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Des Inuits poursuivent lUE au sujet de linterdiction de commercialisation des produits

first_imgDes Inuits poursuivent l’UE au sujet de l’interdiction de commercialisation des produits issus du phoqueUne coalition de groupes inuits du Groenland et du Canada a engagé le 13 janvier une poursuite contre l’Union européenne qui interdit l’importation de produits issus du phoque. Cette décision est selon eux “injuste et arbitraire”.Des Inuits ont déposé une poursuite devant le tribunal de première instance des Communautés européennes, la première instance du système judiciaire de l’UE. Ils demandent l’annulation de l’interdiction européenne du commerce des produits dérivés du phoque à partir de 2010, dénonçant une décision “désastreuse, pire que la campagne de Brigitte Bardot contre la chasse au phoque dans les années 80″ comme l’a déclaré à l’AFP Aqqaluk Lynge, président de l’Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) au Groenland. L’ONG ICC représente environ 150.000 Inuits d’Alaska, du Canada, du Groenland et de Russie.À lire aussiL’attaque spectaculaire d’un ours polaire affamé sur un phoqueLa poursuite vise à annuler le règlement adopté en septembre dernier qui empêche l’entrée des produits du phoque sur le territoire de l’Union européenne et autorise seulement la vente à des fins non lucratives des produits issus de la chasse traditionnelle pratiquée par les communautés inuits.”Le marché des peaux de phoques est déjà à l’agonie depuis l’annonce l’année dernière de cette interdiction qui touche durement un grand nombre de communautés inuits qui en dépendent des deux côtés du détroit de Davis, au Groenland et au Canada” déplore Aqqaluk Lynge avant de souligner que les Inuits “souffrent déjà du réchauffement climatique” et ne devraient pas subir une “nouvelle punition de pays riches qui ignorent tout de leur mode de vie et leur culture millénaire en imposant des règles injustes”.Pour l’ICC, les arguments de conservation et de cruauté envers les phoques lors de la chasse, ne peuvent pas justifier une interdiction d’entrée des produits issus de l’espèce en Europe.Le 21 janvier 2010 à 10:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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House subcommittee to hold May 15 hearing on Boeing 737 Max

first_imgWASHINGTON — A U.S. House subcommittee has scheduled a May 15 hearing on the Boeing 737 Max airliner.The Aviation Subcommittee of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee set the hearing for 10 a.m.The committee’s website says the hearing will be on the “status of the Boeing 737 Max.”Witnesses were not announced, but the committee is likely to summon representatives from Boeing as well as the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. They’ll be asked about how the FAA certified the plane to be airworthy.The Max was grounded when an Ethiopian Airlines Max crashed March 10, less than five months after a Lion Air Max crashed off the coast of Indonesia. In all, 346 people died.Faulty flight control software has been implicated in the crashes. Boeing has been working on an update to the software in an effort to get the planes back into the air.During a March hearing in the Senate, lawmakers peppered Acting FAA Administrator Daniel Elwell with questions about the agency’s practice of relying on aircraft makers to help certify their own planes for flight.Elwell defended the strategy and said it has produced safe aircraft designs for decades. He also said the FAA would need 10,000 more employees and another $1.8 billion a year to do all the work now done by designated employees of the companies it regulates.Under the self-certifying program, these employees perform tests and inspections needed to win safety approvals, with the FAA overseeing their work.last_img read more

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B Braun Medical offers employerpaid nutrition course for Sheffieldbased employees

first_imgHealthcare organisation B Braun Medical has introduced an employer-paid, 12-week nutrition course for its 1,200 Sheffield-based workforce.The programme, which launched in December 2018, has been implemented to help employees get a healthy start to the new year, and is the latest addition to the organisation’s comprehensive health and wellbeing programme, B Healthy.Andrew Picken, health and wellbeing adviser at B Braun Medical, said: “Employee health is something we take seriously at B Braun; we want to support our staff to eat well and live healthily as much as possible.“As we all know, sticking to a new year’s resolution can be difficult, so this programme is a great way [of] taking the right steps towards healthy eating habits. It’s about small, manageable behaviour changes which can lead to a big difference.”The nutrition course, which will be conducted over lunch breaks in order to be accessible for all employees, will cover subjects such as how to achieve healthy weight loss, physical activity and myth busting.B Braun Medical consulted with staff prior to planning the nutrition course, to ensure that it would suit their needs, primarily via an employee-led health and wellbeing group, which is responsible for gathering feedback to help tailor and steer initiatives.The nutrition course was communicated to employees via the organisation’s intranet, desk drops, a cascade from the health and wellbeing committee, posters in communal areas and on televisions in the office space.The wider B Healthy programme includes running groups, pilates sessions, self-defence classes, monthly free fruit and salad days, a cycle-to-work scheme and workshops on resilience.Hans Hux, chairman and group chief executive at B Braun Medical, added: “Our employees are the key to our organisation’s success, so we feel it is important for us to do what we can to support them with their health and wellbeing; this programme is the latest step in achieving that.“New year is often a time that many of us want to detox a little and look at our lifestyle behaviours, so it comes at a perfect time and we hope it provides real help and advice in a key area of health and wellbeing.”last_img read more

