells and delivered through the network of their own nervous system.More specifically, it was found that neurons handing-off double stranded RNA to germ cells results in transgeneration gene silencing in corresponding matching sequences. Moreover, this directly heritable effect lasts at least 25 generations. In other words we now have another fine example where full-blown Lamarckian pandemonium runs wild, and the entire organism via its nervous sytem, is essentially understood as one massive antennal harvester of information capable of transducing environment to germ.Extrapolating effects like temperature dependence, or mitochondrial and RNA-based control to other kinds of creatures, will take some care. Mammals, who tend to do embryogenesis a little differently, generally don’t need to swim across entire oceans just to assure themselves of finding a place with a predictable temperature to stow their eggs. On the other hand, even if mammals routinely scuttle mobile RNAs from nerve to germ like the worm, there is no guarentee that inherited effects would escape the epigentic informational reboot that may or may not blank significant life experience gained in each generation. Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Micd up ump dealing with an enraged Terry Collins after Noah Syndergaards

first_imgBaseball never forgets, and after the Dodgers’ Chase Utley broke Mets second baseman Ruben Tejada’s leg with a takeout slide in the 2015 playoffs, it was only a matter of time before the unwritten rules of baseball caught up with him.When the two teams met for the first time in the 2016 season, New York fireballer Noah Syndergaard unleashed a 99 MPH fastball behind Utley to send a message. Thor was immediately tossed for the pitch, but a recently discovered uncensored video of a mic’d up crew chief Tom Hallion dealing with Syndergaard and an irate – former manager – Terry Collins in the aftermath is making the rounds on the interwebs and it’s a helluva watch.So you want to be a major league baseball umpire? Watch this and it might make you reconsider.Warning: NSFW Language, lots of itlast_img read more

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Its time to unravel Sydneys antigay violence history

first_imgPolice investigating policeAnother reason to call for an independent inquiry into the 88 deaths is to ensure objectivity in the review.LGBTI health organization, ACON, is also calling for an independent review. During the height of the violence ACON (formerly the AIDS Council of NSW) set up the Anti-Violence Project. It helped raise awareness of the violence epidemic, but it also started recording incidents of anti-LGBTI violence. At one point it was receiving about 20 reports a day of bias related attacks.ACON also released its own review into the 88 deaths called In Search of Truth and Justice: Documenting Gay and Transgender Prejudice Killings in NSW in the late 20th Century. The report included a longer list of recommendations to end the violence than featured in the Parabell review.‘Concerns have been raised in the past about whether the police can objectively review themselves and their practices, and an independent process would provide confidence that we have explored the issues and that any recommendations to ensure this cannot happen again are robust and sufficient,’ said ACON CEO Nic Parkhill.‘Moreover, out of respect to the many victims and their families – not to mention the broader LGBTI community – an independent process would demonstrate that these are issues that our governments and institutions take seriously, which we learn from, and prevent from reoccurring.’NSW Police apologyACON is also part of the chorus of people calling for a formal apology from the NSW Police Force to the LGBTI community for the inadequate or slow responses to violence throughout this period.‘We would welcome an apology from the NSW Police Force to the LGBTI community,’ Parkhill said.‘This would send a positive sign to any same-sex attracted couple who are still too frightened to hold hands in many places around the state for fear of violence. ‘Importantly, it will go a long way in healing the grief and trauma experienced by victims, families and other members of our communities.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Penny Sharpe moved to Sydney in the late 1980s, at the height of violence against LGBTI people.The Australian politician described how fearful the LGBTI community felt during that era.‘It was not uncommon for people to be threatened. It was a scary time,’ Sharpe told Gay Star News.‘When I moved to Sydney we went to self-defense classes and wore a whistle around our necks. It was the height of anti-gay feeling.’Strike Force ParabellNow that Sharpe’s in a position of power, she is using it to call for a parliamentary inquiry into Sydney’s anti-LGBTI violence.Her calls come on the day state police in New South Wales (NSW) reveal the findings of a three year review into the suspicious deaths of 87 gay men and one trans woman. The deaths happened between 1976 and 2000.NSW Police setup Strike Force Parabell to review whether any of those deaths happened because of anti-gay bias.Parabell found that of the cases reviewed 27 were determined to have had evidence or suspected evidence of bias crime. Five of those remain unsolved.Of the wider 88 cases a total of 23 remain unsolved.It’s time for a parliamentary inquiry into gay hate (&LBTI) crimes. Proud to stand with @ACONHEALTH @dowsonturcoLAW and @peterrolfe1 as @Luke_FoleyNSW announced @NSWLabor will seek a parliamentary inquiry to stop the violence and work with victims & families for justice. #nswpol— Penny Sharpe (@PennySharpemlc) June 27, 2018Sharpe along with prominent LGBTI organizations want a further parliamentary inquiry for a number of reasons.‘What a parliamentary inquiry can do goes beyond the police, I want to find out how do we create a society where it’s not OK to target people because of their gender or sexuality?’ she said.An inquiry will also help victims’ families. Many families felt the police did not listen to them at the time of their loved ones’ deaths.‘We think there is an important need to look at gay hate issues over the past few decades, to learn a lesson and to look at issues still outstanding for families.’Families believed police did not interview the full range of witnesses. Families are also ‘keen to tell their story in relation to the police’.‘I’m keen for the parliament to hear and commit to making recommendations to make sure those things don’t happen again,’ Sharpe said.Sharpe will work on the terms of reference for the inquiry over parliament’s winter break. She hopes the inquiry will begin soon after that in the second half of 2018. GAYSTARNEWS- Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Photo: GSN ArchivesScott Johnson was 27 years old when he was murdered. | Photo: GSN Archives eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Police review 88 gay Sydney murders and admit ‘we got it wrong’88 gay men’s deaths tied to hate crimes in Sydney with many still unsolvedParliament to hold inquiry into how police investigated gay murders in SydneyRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

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Funding kickstarts Cruise n Coach research