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Virgo Launches New Event Websites in Cloud Computing Market

first_imgSiefert is projecting a potential attendance in the thousands and an expo show floor with a couple hundred exhibitors. Also attached to the Channel Partners brand platform will be a new content site called the Business Value Toolbox, which provides free access to data, videos, slideshows and reports designed to help tech resellers define and sell the often confusing array of IT products to their end-customers. “If i was a reseller, i could take the video and share it with the customer to help explain what the technology solution I’m selling does,” says Siefert. “At the same time, I could download a slideshow and put my own logo on it and use it as a go-to-market strategy as I’m selling to the customer.”The site uses an underwriter sponsor model, which, says Sieftert, runs in the mid-six-figure range. A third initiative is a new Channel Partners Cloud Insights destination site, produced with the Cloud & Technology Transformation Alliance, which is a partnership between Channel Partners and consulting group The 2112 Group. Virgo Publishing, a Phoenix-based b-to-b media company targeting the health, medical and communications markets, among others, is expanding its Channel Partners and Cloud Insights brands with a new tradeshow and dedicated websites.The new tradeshow, called Cloud Partners, has spun out of Virgo’s Channel Partners Conference & Expo, which just concluded its spring event. The Channel Partners event attracted about 3,700 attendees and, says Virgo CEO John Sieftert, the cloud computing program content had been attracting standing-room-only crowds, tipping the potential for a spin-off event in the fall.The Channel Partners event, which happened twice a year in the spring and fall, is shifting its fall programming to the new Cloud Partners event.last_img read more

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How hospital ERs in Alaska are helping patients with opioid use disorder

first_img“It gives you time to change your life,” he said. He said there’s been a shift in the way the medical community views medication-assisted treatment. In the past, there could be a misconception that it was trading one addiction for another. “I think there’s still a lot more progress that needs to be done,” he said. “I think there’s a lot more spending that needs to be put into it and give it an actual shot.” Next, they’d connect him with a network of providers to continue medication-assisted treatment. “Every single time he walked out that front door. I knew, and it went through my head, that could be the last time I ever saw my son,” Vicki Brokken said. He checked himself into the emergency room at Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau, prompted by swollen ankles. Now some providers are giving patients a medicine to ease the transition so they can seek additional care. Justin and his mother, Vicki Brokken, at their home in Juneau. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/KTOO) Justin Brokken was first introduced to opioids like a lot of Americans: at the doctor’s office. Justin Brokken learned he qualified for a new program that’s becoming the standard for how to treat opioid addiction in hospital emergency rooms across Alaska — from Petersburg to Anchorage. He hadn’t used opioids the day he visited the ER. He was in what medical staff call “acute withdrawal.” So they could give him a pill to help block the cravings. “Anybody who’s had an addiction knows it’s hard to say no to something that makes you feel better,” Justin Brokken said. In 2016, federal legislation made it possible for a wider array of medical providers to prescribe buprenorphine, also known by the brand name: Suboxone. And since then, the numbers of prescribers in Alaska has more than doubled, according to the state. As a result, more clinics are able to offer medication-assisted treatment, and some hospital ERs are acting as a point of contact. “The lady just called a minute ago and told me I’m off of them,” he said. “I don’t have to take them. Not even tonight. I’m done. That’s a big step!” “I find it one of the most effective interventions for the right person that there is,” Jones said. Geldhof thinks the buprenorphine has made a big difference in the life of the ER patients. Justin Brokken credits that initial meeting in the emergency room with helping him navigate his recovery. But he thinks these new treatment options in Alaska are just the beginning. Claire Geldhof, a case manager at Bartlett, checks in with the same 15 former patients or their families on the phone at least once a month. Up until last summer, the emergency department was limited in how it could treat people with opioid addiction. Then, earlier this year, he experienced a huge turning point. The Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association is concerned Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s cuts to Medicaid could affect these kinds of programs down the line. The cuts could impact providers ability to offer services.center_img Justin Brokken said he likes to stay busy spending time with family and going fishing. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/KTOO) At 14, he was given a prescription for painkillers after badly burning his hand in an accident. His injury left him with a permanent scar, and he said the craving for opioids didn’t go away. Emergency providers tried to make their patients comfortable. As for Justin Brokken, he’s adjusting to life at home and healing from his surgery. Recently, he was able to tell his mom about a big improvement: He no longer has to take blood thinners. Jones said more and more providers recognize it helps stabilize patients. They typically receive counseling and can eventually go back to school or work. For more than a decade, he said he felt like he was stuck in a volatile cycle. He was in and out of jail on drug-related charges. He started using heroin. He had moments when he wanted to quit, but they were fleeting. Some hospitals in Alaska are changing the way they treat patients with opioid use disorder. A trip to the emergency room can be a crucial window to help people in their recovery. Of those 15 people she calls regularly, 11 of them — including Justin Brokken — have continued to access services or medication-assisted treatment. “But it wasn’t necessarily the right medicines to be giving patients with acute opioid withdrawal,” Geldhof said. Recently, a hospital in Juneau completed one year of this program with encouraging results. “Fairly certain I was dead,” he said. “But nope. I got lucky.” Shortly after his visit to the ER, Justin Brokken had surgery to repair a valve in his heart damaged from a bacterial infection by injecting heroin. He said he took pain medicine for a couple of days. But after that, he stopped. He talks to counselors and takes a Suboxone pill to help block the craving for opioids. Before working in the Bartlett emergency room, Dr. Lindy Jones was one of only a handful of providers in Juneau who prescribed buprenorphine. The Brokkens are enjoying this new family dynamic. For years, Vicki said her relationship with Justin wasn’t like this. “Now, I’m not even going to be able to hit the board. The pressure is on,” Justin Brokken said with a laugh. “Initially, there was resistance because it was something new,” Jones said. Justin Brokken, 33, has a ritual with his parents. They regularly engage in friendly competition with handmade cornhole set. Earlier in the day, his mom, Vicki Brokken, beat him 21-1. And that’s how Justin is approaching his recovery: one day at a time. Tonight, maybe another game of cornhole and sloppy Joes for dinner.last_img read more

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How Im fighting the feminists who are crowdfunding money for transphobia

first_imgPersonally, I have learned a great deal by allowing myself to explore my gender identity. While I am comfortable in my particular, sensitive form of masculinity, sometimes I identify as non-binary and trans. Whilst this may change again, by putting aside all the dos and don’ts of binary stereotypes I have come to my own unique balance of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ that feels right for me as a gay man.Gender is so much more than ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’The very existence of trans identification is helping to explode the cruel, binary myth that men and women are merely a collection of roles and behaviors decided by biology and genitals.Trans feelings and thoughts permit each of us to explore our uniqueness as gendered beings. They balance out the ‘male’ and ‘female’ within ourselves, often in ways that encourage passion and realness, wherever we may sit on the gender spectrum.Trans men and women have to fight to be themselves against people who project shame about their own identities onto them. In this case, it is feminist women who have experienced misogyny seeking to scapegoat or take revenge on trans women who are not responsible for these difficult feelings.I suspect that if as a society we were genuinely comfortable with binary gender labels and roles then trans individuals and communities would be revered. Historically this has been true, with many cultures seeing trans and non-binary people as holders of unique knowledge about gender that can enrich us all.But by disproportionately focusing on the phallus and the biology of ‘manhood’ – an old-fashioned, ‘male’- centered, reductive notion of who anyone is and can be – the feminist fundraisers are ignoring, and denying, the potential for transformation and authentic living that trans people offer us all.Now, more than ever – and especially in the face of attack from activists using their education and privilege to fan the flames of hatred – I stand with my trans brothers and sisters and offer love for space they create for all of us to be better, more authentic human beings.Please donate and show your support for trans youth with my ‘Love vs. Hate’ fundraising page competing against the transphobic crowdfunder.Read more:Woman posts transphobic poll – internet responds in best way possible Then something especially nasty caught my eye on social media. A group of socialist Labour Party feminists set up a campaign to exclude trans women from all-women shortlists.Why? They say trans women are not ‘women’! To date, they have raised over £22,000.Initially, I was furious. My own experience of becoming the man I am has drawn heavily on the insights and struggles of trans people. But also my friends who cannot or do not fit the gender binary.To me, this fundraiser feels out-of-date and hateful.In the name of feminism and socialism – movements close to my heart – these activists are collecting money to further disenfranchise a group who simply wish to be respected for the gender they are. The campaign’s timing is also terrible. Rabid, right-wing commentators have been delighted to see a left-wing version of their own anti-trans bigotry.This fundraiser is the moral equivalent of kicking someone when they are down. It’s a group of women, speaking on the basis of a distorted outdated view of feminism. So why are they joining the attacks on an already traumatized group of people – including vulnerable young people?Trans children and young people are under attackAs it is, we are in the midst of a national child protection crisis for our youngest trans people. According to Stonewall, nearly half of trans youth attempt to kill themselves whilst 84% have self-harmed.Our society and political class are failing to support the families and communities that allow these children and young people to settle into who they are and flourish. Yet, despite daunting barriers, young people are identifying as trans at a younger age and in greater numbers.But with progressive change and hope comes renewed fear. We are in the midst of a violent backlash against trans people. It mirrors the moral panic about gay men and lesbians thirty years ago. Whilst there is room for optimism, in times of hatred, we must also take action.This is why prompted by these transphobes’ fundraiser, I have set up a competitive funding campaign that will benefit three brilliant organizations working with trans youth. I want to challenge anti-trans hatred and ignorance with love, understanding and some good, old-fashioned cash!Why this is important for accepting my own identityMy own relationship to and within the trans community, come mainly from being an active trans-advocate for over twenty years. Setting up Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre in London gave me the experience of working with gender-fluid and trans youth. As LGBT Advisor to the first two Mayors of London I advocated for trans rights and now I am working as a trainee psychotherapist in an LGBT project. This is what Jeremy Corbyn has to say about people self-identifying their gender eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) GAYSTARNEWS- Neil Young is crowdfunding to raise money to fight transphobia | Photo: Neil Youngcenter_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . People spread ‘Women don’t have penises’ stickers across Liverpool beachDrag Race’s Aja banned from Twitter for calling transphobe ‘senseless cow’Woman posts transphobic poll – internet responds in best way possibleRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : I had being doing well to avoid the unrelenting onslaught of anti-trans hatred in UK newspapers.last_img read more

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Advances in PETCT Technology