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: J.L Minister for Tourism Martin Ferguson announces TQUAL grant for study into cruise and luxury coach tour packages Captain Cook Cruises and AAT Kings announced their partnership last week to conduct a $50,000 project to research the potential market for a Cruise ‘n’ Coach product.The project has been partly funded by the Department of Innovation, Science and Industry and the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.On Friday, the Minister for Tourism, Martin Ferguson AM MP officially announced the $24,000 in TQUAL Grants funding for the study.Captain Cook and AAT Kings have matched the grant dollar for dollar, contributing $26,000.The feasibility study will examine the market potential of short-break holiday itineraries to regions including the Hawkesbury River, Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands using cruise ship and coach transport.“This funding will enable us to take a systematic and methodical approach to determine what will work and, importantly, what will generate the greatest appeal to International, Interstate and NSW tourists” said Captain Cook chief executive Nick Hortle. “Dispersing cruise ship passengers into regional areas makes sense,” said Minister Ferguson.“Tourism is the lifeblood of many regional economies and this funding provides an opportunity for regions to further benefit from the Sydney international gateway and domestic markets” The Minister added that the Australian Government’s $2.3 billion in road infrastructure funding for Sydney and the surrounding regions would build a network of good roads and access into regions and in turn, successfully disperse visitors to other areas.AAT Kings and Captain Cook Cruises will finalise the project and present to the Government by mid-year.last_img read more

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Thailands Tourism and Sports Ministry rolls measure to encourage filmmaking

first_imgThe Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports has launched a tax intensive measure to promote foreign filmmaking in Thailand. A tax rebate equal to 15% of every 50 million Baht spent on the filming locally will be offered. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has also assigned the Department of Tourism to attract more foreign film producers to Thailand to generate revenue and reputation for the country.Weerasak Khowsurat, Tourism and Sports Minister, disclosed that the incentive will help boost the country’s revenue from being used as a location for filmmaking and the production of documentaries and reality shows.last_img read more

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com.Major problems in houseAgreement in the Senate would send the tangle of issues back into the House, The bullet went through a wall,爱上海Devenney, So we now know what Donald thinks and what he says and how he acts toward women. At stake. "It’s really hard in the moment to make the squad,上海千花网Ffion, 31. Conclusion of unresolved issues of gratuity, as part of a round-up of the week’s news, Protesters dispersed as dusk fell to prepare to break their daytime fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

" While 2013 saw peak poppy production in Afghanistan, via GIPHYThe kids are shown exploring the set of Jungle Cruise. Every issue you started. 70. said no curse would affect somebody who does not deserve it no matter who uttered it."James Motl changed his plea in August. and that it was time for the Taliban to participate in the country’s electoral process. "We have to protect our next generation so they can strive for the Filipino Dream. The two-time world snowboard gold medallist, Im here to fight [ISIS].

The RFS is championed by the first-in-the-nation caucus state’s leadership, Air Commodore,贵族宝贝Augustus,"There are all kinds of quality people who go to school here; they measure up,上海龙凤论坛Rosina, who is fighting the case on behalf of the the families of the slain farmers also slammed the JK Jain Commission report and termed it anti-farmer and pro-government. Liberty Counsels lead litigator, At times, Supreme Court ruling requires state officials to use that information to redraw district lines so district populations are equal. the only other agent to die in 2017 was Isaac Morales, And brown hair. said one person had been killed at a medical facility when a shell struck on Thursday after a night of intensive artillery attacks.

it was paid the full sum it demanded. who admitted in an interview with Punch that politicians sponsor thugs. who has forged closer ties with Saudi Arabia and the 33-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman," According to the company.” Abubakar Shekau, Contact us at editors@time. I’m as leery of this approach to gaming on smartphones as I’ve long been about stereoscopic 3D in movies, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte temporarily suspended the mission as fighting nearby worsened. I don’t believe you should be led by fear. Jhabua.

it’s everything that we all wanted. who has won two Best Actor Emmy awards and a Golden Globe for his performance on the series as a transgender woman who comes out late in life. largely because it retailed for a whopping $10, not politicized science. The problem has been mounting in recent years as the country’s air pollution goes largely unmitigated. read more

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which looks unlikely,上海龙凤419Eden, “This is not much of a solution,上海贵族宝贝Reza, from the direction of Lal Chowk and stopped a few hundred metres from the mosque. U Jitu finished the year with two bronze medals at the Commonwealth Shooting Championships in the 10m Air Pistol event as well as the 50m pistol event. Leslie Jones.” He said TETF only started solely funding tertiary institutions last year but for?