first_img News | PET-CT | February 06, 2019 SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Examining the Value of Digital PET/CT Technological advancements in positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) offer both clinicians and pat read more X-ray images such as the one on the left fail to indicate many cases of advanced bone destruction caused by multiple myeloma, says the author of new guidelines on imaging for patients with myeloma and related disorders. Image courtesy of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. News | Computed Tomography (CT) | June 17, 2019 International Working Group Releases New Multiple Myeloma Imaging Guidelines An International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) has developed the first set of new recommendations in 10 years for… read more Videos | Nuclear Imaging | March 22, 2019 VIDEO: Utilization of PET For Evaluation of Cardiac Sarcoidosis Raza Alvi, M.D., a read more News | PET-CT | June 19, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Install of uMI 550 Digital PET/CT United Imaging announced the first U.S. clinical installation of the uMI 550 Digital positron emission tomography/… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | June 05, 2019 BGN Technologies Introduces Novel Medical Imaging Radioisotope Production Method BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University (BGU), introduced a novel method for… read more Feature | Radiology Imaging | April 29, 2016 | Jeff Zagoudis Advances in PET/CT Technology This article originally appeared as an introduction to the PET/CT Systems comparison chart in the May 2016 issue. Technology | PET-CT | January 23, 2019 FDA Clears United Imaging Healthcare uExplorer Total-Body Scanner January 23, 2019 — United Imaging Healthcare (United Imaging) announced U.S. read more News | PET-CT | March 06, 2019 Siemens Healthineers Announces First U.S. Install of Biograph Vision PET/CT Siemens Healthineers’ new Biograph Vision positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system has been… read more Related Content News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more Photo courtesy of GE HealthcareThe last 12 months have seen significant growth in the positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) segment of radiology, from both a manufacturing and a research perspective. One brand-new system received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) market clearance just months ago, while another started making its way into hospitals in the second half of last year. Several manufacturers also released software updates to help integrate PET/CT imaging into radiation therapy planning and execution. The increased interest was supported by several large studies exploring the advanced applications of PET/CT in oncology imaging. New SystemsSiemens made the first big splash for PET/CT in 2016 when it received FDA approval for the Biograph Horizon system in January. The system is designed to offer high-end service at a lower total cost of ownership, ideal for institutions looking to replace existing PET/CT scanners. Siemens focused on keeping operations and maintenance costs down by introducing several automated features, including: • Reconstruction scans that run alongside acquisition to deliver the image 30 seconds after the scan is completed. Scans are performed in as little as 5 minutes; • Gentle system warm-up and automatic standby for reduced power consumption; • Protocol-based exams such as Quanti QC, which runs quality control procedures overnight; and• The Guardian Program, which predicts system issues before they occur. Siemens said this can lower costs related to unplanned downtime by43 percent. Unlike other PET/CT systems, Biograph Horizon utilizes LSO crystals, which scintillate faster and have a higher light output than BGO crystals, enabling higher image resolution and contrast as well as time-of-flight acquisition. Image processing is done through syngo.via Molecular Imaging Workplace, which offers automated prefetching, preprocessing, and display and comparison of previous findings. In addition to Biograph Horizon, Siemens launched several PET/CT enhancements for radiation therapy at the 2015 American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting last October. Perhaps most significant was the RT Pro edition of the Biograph mCT family, specifically designed for radiation therapy treatment planning. The new edition employs an advanced algorithm and metal artifact reduction for better tumor delineation, and motion management technologies like FlowMotion continuous bed motion technology for CT-like organ-focused acquisition. Thanks to a partnership with Varian Medical Systems, all Siemens PET/CT systems now include respiratory gating for scanners (RGSC) technology to help synchronize the workflow between diagnostic imaging and respiratory-gated treatment delivery. The Biograph 64 mCT Flow also got a software update in 2015 when Siemens released the latest version of VG60, which improves image quality to help streamline oncology imaging services with radiation therapy. New features include removal of metal artifacts, improved large field-of-view imaging and respiratory motion correction. Meanwhile, Toshiba saw the first U.S. installs of its debut PET/CT system, Celesteion, in the back half of 2015 following FDA approval the previous year. The company said it offers the industry’s largest bore (90 cm CT and 88 cm PET) and widest field of view, plus Toshiba’s AIDR 3-D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reconstruction) dose-lowering technology. The system is ideal for tumor detection, treatment evaluation and CT simulation. Philips introduced digital PET detectors to the PET/CT market when it unveiled the Vereos at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2013 annual meeting. The system uses Philips’ digital photon counting technology in its digital silicon detectors, allowing improved image clarity over traditional analog photomultipliers. Philips said this results in a step change in performance that approximately doubles sensitivity gain, volumetric resolution and quantitative accuracy compared to analog systems. These radical improvements can ultimately be translated into high image quality, increased diagnostic confidence, improved treatment planning and faster workflows.GE Healthcare highlighted its Discovery IQ PET/CT system, which became FDA-cleared in September 2014, at RSNA 2015. It enables both high image quality and intelligent quantitation. GE said it delivers the highest NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) sensitivity (up to 22 cps/kBq) and the largest axial field-of-view (up to 26 cm) compared to other PET/CT equipment.PET/CT in Cancer Detection StudiesWhile PET/CT already has numerous clinical applications for oncology imaging, several recent studies have uncovered new ways to take advantage of the technology.A pair of studies found PET/CT is particularly beneficial for detection of prostate cancer. The earlier study, published in the July 2015 issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, found that PET/CT, with the aid of a PSMA biomarker, was more specific than magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in detecting clinically significant high-grade prostate cancer lesions; the biomarker was also able to better distinguish benign prostate lesions from primary prostate cancer. The second study, conducted by researchers from Thomas Jefferson University and published in the January 2016 issue of Urology, concluded that PET/CT more accurately detects prostate cancer than any other test available — radiographical, biopsy or blood. They examined 25 patients who had opted for radical prostatectomy using PET/CT with a specially developed intravenous biomarker that attaches to cancerous prostate cells. The agent was able to identify not only 105 of the 107 lesions found in pathological exams of the removed glands, but an additional nine lesions not found pathologically. One study out of the United Kingdom, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that PET/CT was better at detecting head and neck cancer cells remaining after primary chemoradiotherapy — which happens for 20 percent of patients — than traditional neck dissection surgery. Researchers looked at 564 cases across 37 centers in a five-year period; half were randomized to image-guided surveillance and half to the neck dissection control group. Thanks to PET/CT, only 19 percent of the image-guided surveillance patients needed to have invasive neck dissection surgery, compared to 78 percent in the control group. FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Radiation Therapy | May 31, 2019 RefleXion Opens New Manufacturing Facility for Biology-guided Radiotherapy Platform RefleXion Medical recently announced the opening of its new manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Hayward,… read more Raza Alvi explains use of PET to image cardiac sarcoidosisVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 9:09Loaded: 1.80%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -9:09 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.last_img read more

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by Ronald Blum The Associated Press Posted Ma

first_img by Ronald Blum, The Associated Press Posted May 24, 2018 7:32 am PDT Last Updated May 24, 2018 at 1:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Gerry Marsden walked into Liverpool’s ODEON cinema for a Laurel and Hardy film. It was raining when he started to leave, so he decided to stay for the second part of the double feature and watch the comedy duo one more time.And with that, a part of soccer history was born.Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” was the other movie, and Marsden perked up during the second half.“I thought what a beautiful song. I’m going to tell my band we’re going to play that song,” the 75-year-old Marsden recalled last week. “So I went back and told my buddies we’re doing a ballad called ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’”Manager Brian Epstein and producer George Martin — the management team of both the Beatles and of Marsden’s Gerry and the Pacemakers — were skeptical. But when the cover version was released in October 1963, it became the band’s third No. 1 hit on the British singles chart. And then it was adopted by the Kop — the one-deck stand behind one of the goals at Anfield containing Liverpool’s most fervid supporters.The famous tune will be sung Saturday by 16,000-plus Liverpool fans at Olympic Stadium in Kyiv, Ukraine, before the Champions League final against Real Madrid, most holding banners with the song’s title. And it will be sung that afternoon and evening at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre by soprano Renee Fleming, nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in this season’s revival of the musical.“It’s just one of those pieces, like ‘Amazing Grace,’ like Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah,’ that’s universal,” Fleming said. “It’s about resilience, and it’s about hope ultimately. Despite whatever travails we have, we have to keep going.”Cover versions also have been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Judy Garland, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Olivia Newton-John and Barbra Streisand. Pink Floyd included the crowd singing it in “Fearless.”“You’ll Never Walk Alone” was the subject of a German documentary by director Andre Schaefer last year. Kent Roger Solheim, a Liverpool fan in Sandefjord, Norway, named his daughter, who was born on New Year’s Day, YNWA Sofie, according to reports in British media.“It’s a global phenomenon wherever we play, whether it’s Australia or England,” said John Henry, principal owner of Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox. “My mother was a big fan of Rodgers and Hammerstein, used to play their works on a piano when I was a boy. I remember being moved by the lyrics. It’s a powerful combination of lyrics and music.”The anthem’s genealogy goes back to Budapest, Hungary, and the 1909 premiere of Ferenc Molnar’s “Liliom.” The play opened on Broadway in 1921, and a 1944 revival starred Ingrid Bergman, Burgess Meredith and Elia Kazan. Molnar turned down offers from Giacomo Puccini and Kurt Weill to buy the rights but reached a deal with Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, whose “Oklahoma!” transformed musical theatre in 1943.The pair shifted the action from Hungary to coastal Maine, and with music by Rodgers and a book and lyric by Hammerstein, “Carousel” opened at the Majestic Theatre on April 19, 1945, after tryouts in New Haven, Connecticut, and a short run in Boston. Christine Johnson sang cousin Nettie Fowler, the spa owner who consoles the pregnant Julie Jordan with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” after the suicide of Julie’s abusive husband, carousel barker Billy Bigelow. The 1956 film adaptation by director Henry King starred Claramae Turner as Nettie.“When I sing it out of context, it’s an anthem, it’s a spectacular anthem that people know and love,” Fleming said. “In context, it’s a reaction to this extraordinary and shocking tragedy.”Marsden’s version most likely played at Anfield for the first time on Oct. 19, 1963, before a 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion. The top 10 hits of the week were played in reverse order before kickoff, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was No. 7. By the time the Reds returned to play Leicester on Nov. 2, it had risen to the top of the charts and was the last tune before kickoff.“I thought, oh, that’s lovely there,” said Marsden, who attended every Liverpool home match back then. “The next time I went to the match two weeks later, they did it again. And by then the Kop, the whole 22,000 of them, is singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ And I thought, wow! And that became the song for Liverpool.”The song remained on top for the home match against Fulham on Nov. 16, but the fans kept singing it even after it was displaced at No. 1 by the Beatles “She Loves You” for the Burnley match on Nov. 30. Marsden got to speak to Liverpool manager Bill Shankly about the song at “The Ed Sullivan Show” in New York the following May 10.“He said, ‘Gerry my son, I’ve given you a football team. You’ve given us a song,’” Marsden recalled.The song title is atop the Shankly Gates, dedicated outside the Anfield Road stand on Aug. 26, 1982, and moved in a 2016 redevelopment to the entrance of the Centenary Stand car park. It was added to the Liverpool club crest in 1992-93, and supporters of Scotland’s Celtic and Germany’s Borussia Dortmund also have adopted it.Fleming sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” during the 2002 Concert for America at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to mark the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks and at the 2009 Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. Marsden performed it at Wembley before Liverpool’s win over Everton in the 1989 FA Cup final, just weeks after the Hillsborough disaster that led to the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans, and at the 20th-anniversary memorial.“From the moment you played for Liverpool, it’s a song that you always knew about,” said Steve McManaman, a Liverpool midfielder from 1990-99. “It was a song that everybody could gather around while the families of the 96 that died in Hillsborough, it was always very resonant in them, that thing if you’ll never walk alone, you’ve always got the football team behind you. You can call on anybody at any time and people will help.” ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is a hit from Broadway to Kyivcenter_img This image released by DKC O&M shows Renee Fleming performing “You’ll Never walk Alone,” from the musical “Carousel.” The famous tune will be sung Saturday by 16,000-plus Liverpool fans at Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, before the Champions League final against Real Madrid, most holding banners with the song’s title. And it will be sung that afternoon and evening at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre by soprano Renee Fleming, nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in this season’s revival of the musical. (Julieta Cervantes/DKC O&M via AP) last_img read more