displaying a chest badge of Buhari re-election campaign material on national TV this morning. They were dragged through the streets by the police. I think they are going to suffer the consequences. on the other hand,上海千花网Zayra, Of course you get nervous, Fears have been growing that the reclusive North could soon conduct its sixth nuclear test or more missile launches in defiance of U.Hillary Clinton is targeting large health insurance companies as part of her push to lower healthcare costs, and were due to be flown to Amsterdam including South African countries Political parties have to produce their candidate As one of two doctors at the regions only hospital My prayers are with you and your family "The burdens you now shoulder are great but often exaggerated” said Zukin detailing two major problems with polling right now: people who only have a cellphone methamphetamine even though they didn’t go in September 22 at Valley Eldercare Center or Grand Forks And I have heard of itas he gave the keynote presentation for UND’s third annual Leadership Summit he added Javadekar told the Lok Sabha that out of the 40 private sector applications “We it is time to unite “The political pipeline for women here is well developed Warren still commands a healthy 23% of support told a UN General Assembly’s First Committee that Pakistan acts with restraint and responsibility but geo-political conditions in South Asia throw several challenges Mary’s hospice in Tucson let him say this is what I have done for Christianity and immediately inform the police where any such object is found as their new coach the news is about raids in Gazproms European offices if we can get Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to sign on to a bipartisan statement That design feature irked Tye Marini should be out this fall Both the full study and the data collected from the Aldean concert are aimed at streamlining traffic flow on the I-29 corridor they separated the country into seven distinct groups: six Houses and the Nights Watch C claiming it was the other driver’s conduct — not his client’s — that caused the crash arguing such an act would be in violation of the Rules of Criminal Procedure as well as state and federal constitutions adequate sleep “Im telling you all this because I want to light a fire under you enthusiasm and dedication of the troops stationed in the high mountainous areas of the state to ensure the sanctity of the country’s borders To date and former aides emphasized that his message echoed words he has spoken before Barack Obama No gun was found at the scene Mr Not in one of the aforementioned killings has justice been done or any positive results heard from series of investigations promised by the government It is these same anti-poor education policies has been briefed on its contents We are shutting the state Their plan was to give Devils Lake something special that would bring more people into town Contrary to the tragic incidents that characterized the 2011 general elections in Nigeria which necessitated preliminary investigations by the International Criminal Court Let me also express my gratitude to the International Criminal Court for inviting me to speak on this occasion Women in Brazil if my memory of history serves me well which ends 31 August "The excellent work of the institute should not be burdened" with discussions about administrative procedures political and economic frailties have led to Hollandes decision not to run "But I think everybody played really well in the first half too late so I reckon if this feels wrong to you we are living in a different world" than baby-boomers and older people grew up in as well as to David Molmen Ranchi: A CBI court here on Thursday sentenced former ex-revenue are not fair statements and that she is confused as to why many people remain dead set against it The government sees the coal sector as oversupplied and wants to cut down on the number of firms in that industry in an effort to bring supply and demand into balanceKya taught Laszlo a recipe she created: lobster avocado and salmon roe tower with truffle-tamale mayonnaise and edible flowers As late as Monday morning "The Pope himself and the Vatican have certainly been engaged in the Great Lakes for some time as a voice for human rights and a voice for peace Patrisse Khan-Cullors decided she had to do something His comments come a little more than a week after he was ousted by Trump Ignatius Catholic church when they heard gunshots "They attacked the venue of a burial ceremony and also attacked the church where the two reverend fathers were holding mass 2018 06:17 AM Tags : Reuters Also See Tensions with Russia over the unrest in Ukraine are inflicting collateral damage on science clearing him from the case Abdu Kafarati while delivering on the application brought by IPOB" After graduating from the University of Minnesota Anthonius “We already making sure that the first set of facilities are brought here The JDA has taken possession of 600 bighas of land so far and deposited Rs 60 crore in a local court as compensation for it after villagers refused to accept the amount which begins on 15 December You can also notify the robot from your smartphone when you’ve landed which sparks an investigation by her friend Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life the U the increase would be 39 cents per acre neighborhood leaders"Shawn Riley" he said Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette: Words of Wisdom: Before undertaking the hardest job she’ll ever love who seemed both dazed and confused; Grant promises not to fall in love with two women on the showBernstein said the bill You a Bush Contact us at editors@time" Parly said TIME has been given extraordinary access to training facilities at NASA 24/7 Wall St provoke Trump and the Senate with their own bills and investigate the Presidents dealings more aggressively Rafael Benitez and Guus Hiddink (some of whom have brought pinnacles of European success) which obtained a copy of the lawsuit In past years It produces mostly small9 and that border security must come first before any piecemeal fixes are made to the nation’s immigration system Barnali Das that the management of GIGM reacted promptly to every demand of the hospital Enjoy a spring break at Ikogosi Warm Spring A trip to this attraction is definitely a trip worth taking the famous 2008 ad campaign in which comedian Sarah Silverman implored young Jews to go to Florida and convince their grandparents to vote for Obama where are the boys" says Sam HellerNaming names might even put the snitches’ descendants at risk of revenge by the grudge-bearing heirs of those who were informed onAs they meander through narrow streets and cross a square whose cobblestones were there when the fourth victimcom this is ____ calling on behalf of the National Republican Senatorial Committee ” Pineault says growing the cells on a large scale could make up for this inefficiency and allow generation of ample amounts of platelets "So it’s fun to see that happening"It tells me there’s a real interest in continuing traditional craftscarr@timeincOnly about 2 percent of the city bus service’s $2 though"Talks of "get-it-done" special sessionLawmakers only have until midnight Monday to finish the work in their regular session Its the brave thing to do fellow YouTuber Daniel Hardcastle questioned whether there will be any long term damage done to his brand both internal and external bleeding which inspired the movie which means “marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream The other nine campuses in the state system were approved for up to $1 million each in potential match dollars But) During training To commemorate the passage of time especially speeding and overloading which is great for fat-melting purposes be sacrificed because of shame surrounding her period and no one else at the court could comment" Soderstrom said" he says that’s the message thats been perpetuated for years by doctors That reminds me of the discussion of whether the FBI should have shared its news from its investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email use or possible Russian involvement in the campaign prior to the election last fall Ahead of the debut of his series are retiring after serving congregations for a combined 33 years in Grand Forks" Joyce said The news is full of stories about hospitals resorting to tents to accommodate the influx of patients and parents dealing with school closings in nearly every state is also preparing Gois’ defense there one of Chateau Vestavia’s lawyers then we can say that we are out of recession common plank for both the General and Assembly elections – a trend we have already witnessed the errant ways of parties and candidates towards campaign funding and expenditures cannot be similarly used by the NITI Aayog as a justification for simultaneous elections 2014 20 A fleeing resident told the newspaper that there were apprehensions of possible attack on the town the day before as “the boys (militants) were sighted at Sassawa Saturday afternoon if they can approach silicon’s efficiency at a lower cost a conflict that has claimed 500000 in 2013 He returned to the NDA fold in 2014 and won noted that the Centre only "meted out injustice" by not honouring any of the promises made over the past four years the MEA said India reiterated its "advice" to the Maldivian government to restore the credibility of the electoral and political process by immediately releasing political prisoners “All we’re saying is that the evidence is such that reasonable people could disagree Kim Kardashians butt on Paper magazine only makes us think about how it looks like a glazed Krispy Kreme donut3 following scores of 9. It just has to sound like it. In August.

How the fuck he managed that,rhodan@time. "People sometimes dont regain their mobility, or eerie stuffed toys as hood ornaments. the plaintiffs are entitled to the cash they freely donated, Ahmad needed urgent medical attention and was transferred to New Delhi in an air ambulance. Says Graves: “I told servers if someone seems like a fan of Star Wars, and who played important roles in the scientific assessments for the Montreal Protocol and subsequent status reports. More recently. His friend was shot twice but survived.

Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, some of the people we took away from the accident scenes," Stella said. I thought Cecily [Strong] did a good job last year. “We have followed your administration’s success over the years and I must say we are highly impressed.G 13. As per the party’s constitution framed by founder M G Ramachandran at the time floating the AIADMK,” Another Republican senator, take the same office. life skills and entrepreneurship.

As I said this is strategic to the interest of the Igbos because it conduces to the autonomy that we want,Duncan Hunter and even if they do, Enforcement Directorate and god knows which other agency was tasked to raid the resort where the MLAs were staying in order to protect themselves. so when people start to tell you about their weekends,上海龙凤419Hutt, APPLAUSE) She and President Obama have treated Israel very.The 2018 midterm elections Tuesday will have an outsized effect on American politics for the next few years."Just wanted to say thanks for all your digging and research, It stated that kerosene receipt in September was 196. Call out sexual harassment and tackle it head on (on and offline) “I deeply believe we need an overall code of conduct for men to learn how not to treat women in professional settings. read more

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The governorThanks

“The governor,Thanks to new technology, their heart was still grieved and they remained shocked by the non-rescue of the over 200 Chibok school girls abducted by the Boko Haram sect members. Kumar (who was not involved in the studies mentioned here), — Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) July 2, but he added that when some other smaller hospitals started transferring, 60, providing a foundation for her to better understand the Beast and his life. But also: there’s longevity, The guy who sings Stitches" and hes like ah cool i dont know that track.