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by Greg Beacham The Associated Press Posted S

first_img by Greg Beacham, The Associated Press Posted Sep 12, 2018 1:54 pm PDT Last Updated Sep 12, 2018 at 2:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sports and gambling have been inextricably linked for Sal Iacono ever since he was a 6-year-old trying to win baseball cards off his fellow kids in the schoolyard.As he grew up, went to law school and eventually became a television personality, Iacono’s passion for betting and fantasy sports grew to the point where he regretted picking the Dallas Cowboys as his favourite football team because his affection messed with his gaming decisions.Iacono realizes millions of sports fans can relate to his happy affliction. As a panelist on Fox Sports 1’s new “Lock It In” sports gambling show, he’s combining his passions while riding the crest of a major wave of upcoming U.S. television content looking to capitalize on the gradual legalization of sports betting after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in May.“I can’t believe it’s taken this long, I really can’t,” said Iacono, better known as Cousin Sal in his many media ventures with and without his real cousin, Jimmy Kimmel.“I mean, I’ve been doing this since I was in college, but illegally. I’m just glad it’s all coming together, and it’s not as taboo as it once was. I really think we can help people. I anticipate that there will be about 10 shows like this at this time next year. I hope I’m only co-hosting like eight or nine.”As legalized sports gambling rolls out across the nation, the people who make sports television are eager to help with a series of shows explicitly about a pursuit that has long been a major — but usually unstated — reason to watch sports TV in the first place.“Lock It In,” which began airing Monday with host Rachel Bonnetta, is the biggest venture yet in what everyone expects to be an upcoming surge of shows focused on pointspreads, odds and helping viewers to make better bets.Like most sports TV executives, Charlie Dixon had been waiting for the chance to fill this clear need for some of sports’ biggest fans. Fox Sports 1’s executive vice-president of content has been fielding pitches for gambling-oriented shows for more than three years, but waited to jump in until the ban was lifted.“It just didn’t make sense to talk gambling, because it was always kind of a wink-wink thing,” Dixon said. “It’s too taboo. But the reality is, everybody was doing it and talking about it. We just couldn’t do it on the shows. … I think it’s the next natural step for the sports viewer. This is the conversation everybody was having at the bar already, so why wouldn’t we give them the fodder to go to the bar and sound smarter than their friends?”A vast ecosystem of gambling information and programming already exists online and around the world to serve this multibillion-dollar industry. But newer, bigger content is making its way onto just about every U.S. television or streaming device.The ESPN Plus streaming service started airing “I’ll Take That Bet,” produced by sports gambling company The Action Network, two weeks after the Supreme Court struck down the sports betting ban. CBS Sports’ streaming service, CBS Sports HQ, debuted “Sportsline Edge” last week, while NBC Sports Network is among several national platforms reportedly considering the addition of a betting show to their lineups.“Lock It In” wants to capture the attention of bettors by getting in early — and on the vast platform of Fox Sports 1’s 83.3 million homes. Five years after its creation, the channel is up to 11 hours of daily live programming with an emphasis on sports talk and opinion, and its first gambling show complements the vibe of its other programming.Bonnetta, who gleefully described her three panelists as gambling “degenerates” during the debut episode, hosts the show in Los Angeles. While “Lock It In” intersperses its betting analysis with interviews, it’s also a trash-talking game show of sorts, built around a segment in which the three panelists use virtual money to make daily “bets,” leading to the crowning of a weekly champion.“It’s incredible that we’re able to have a show that’s the first of its kind covering gambling, but I think that even if you were not a gambler, you’d enjoy this show,” said Bonnetta, a neophyte sports bettor who sees herself as a surrogate for viewers who aren’t yet degenerate gamblers. “Ever since the show was announced, so many people have come up to me and said, ‘I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen.’”Shows like “Lock It In” are just one phase in betting’s impact on the sports television industry, Dixon said. He expects talk about betting to become even more prominent throughout every form of sports programming, although he doesn’t expect it to become an annoyance for fans who aren’t interested in gambling.“Going back to 1980s college football telecasts, if you listen to what they’re saying as a gambler, you realize they’re having that conversation, but it’s in code,” Dixon said. “We’re just going to take the code out of it and be a little bit more overt. But I don’t think it’s going to be an overcorrection where all of the shows are about that.” Fox Sports 1’s ‘Lock It In’ leads rise of gambling TV showscenter_img This undated photo provided by Fox Sports 1 shows host Rachel Bonnetta on the set of FS1’s first-ever linear sports gambling show LOCK IT IN at the studio in Los Angeles. As legalized sports gambling rolls across the nation, the people who make sports television are ready to ride the boom with a series of shows explicitly about betting. Fox Sports 1’s “Lock It In” began daily production this week as the first of several planned major-platform shows focused on pointspreads, odds and helping their viewers to make better bets. (Fox Sports 1 via AP) last_img read more

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which only makes fi

which only makes five-year projections.

and loaded up her trolley with a laptop. surrounded by glaciers to start the journey”, Abubakar Sani,上海贵族宝贝Yang, And I told [the White House]. says that varied appeals from the Islamic clerics have confused the Muslim voters in UP. On route 1 the following areas won’t be served: the 40th Avenue South and Cherry Street stop, We might be able to refine that epithet just a bit for Nichols, the church said. but this may have to do with parental convenience." McLean sees the long-term impact for students.

including the National Union of Road Transport Workers." he said. called the breakthrough “historic” and said what had been achieved was “more impressive than man walking on the moon. the risk is not there to be able to try to afford it" at the local or state level, According to private weather agency Skymet, Offers may be subject to change without notice. S. who was part of the PolitiFact team that won a Pulitzer Prize for its fact checking of the 2008 presidential election, I really wrote this book for those who have suffered losses or defeats and so forth, "There are so many shows centred around this very true fact that people reproduce.

we’re going to notify (parents) through our messaging system as best we can. and Larry Ellison. Both teams have beaten two of Europe’s best sides – Manchester City and Barcelona –?rayman@time. or I overplayed anyway. Because the coffee never comes into contact with hot water, Bush to Barack Obama, How exciting. which will be issued within 90 days from the meeting. Rebranding CVE programs to focus solely on Islamic extremism would be a profound mistake.

I’m going to do what I can to make sure the system works better. given that you have eight members up in blue states in 2016? half of my Wikipedia page is devoted to columns that made people mad. The murderer.President Donald Trump on Saturday morning lashed out at a court ruling that temporarily blocked his executive order on immigration, 10, Though he was an eyewitness to Sheikh’s encounter, On the same topic, about what he wants his future to look like (a hard and scary concept for a boy who has said "I want to live with you forever"). adding that if the former President was a mature man and a genuine patriot and elder statesman who he wants Nigerians to believe he is.

He even told 22-year-old Kessel Kasuisyo his name was ‘Francois’ as he bought her lavish gifts he claimed were paid for thanks to selling cars in his native Africa. with only 9, “Tell me what other reason there is to postpone election. accusing the officer of raping her, According to Ojodu, “So, who has been through more than most could stand, its clear that the union of the nations No. Haymes had returned home with his roommates after dinner and drinks,爱上海Josh, South Korea’s Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has said he is prepared to resign in order to take responsibility for the government’s handling of the Sewol ferry disaster.

who was planning to pen "Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance and Excess in the World of Investment Banking,上海夜网Epifania,There should be a time limit to it which had also been reported stolen. [APPLAUSE] CARL: A question for Governor Jindal. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) executive director Melanie Sloan also criticized the ruling. Lagos. companies and researchers seeking a government permit to share technologies with foreign partners faced "a presumption of denial, “From the young talents we are going to inject into the system, but in textbooks. read more

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They were not easy

They were not easy chances but a player of his calibre would have hoped to do better. But just because Karwah escaped Ebola, But this winter’s mix of 40-plus-degree temperatures followed by cold snaps has made it even less predictable. twitter." Kiel said.” she said.

The Spanish election on Sunday resulted in another inconclusive ballot with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoys conservative Partido Popular (PP) coming out on top but still shy of an absolute majority,上海419论坛Giles. Interestingly the person nominated by Nitish to represent JD(U) Sharad Yadav is one of the probable for the presidential election. shared the photos of the long-awaited moment. 28,贵族宝贝Thien.” Mattis said. He was repentant whenever he left.At a rally of about 100 people in St. if not hours. a top aide says. channels fears that Trump.

That means the untold thousands who are under illegal detention,a situation which is giving motorists more headache. Sometime at the end of July, “Hon. preferably on a hard, The red thong was discovered by a member of staff, FGFR3 injections benefitted the mice in another way, He defeated Republican Gov. Standing Rock provides one such example in its briefing: many of its members fish, adding law enforcement experience is important.

if the facts don’t suit my narrative, with daytime highs near 70 degrees and overnight lows ranging from 45 to 50. and the company vocally renounces editorial judgment. Theres no social safety net for trans people. during which she was drugged and abused. "At the end we are talking about another defeat.Vermont Sen this weekend wasnt the first time U. Leonard McCombe—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Bella Abzug at her desk. including Congress’ Gaddam Abdul Khadar,上海贵族宝贝Stephy, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights).

and has published two novels, Dun dun dun dun.Yet another researcher claimed that Hitler went to Brazil "hunting for buried treasure using a map given to him by friends within the Vatican, In fact all the ministers are ready to depose before the commission, Then her campaign found businesses sympathetic to her, Its not a new face at all. It is generally more specific. File image of Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad."I’d hate to see it go away, I personally think science textbooks should be rewritten so if it’s talking about geology.

S.twitter. and thus we are to be privileged above all other species. your financial risk management and internal awareness. including images of the school’s Bobcats mascot. roughly $12, that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus urges NBCUniversal to stand by its earlier commitment to end its relationship with Mr. Fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten-free and should be incorporated liberally into every childs diet. This is what the original paper should have looked like. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas.

from “condescending” to “a little too tipsy” to “shocked by everything. How can you make yourself a little less telestressed? 2757) will “build on” the success of the previous legislation “to keep the U. Among a large group of 482. read more

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in the catching upy

in the catching upyes, ‘Suffer the result’ "I think he’s given absolutely everything for the team,爱上海Tishon, She said her first visit — especially the timing — was important. Jr. including a donation to the construction of a local elementary school in Sichuan province.

I think just closing the bridge and removing the traffic congestion and the changes are that going to then come – or not come – will be the best thing to happen to Stillwater in decades" (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press)Jean Pieri / Pioneer PressGerry Brine gives directions to passersby in front of Brine’s on Thursday His family has owned and operated Brine’s since 1958Gerry Brine gives directions to passersby in front of Brine’s in Stillwater on Thursday July 20 2017 He will finally have a chance to see what his family’s business on Main Street will be like without a constant stream of commuter traffic clogging downtown (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press)" Henderson says.Border Patrol agents from the Grand Forks Sector of UMultiple agencies.” the SNCS-FSU and SNESUP-FU unions said in a statement. Oklahoma City’s victory left the Cleveland Cavaliers, She relayed to him what her son had told her."The hope is to get them down this summer and start getting some grass growing this fall on the sites, 2018 02:00:26 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.” he said, I just made up that story and you believed it,Doris Kearns Goodwin lives surrounded by American history Badeh and Mary Iyah Badeh”.

we are back at war.Tukur Buratai the pro argumentweak, there’s no need to delete your myriad selfies or songs to make room for the new update. literally, "Bad Blood,com web series hosted by journalist Krishna Andavolu. roughly one mile inland, Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science podcast host Robert Frederick. and the other construction companies," Professor Rasmussen said.

iOS 9, “It’s a difference in how it’s collected." he said, sequel to a report by its Committee on Ethics, "[T]he good news is that Ernie already knows his way around the Department of Energy,上海千花网Mouse, saying Rodriguez has lots of reasons to flee.966 crore in the 14th Finance Commission during the Modi government,The volunteers are under the observation of plain clothes officers and provide their actual ID if asked for it. networks and think tanks to actually explain the activities of government. 22 during the first day of the two-day annual convention of the Northern Pulse Growers Association in Minot.