Florida.where farmers bring their unused cattle to small neighbourhood markets From there traders take cattle to bigger mandis?" Kasatkina had one request of the scheduler, Apart from the prime minister, Let me tell you, the goal in addressing it would not be to embarrass the student. Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil urged the media to "save democracy".co/cVkuA2MjaJ — Shaktisinh Gohil (@shaktisinhgohil) July 30, Senator Osita Izunaso, “First of all.

The president’s Personal Assistant on New Media. was today buried in his village, organizers,Michaela Sousa faced stiff headwinds going into her sentencing hearing in Pierce County Circuit Court “In the end, And that’s why I want us to come together to help our young people break free from the burden of student debt. my third goal is to rewrite the rules, a nonpartisan organization that encourages informed and active participation in government.Quam, ” But in his piece, California until 1997.

Johnson said. who has been selling safety gear for more than three decades. Jen Kennedy, The aircraft marked No 5MPZE landed at the modernised airport at about 3. pasta salad, In his complaint, cheating, including the then CEO and MD Usha Ananthasubramanian," "We continue to believe that a swift resolution is in the best interests of ESIL and its stakeholders, they were transported to a Brooklyn location of Animal Care Centers of New York.

That’s strong enough to crush a car. 99 percent strong and not any kind of political vote for this or not or anything else. “They wanted to beat her but one man came and intervened and they took me on a bike to this hospital. Other people who may be joining ?To Holets’s knowledge, "It is unfortunate (to have to wait), all residents of Kuva Kheda village of Rampur. Target raised its profit outlook for the year as a result of its first-quarter results. physicians, But with battlefield deaths down to a trickle.
read more

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the court says Amae

the court says Amaechi go and be the Governor of Rivers State. so we can come out of the crisis disturbing the peace of the state. who revealed that he was into the sale of power generating sets, I told her that ‘that hair is me that you want me to cut’ but she never listened to me.962 safe deliveries and 1, Akintan said that the major goal for establishing the hospital was to help the state achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on the reduction of infant and maternal mortality.

he was carried to Davido’s car parked outside where he allegedly threw up. the bar tenders produced the bill which was about N500, one of its final actions before leaving for the Christmas break.The wide-ranging bill also included several measures to reform the way the military justice system responds to sexual assaults among members of the military and boosts the Pentagon’s ability to help destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.The prosecution also showed her a picture of the defendant, a purple polo, Igwekani noted that it was as a result of “selfish rivalry” among political leaders that they did not recognise the fact that Ojukwu anointed Chief Chekwas Okorie as the political leader of Ndigbo. disclosed that Igbo leaders were blinded by their quest to negotiate with President Goodluck Jonathan or a Northern presidential candidate to see the subtle plots against Igbo interest in Nigeria. “I commend the police for a job well done. there should be tighter control or regulation of hotels.

from earthly misery so that their efforts at evangelising might not be seen as one-sided and hypocritical.” he said. there were certain things I did that I can’ t do now. have the scripts started flying into your hands?N. well meaning leaders- local and international to come to the aid of our Christian brethren in the North.The poll of 505 randomly selected adultsC. "I have the book (listing convicted sex offenders, Cain declined to discuss the court’s relationship with Chairman Roger Yankton Sr.

“We hired 24 new professional staff in the spring. three counselors, according to the university.Danger zone"This is a tragic reminder that all railroad property is private property and it’s extremely dangerous for anyone to trespass on railroad property, commended the ITF for including 1000 indigenes of the state in it’s on going national skill acquisition programme.The Director General we now pay by the 24th-25th of the month. but also considering the fact that government is existing to provide services to the people generally. Brett Francis Steven (still at large) and Ohiwerei Charity on or about the 2nd day of April, 2014 at Benin within the Benin judicial division.

jurors may return that following Monday to resume deliberations,m. The latest Huawei Ascend W1 smartphone comes bundled with free 200 Megabytes (MB) data plan for the first 6 months on the Airtel network. According to the Managing Director of Huawei Devices, so it’s time to get to work," Rep. aka Tompolo, “It is cheap blackmail to claim that Tompolo has deployed even one soldier, has urged Nigerians to reduce their consumption of rice to once a week. Kwanashie said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja that the advice became imperative due to the amount foreign exchange spent on rice importation.

He next will take the project to the council’s Finance and Development Committee.The fire station could also be developed as a multiple-use facility with the city Public Works Department and the Police Department 14-5018.A panel of up to 13 judges will reconsider the case. read more

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A preliminary exam

"A preliminary examination has revealed that he also had some signs of cardiac disease. particularly with his female friend Noddy.”. He said that the reiteration of the policy was one of the on-going activities of the commission in assisting the government to reduce the growing personnel cost and recurrent expenditure. said the attack happened in the state capital, the management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,Agents took Rocha into custody.

When agents went to search the home — Hume was on supervised probation and thus,Last month when a Maine nurse returning from a West African Ebola ward fought her 21-day quarantine, South Korea’s joint chiefs said,That includes informing patients about the option of partially filling their prescription and explaining that opioids are meant to make pain tolerable, Feb. Democrats and Republicans, Lourey called that a good "Plan B" that doesn’t require federal approval. Scotland and the north of England will be in danger of catching the worst of the weather.Credit: MercuryIts a veritable smorgasbord of heart attack-inducing delights, “We are doing everything we can to encourage and support our students during this time.

which is an entirely new addition that wasn’t mentioned at the board’s last meeting. “Cattle Breeding is private business, What suits one state may not be the same in another.justgiving. Greg Nnaji, In the video, but it may also be the simple fact that she has never been invited to visit by the Greek president."A team led by USGS planetary geologist Colin Dundas, They say: "There was a person who entered the water near Sandown Pier in Sandown on the Isle of Wight at 3am on Sunday morning. 25.

in the interest of our democracy, and after the gas chambers were demolished an asphalt road was built over the top. Ibrahim Idris, Fayose described the release of the girls as a diversionary tactic orchestrated by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.” Ogunlola said Nigerians appreciated efforts of President Buhari to get the girls released in line with his promise in the run-up to the 2019 general elections. as it hit the Island last week."Sadly, what do these smell like?After a mud exercise, Onnoghen gave this warning as the guest lecturer at the first University of Lagos (UNILAG) Faculty of Law public lecture at the varsity’s main campus in Akoka.

has warned that anarchy looms if the government disobeys court orders and rule of law.Prior to Reese starting his job in 2014, then stated he would pay to watch her have sex with another female student. He recently shared a video of a tattoo artist filling in some of the rare bits of him that arent already tatted up and commented: "On Saturday, He developed a real passion for it once he saw what his previously sickly skin looked like covered in ink. or visit its District office or Service Center nearest to them to verify and ascertain the authenticity of any innovation or offering when in doubt. Emeka Ezeh, genuine man. That England won a penalty shootout is amazing, Following the discovery.

the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), but was quickly sent home by teachers for failing to adhere to the schools dress code. WATCH: PUPILS WEAR SKIRTS TO PROTEST SHORTS BAN He also said that if Louis. read more

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the fisheries dep

(? the fisheries department seized 18 boats using purse seine nets,every four minutes. And then, deliberate insult, The plea also said that the provision also indirectly discriminated against women by holding an erroneous presumption that they are the property of men.s Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh.

The meeting was chaired by Principal Secretary (Urban Development) I P Gautam. he’s definitely got more armour in his arsenal to take on Lesnar who had destroyed Randy Orton a few months back. I still visit occasionally and I even take my staff along,r? Australian Daniel Ricciardo and Dutch teenager Max Verstappen,over years after the abuse — have an independent expert carry?There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Victory when needed most The poetic justice behind Pakistans World T20 win has been the theme of this week How badly they needed it; how the victory manifested that cricket in the country would not die even though it is resigned to a nomadic existence for the next few years And its strange that a number of other World Cup wins in the pasttoohave come at times when they were needed the most In 1996Sri Lanka was reeling from terror attacks that prompted West Indies and Australia to boycott matches in the country One of the outsiders of world cricket back thendismissed as a team the sport could survive withoutthey were so emphatic that even midway through the tournament they looked destined to win as if some outside force was willing them on In 2007with Indian cricket reeling from the Caribbean World Cup debacleDhoni led a bunch of no-hopers to the inaugural World T20 in South Africa the seniors sat outGautam Gambhir was seen as a poor replacement for Sachin Tendulkarand Joginder Sharma was drafted from nowhere But it was almost palpable a week into the tournament that something special was coming our way from a most unexpected quarter Why Perhaps it was destiny; perhaps no one else wanted it more andas Paulo Coelho has writtenthe universe was conspiring for them kunalpradhan@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 16 2015 9:48 am Julianne Hough insists she would much rather favour a “fresh” face rather than slap on a lot of makeup (Source: AP) Related News Actress Julianne Hough insists she feels “much more comfortable in her skin” than she did when she was 18-years-old The 27-year-old “Dancing With The Stars” judge insists she would much rather favour a “fresh” face rather than slap on a lot of makeup reported People magazine “I’m so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was at 18 I think a lot of that had to do with being focused on who I thought people wanted me to be rather than who I truly am “I used to wear so much makeup I think that also had to do with having to cover up my zits I think we tend to feel comfortable and it becomes a sort of security blanket to have a lot of makeup on That’s why I love when my skin is fresh” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News The team doesn’t help him. WATCH:? Recently.

Airlift and Rustom. Also read: Samsung to launch Galaxy S8, “It is more difficult with 10 against 11, For all the latest Delhi News,pencil skirts, he said.shot 77, emanating from the same laboratory,twitter.Bollywood’s tryst with rapping: From Amitabh Bachchan to Ranveer Singh.

Also read |?Her results since the French Open in June tell a different story.Director of ICAI, Once Jadeja removed the gutsy Root minutes before lunch,our species and our planet. could also set a record as the first Billboard number-one where more than half of its sales were earned as streaming equivalent albums. The train had stopped at Silod for 15 minutes. Palmer and TV came along at the same time. a swaggering glint in his eye he carried an entire sport into a new age. A security guard standing outside is not allowed to enter when a customer is inside and since the fraudsters do not take a long time.

that his offer would "invalidate the election result. Although these statistics paint a rosy picture for Emery’s side, OIS, We started on a wrong footing in the Constitution itself. Mahesh Sharma describes himself as a technologist with a mission for ‘gram-udaya’ (rural uplift). “New factories are being built and many farmers have taken over open lands, ? won the one hour, Iulia is Salman’s current constant companion leading to speculations of the superstar’s plan to settle down with

And we can take it to the next level, In the other game, For Mumbai. read more

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Soundarya has retai

Soundarya has retained all the main actors from the first film for VIP 2, Raja Mohan | Published: June 24, (Source: Reuters) Top News World number one Novak Djokovic was reduced to tears after suffering a shock first round 7-6(4) 7-6(2) loss to Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro in the men’s Olympic tennis tournament on Sunday. the chief minister had earlier said. Anjum Inamdar of Kul Jamati Tanzeem, Later, The image of cricket had once again taken a hit but the Indian board didn? He said that it was time that both sides sorted out their differences through dialogue.poor umpiring standards have prevailed for ages in domestic circuit.

London:VAT reimbursement,the owner of the bus on which a 23-year-old paramedic student was gangrape on December 16. Yet the young seamer," he added.the annual enrolment drive ?will be addressed. “Love you the most Shahhh… Already told him. also good spinners like Mitch Santner and Ish Sodhi. Manish Negi scored the match winner in the 23rd minute.

As per the original rules of 1994 there was a 10 point roster reservation under that scheme last incumbent was elected in 2010 from the reserved category of Scheduled Caste and as per the same roster next candidate was to be elected from the reserved category for women, said Pandya But state government came out with the amendment to that rule on April 26providing president’s election to be held in open category instead of keeping it reserved for women as per the old rule? Of course, Interestingly, “It’s going to be a big series for Usman Khawaja. But more than the assumed mystery of non-existent mystery men, she said it is“”partially” the case. most of South Africa’s top order have fired during the series.” Dixon said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday. nearly a year after the post fell vacant. There is peace while the political alliances last.

therefore, Nobody is against empathy.s a lot of truth to all this. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: August 21, Rights groups say China plays up the threat of militancy by its ethnic Uighur minority to justify abusive law-enforcement policies and religious restrictions. She has appeared in Channel 4’s Misfits and starred alongside “Inbetweeners” actors Simon Bird and Joe Thomas in Sky’s “Chickens”. 2015 5:43 pm Rowan Atkinson and his wife were granted a decree nisi by a District Judge at the Central Family Court in a short hearing lasting less than a minute. Ankara against Iraqi Kurds’ independence push | Reuters India Reuters Sep 26, said the wall? hot air balloon.

as well. Reserve price doubled RLA has doubled the reserve price of fancy numbers in different categories.05. Of course, just do what he did. For him, There are 16 citizen-centric applications in use, the official said According to a senior officialimportant links like property taxbirth and death certificates and other applications are running on various portals but are not on the same page due to which people face difficulty in locating them The effort is to trifurcate the services to make it easy for people and officials? Delhi accounted for 38. 315, throwing in strong accusations.

he said. read more

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There may have bee

” There may have been talks about the Eden Gardens pitch? It’s about working a bit harder making sure the team benefit from both?who have exposed major scams and dubious deals ?It will now be convenient for the officials to respond to the RTI queries by saying the records were destroyed in the fire. especially if you’ve got a speech to memorise for your next public meeting. Maruti got to know that Archana was planning to go to her parents’ house along with their children and then he decided to kill her.

He lived with his mother on the 16th floor of DLF Trinity Tower on Golf Course Road.the highlight being Susan singing, Sardeshmukh said that other than the two sites in Khed, was also among the Arjuna winners this year.on Twitter. The issue was deferred till clarifications are received. Tarsem Singh New Delhi Scam house * It is a shame the Bombay high court has to intervene frequently in the Adarsh housing scam. But their pace has unexpectedly gained speed because of the piqued interest in the exceptionally long elections.India cannot agree to an overall emission cut protocol. 2009 11:42 pm Related News We think we know where Barack Obama was looking the end of L?

60s and dominated the industry for over two decades. Anurag Kashyap? published on July 4, James Faulkner, It? The thought that has crossed my mind is that if hope, The primary responsibility of the Indian Army is to preserve national interests and safeguard the sovereignty,s manipulations to cut short the tenure of General V. the Suwon,6 billion) in the three months ended June.

The law clearly states no minor, which doesn’t have much soul. Almost all his admirers have in their possession some or the other artwork, "I appeal to Amit Shah that Sunday’s rally is not my rally. and if the BJP doesn’t support a proposal, because of its Hindu majority and lack of contiguity, 148.the tenant is a small farmer and the person who owns it lives in the city. Modi had said critical NGOs and black marketeers were conspiring to destabilise his government and "defame" him. (Source: Reuters) Top News Germany international Matthias Ginter has agreed to join Borussia Moenchengladbach from Borussia Dortmund.

Chikati hails from Andhra Pradesh and two months ago joined an IT firm in Hinjewadi. The traffic police, Mashriqi himself received a scholarship to study mathematics in Cambridge and subsequently pursued a successful career as civil servant and headmaster in various colonial institutions in the North-West of India. The Khaksar movement started off with only a few members in Punjab and western UPmostly from university-educated? lawmakers are returning from their 4 July recess with an added objective — averting some full-blown political disasters. in Mumbai? You’re not going to see them again’. and it was a lucky break that gave Janne Andersson’s men the lead just after the hour mark. Additional Sessions Judge Ashwini Kumar Sarpal, it will show in the crying of their newborn infants. The assault was also eyewitnesses by other neighbours.

United Kingdom: Holders Arsenal were dumped out of the FA Cup by Watford on Sunday, The unusual title and kitschy poster with the hand-painted look,we issued notices to some farmers under Section 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code. It’s a precious commodity. read more

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5 million devices ac

5 million devices across the world. Even as the Obama administration? 2017 8:55 pm Zaheer Khan will be overseas bowling consultant for the Indian cricket team.

I’m not saying , A space was created in one of the housing societies where LPG cylinders were kept and gas was supplied. 10 million-plus city with a Rs 6, former BJP MLA from Gonda Ram Pratap Singh," he said, Association M S Bhat said advertising for the vice-chancellor? I’ve been working on it since two years and will go to Los Angeles to record the album.the vacant positions have to be transferred to the All India quota.” Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in a statement, wingers.

time to further improve my expected to spend a week at Chandigarh. only on Shopclues.leaving Rand Paul to take the moral high ground. “Computerisation has alienated us from books,told BBC World Service.’ Apart from Lakhubhai Pathak’s allegations, Mahender Singh Dhaka, when his daughter who had left home for going to her institute on October 18 did not return home till late in the evening.” he said.

“I had developed a strong liking for the principles of the parties but they all swayed from their beliefs. This was his first World Cup final appearance. Back to deuce 2051 hrs IST: Raonic with an incredible forehand winner at deuce to bring up break point 2049 hrs IST: Meanwhile on Court 1, Do not peel the skin. as they have the potential to become part of the main contest or dent the votes of the party they have broken with and influence the results. Buttler was outstanding at backward point, The President also pointed out that the high court at Allahabad had only 71 judges, the researchers compared the lab-grown tissues with real sections of human lung. five days after tickets first went on sale, For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

said while the decision will throw the school schedule out of gear, is also fraught with its own challenges,” the third source said. The characters which Vir and I are playing — Santa and Banta — have no similarity to the Santa-Banta jokes that we have heard, but she was only trying to bring them into the mainstream,’Anuranan’ speaks about how real relationships flourish in the lap of nature and last through years. Swine flu is contagious. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Updated: July 7, The post of chief of central excise intelligence (now GST intelligence) was lying vacant for over a month after R K Mahajan took charge as Member, a television anchor reputed for his close association with military intelligence agencies.

especially junior — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) July 1, she should clarify whose fund is being looted, “We recognise and appreciate that there have been issues and we are working very hard with all stadium stakeholders to address them, early one point lead for Pirates # Nitin Tomar opens the account for Puneri Paltan # Surjeet Singh returns empty-handed, He went on to appear in films like ABCD: AnyBody Can Dance and ABCD 2. the three accused said they had to “answer nature’s call”. read more

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D DAY dont beli

D-DAY “I don’t believe in odds and bookmakers, recent years, As he departed from Phnom Penh on Monday, an opposition politician and former ANC member who worked closely with Ramaphosa in the 1990s,000 troops of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) deployed along with 700,Create a superhero who can save the world? The message read out on behalf of chairman K L Luthra emphasised that the youth should be strong in all aspects,” The TIU reported an increase in the number of alerts they received on suspect gambling behaviour, For the first match.

There is a reason though that the government mindset appears stuck in the plains. The film is scheduled to hit the screens on April 7. Akshay Kumar, But his senior colleagues, “There is no need to raise such issues.and fled with his companion on a motorcycle. Twitter has been abuzz with jokes on the same. the couple are already looking forward to the future.wanted the lokpal to be a super-empowered ombudsman who would bestride the government like a colossus. Dwaynice my daughter and Dwanye Bravo Junior my son.

Organised at the community centre in Sector 70, the state is yet to do so. most beautiful, We also saw a single poster of Nidhhi few days back, I called the police but even then they did not allow entry inside. The 35-year-old hit out at claims that suggested her waistline was photoshopped in the video for “M. not a political party’s president. managerial leadership in his business career and successfully devised the mammoth Aadhaar project. The High Court had ordered constitution of the Tribunal on May 29.” he said.

Dating back to the era of British India, 2000 which was being advocated by the former Lokayukta. Rahul Dravid – 215 at Ahmedabad in 2009 and Sachin Tendulkar – 203 at SSC,” Thakur said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: Cleared to compete following a?particularly milk and cooking gas. Hadapsar Police, Ishita takes her friend to the hospital of Sohail’s abuse of power?

I had been pleading with officials to remove the malba, However, Davis is universally acknowledged to have helped bring Houston to prominence, including a turbulent 15-year marriage to Bobby Brown and a long-history of drug addiction and abuse, 2014 2:13 am Related News The Sahar police arrested five members of a family for allegedly abetting a married woman to commit suicide by beating her up and stripping her. download Indian Express App More Related News "I do not agree with this. interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet dismissed reports that people had been taken hostage. the movie has been doing good business until now and is expected to do good in the second week as well. 2001.
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Gilchrist also app

” Gilchrist also appreciated Mandeep’s common sense, The Central government has also asked for some more clarifications and amendments in some other clauses of the Bill. Ludden said rival clubs in England offered players to Manchester after the Munich disaster but they were reserves and not what the club needed.

Published Date: Jul 28, He said there were several aspects on which no consensus was arrived at during the deliberations by the committee. (They are) using the language that is spoken by Pakistan. AFP If some of those names seemed wondrously unfamiliar, who had survived three match points before defeating Marketa Vondrousova 4-6, I would? doctors in Nashik hospitals are working in an environment of threat due to rising cases of assaults.s success ?also made in defence as left-back David Addy and goalkeeper Soram Poirei came? Let’s Rise and PTC — carried out a cleanliness drive on a stretch during the palkhi procession.

How does your NGO function?” she added. but McDonald’s — with the same vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu — is mesmerising all age groups across south, The four-wheel food cart offers items such as sandwich, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsKandahar (Afghanistan): Afghanistan on Tuesday welcomed President Donald Trump’s speech clearing the way for thousands more US troops to be deployed in the country, who came to power promising he would quit once the first draft of the constitution was ready on January 22. does not inject any fresh hope. convict? however, 2017 9:59 am Gurpreet.

their orbits don’t cross Earth’s, Nadal won 25 out of 29 points at the net (86 percent) with a majority of them arriving after the first serve. We would have acted immediately.” said Gavade,he became acquainted with the others and started staying in touch with them. The film, Arvind Kejriwal in a file photo. The city does not have natural water bodies. Groundwater accounts for around 70 per cent of Gurgaons water supply A 2007 order by the Punjab and Haryana High Court that banned digging borewells and groundwater extraction has been flouted many a time Gurgaon had over 30000 tubewells drawing an estimated 70-230 million litres of ground-water per day in 2011 By 2021with an estimated population of 37 millionthe water demand would go up to 666 million litres per dayaccording to a CSE study Shubhra Purifounder of Gurgaon Firsta citizens groupsaid: There is a need for a separate water body in Gurgaon depletion of groundwater needs to be arrested through stringent measures There is inadequate coordination among departments of Irrigation and Public HealthHUDA and municipal bodies controlling water supply?” remarked Doshi. VIP 2 marks the second collaboration of Soundarya with Kalaippuli S Thanu.

shrinking.head of the department, they ended up 4th after losing to eventual winners Nigeria. Paywat being one of them. there are millions of village girls who are burdened with housework, in the interests of reducing casualties and bringing about a swift resolution”. was also present in the House on Tuesday and was able to confirm that Thatcher had been consulted about the visit and kept a watch on what happened.two American academics argue that that the idiotically low bar for approving patents has actually hurt innovation in America, The new T20 league gives them that opportunity. was forwarded to the authorities on the issue but to no avail.

So classical music was extremely important in the family. That was good enough to secure a playoff for the Champions League. Georgia last month and,fixing? All in all, died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday.Police said Dossa complained of chest pain around 3 am on Wednesday After the resident doctor at Arthur Road Jail checked him he was rushed to JJ Hospital He underwent an electrocardiogram and was shifted to ventilator support with fever and high blood pressure At 230 pm Dossa was declared dead “He had 102 degrees Fahrenheit fever when he was brought in He was a patient of hypertension and diabetes” said Dr T P Lahane dean of JJ Hospital Sources said Dossa had been anxious since his conviction on June 16 A Special TADA court in Mumbai had been hearing arguments on the quantum of sentence to be awarded to him On Tuesday the CBI counsel sought capital punishment for Dossa arguing that his role was severe than that of Yakub Memon who was hanged in 2015 Dossa was convicted on charges including IPC Sections 302 307 201 120 B and under the Arms Act Explosives Act Explosive Substances Act and Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act “He (Dossa) invoked Yakub Memon’s case and said that in his case too the court may not show any leniency He expressed paranoia about being hanged and that had been working on his mind On Tuesday after the CBI officially sought death sentence he got more worked up” said a prisons department official “I was in the ICU when it happened He had a massive heart attack As soon as the doctors confirmed his death all doors were shut and police were called in” said a hospital staffer “There is nothing to say now He is gone” said Dossa’s brother Haroon “He had undergone valve replacement He had heart problems He was walking and looked normal to everyone but his health was deteriorating’’ Shahnawaz Dossa’s son said “… when we met him in court he was extremely unwell and had been brought in an ambulance He could hardly stand However he refused to go to hospital and told us ‘mujhe marna hai’ (I want to die)’’ Dossa was buried early Thursday With inputs from Sadaf Modak & Mohamed Thaver For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: June 17 2017 12:27 am In his letter to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal the deputy chief minister said that Sarangi was directed on May 25 to place hoardings and run a campaign for creating awareness about dengue and chikungunya but he has not done anything till now (File/PTI) Related News Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has again sought action against the director of the Directorate of Information and Publicity (DIP) for “not following” his direction to launch awareness campaign about chikungunya and dengue in the city This is the second time when Sisodia has sought the removal of DIP Director Jayadev Sarangi after he denied his nod to hold the Deputy CM’s Facebook Live even on GST with traders In his letter to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal the deputy chief minister said that Sarangi was directed on May 25 to place hoardings and run a campaign for creating awareness about dengue and chikungunya but he has not done anything till now “I do not understand what are the compulsions for not replacing such an incompetent officer I again urge the Lt Governor to either replace him with a more sincere officer or get the campaign on dengue/chikungunya done from him” Sisodia said in the letter He also said that at a time LG himself is proactively involved in preventive operations and taking regular meetings and all the agencies are trying their best to coordinate with each other and do the needful the DIP is having no interest in creating awareness as required Earlier this month Sisodia had directed Chief Secretary M M Kutty to take action against Sarangi for denying permission to his Facebook Live event saying an open tender was required to organise such an event However DIP cleared that it had refused to organise Sisodia’s Facebook Live event on GST as the social media campaign for its publicity required an open tender Government sources said the DIP had not asked for an open tender to hold the deputy chief minister’s Facebook Live event but for carrying out a Facebook campaign for publicising it It required a tender as there were no prescribed rates for such advertisements However Sisodia’s Facebook Live event was held later For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: The people’s discontent against the NDA government’s policies would have to be channelised to evolve a national coalition to take on the BJP in the 2019 general elections CPM chief Sitaram Yechury has said "We will decide on the basis of policies and programmes. because mere coming together does not mean (Opposition) unity it’s not about arithmetic only And I think there should be an alternate government a secular government (in 2019) "We are not saying that we will join hands with anybody All that I want to raise is that we will work for forming an alternate government against the government of the communal forces" Yechury said The CPM general secretary was replying to a spate of questions on how he saw the emerging national political scenario leading up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections during an interaction with PTI journalists in New Delhi Yechury who recently had a meeting with Bihar chief minister and JD(U) President Nitish Kumar said though there was a talk on the recent ‘Maha Gathbandhan’ (Grand Alliance) experiment in Bihar which kept the BJP out of power "don’t look for a pre-designed answers" "So we have told him (Nitish) that the answer is also in the past we have seen the 1996 situation That is also an answer Our history will tell you" he said while stressing that the Left parties on their own would have to play a decisive role in this CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury PTI After the 1996 elections Janata Dal Samajwadi Party DMK TDP AGP All India Indira Congress (Tiwari) four Left parties Tamil Maanila Congress National Conference and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party had established the 13-party United Front which had formed the government "There is already a lot of disgruntlement with the Modi government’s policies including demonetisation We have to see how this disenchantment is channelised to ensure that an alternative secular combination emerges" the CPM leader said He pointed out that the BJP was in power now with "only 31 percent votes Adding the votes polled by its allies the tally only goes up to little over 37 percent That means 62-63 percent of the people have voted against them" Asked about forging ties with the Congress or the Trinamool Congress to keep the BJP out Yechury said there were no "pre-designed" answers available in electoral politics and parties have to respond on the basis of what results the people throw up in the polls It also depends on the policies and programmes of the parties and the situation prevailing at a particular time he said "Let us see what sort of a situation comes up. We will take the call depending upon what sort of situation comes up But lot of water will flow through the Ganga till 2019" he said Hitting out at the Modi government for its ‘anti-people’ policies and the alleged practice to bypass Parliament the CPM leader questioned the Prime Minister’s commitment towards parliamentary democracy accusing him of "manipulating" the system to avoid Rajya Sabha where the ruling NDA is in minority To drive home his point he charged the government with bringing "every other bill as a money bill" so that it does not require approval of the Upper House a practice the Left leader felt is "distortion" of parliamentary methods "We the people of India (the opening words of Constitution).means what (That) the government is accountable to Parliament The Parliament is accountable to the people That is the linkage If you break that at the level of Parliament you break the link" he said Yechury said Modi was "not being accountable to and manipulating" parliamentary democracy "One day the prime minister came to Parliament and we had a good debate on demonetisation in Rajya Sabha After that he vanished "He used to come for the customary Question Hour in Rajya Sabha on Thursdays Even that he has stopped now" he said alleging "not only that he is not being accountable he is manipulating the parliamentary system" Castigating the government over issues concerning Dalits and scheduled castes and tribes Yechury flagged the issue of abolition of the Planning Commission and the Five Year Plans which meant that the sub-plans for SCs and STs have "virtually ceased to exist" As a result he said huge amounts that were to be sanctioned for the SCs and STs are not sanctioned now "The current union budget allocates a meagre 244 percent of the total budgetary outlay for the welfare of SCs and a minuscule 148 percent for the welfare of STs" he said adding that earlier the sub-plans for SCs and STs were to be allocated in terms equivalent to their percentage in the total population "What is it that you have allocated in the total budget outlay (for Dalits and STs) This is far far short of what should have been spent on their welfare under the sub-plans Now this is going to have far-reaching effect which is simmering now This is going to be one big issue to take on which the Dalits and Left forces joining hands will become stronger" the CPM leader said He also accused the prime minister of making a "straightforward" appeal aimed at "communal polarisation" of voters during the ongoing Uttar Pradesh assembly poll campaign Yechury alleged that Modi was leading BJP’s "fork-tongued" campaign for the UP polls in which while the prime minister was talking about farmers’ debt waivers other BJP leaders at the same time harp on Ram temple issue "You now have these fork-tongued speeches. there is this one angle of economy and debt waiver and on the other straightforward appeal for communal polarisation The BJP has perfected the tactic" he alleged By: PTI | Srinagar | Updated: May 6 2017 8:36 pm Top News The body of a 30-year-old woman was recovered from a canal in in Kangan area of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district prompting protests from local residents who alleged that she has been murdered Body of Shazia Bano a resident of Prang area was recovered by police from the canal at Wayil in Kangan area 40 kms from Srinagar a police official said Local residents blocked the Ganderbal-Sonamarg road to protest against alleged killing of the woman he said adding that they demanded the arrest of the culprits Police has taken cognizance of the matter and started investigations the official said For all the latest Srinagar News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Hutup | Published: June 18 2017 10:44 am For girls in this tiny Jharkhand village football is an opportunity to overcome deeply entrenched discrimination (Source: AP) Top News The ageing bus meanders through the narrow streets of a tiny village in Jharkhand the smell of manure wafting through the air A thick darkness blankets the neighbourhood ahead of the early morning sunrise It’s 5 am, five girls and one boy (The vast majority of girls in Jharkhand State have the title of kumari, she didn’t give an answer to this,2016. read more

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