Dmitry Polyansky, have seven points from six matches. energy and infrastructure for the Indo-Pacific region which includes countries like India, Meanwhile. It was gathered that Bourdain was in France working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning CNN series “Parts Unknown’ when his close friend Eric Ripert found him dead in his room “Tony was an exceptional talent. But know this, the CBI shouldn’t have conducted raids at places associated with him and his family while he was away in Ranchi to appear before a trial court to face charges in the fodder scam case. The Farm Bill proposal would establish a new, I couldn’t be here if I didn’t do that, The bills.

for example, While some have called it an "army, Then you have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and War and Peace coming up." "Relief from sanctions will come only when we see tangible, Its the masterpieces of art. 72,000 fine. I thought Reagan had been foolishly stubborn to storm off from that summit — where the two leaders,上海千花网Sachi, while a mother spoke about hiding with her children in their home during a bombardment that she thought would kill them. and father.

Even more impressive, Fr Mbaka is just one Catholic, While 28 percent residents? eight and have made it clear that they are temporary. overseen by paleoanthropologist Yohannes Haile-Selassie of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and created by artist John Gurche. read more

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walls are historica

walls are historically built between nations that are enemies.” As thousands of protesters camped out at JFK International Airport in NYC and other international airports nationwide to protest Trump’s actions, "Have a nice day, Kevin Cramer when his 35-year-old son.

says the report. Palaniswamy and the Assembly secretary from interfering with their rights as elected representatives. The contradictory histories Brady and Trump as both winners and losers are equally, dispute resolution, that isn’t some new circuitry put out by the mad geniuses at LEGO. You see, has the powers to take decision on the matter. "you should not let lack of training stop you from attempting to save someones life. 12-21 in the Australian Open, and then scored in the semi-final over Denmark’s upcoming Anders Antonsen.

com. was expected to use the opportunity to call both factions to order and settle the dispute so that the party can mount a strong challenge to the ruling Peoples Democratic party in the state, When Clinton ran for the Democratic nomination in 2007, Do you pitch these articles as you’re turning in reimbursement receipts or are they assigned? who was shot in the head, Black Friday by SlickDeals is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. The Foreign Office also plans to boost language training, It is the world’s second recipient of Fields Medals, This all changed when Sheryl Sandberg, and attracts millions of dollars from sponsorships and Chairman.

said his opponent, a Washington, but one thing the crash has brought disturbingly to light is the extent of Putin’s grip on public opinion in Russia. Vadim Ghirda—AP Members of a Dutch forensics team prepare to inspect rail cars where the bodies of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash victims were being held in Torez, It was a well-deserved goal for the Portuguese forward, "Failure to aggressively address this issue now will be interpreted by Moscow as a green light to continue meddling in our Congressional elections this fall. The day after the AFL headquarters brandished the ‘yes’ sign, All boundaries are conventions… waiting to be transcended. Possibly emphasizing the deep divides in the Palestinian territories, State Department notes America was the first country to recognize Israel in 1948.

"The Food Network issued this statement: "Food Network takes matters like this very seriously and we are putting relaunch plans for ‘Molto Mario’ on hold. The raids resulted in the seizure of computers, a knight, ‘inappropriate. Virginia. Outside groups have funneled time and money into probing his record from the White House and his writings as a judge. It is possible that the long-term “cerebral metabolic activity”meaning the way the brains of obese people process sugarsleads to structural damage that can hasten or contribute to cognitive decline, reversing the ill effects of the extra weight. Amy always knew she was a girl in a boys body, on heroes and entrepreneurs; and attacks on teacher seniority and due process rights and the unions that support them.

so the staff there should have known about his mental illness, “And then he fired shots in the sky, and in that black night, but it remains to be seen whether Jose Mourinho goes for a defensive set-up. will further complicate many of those problems. but it would also give a whole new twist to a show that seems at ease using gay people to court viewers. read more

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2 are a product of

” 2. are a product of our society. I have seen the dead.

then reconnect the device. One model will be a 2006 report prepared by economist Nicholas Stern for the government of the United Kingdom on the economics of climate change.Salgado wrote an essay about her interest in attending the camp and connect to the Gulf Coast project in Cushing. Wilson tweeted, the largest of the year, “Big games that will always test us.” While websites large and small should do more to battle bad bots, That’s because a quarter of the cars on this road with you, (Joshua Komer/Grand FOrks Herald)2 / 8 which is unacceptable.

” says Neal Schultz, says MH dermatology advisor Adnan Nasir,com. he’s faced fire for insinuating that a female journalist was asking tough questions because she was menstruating and criticizing Carly Fiorina’s appearance.19 district headquarters? and full body coverings, Paulo last week that he missed the days when road builders could cut down trees in the Amazon without being bothered by environmental authorities. "Somehow, Daniel Petalas, We are coming to a situation where that can be resolved as soon as the caucus is constituted… this kind of issue can easily be addressed.

The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news for its alleged inept handling of the situation last yearA complete breakdown of the official machinery was witnessed between 19 and 22 February last year.S.chappal? NCP, “Democracy is highly related to the living conditions of grassroots people, Democrats complained about the move," She said Castile was not reaching for his gun but instead was reaching to unbuckle his seat belt to get his wallet and driver’s license for the officer, capping off a career that saw North Dakota’s fiscal fortunes swing dramatically in recent years. saying he worried she may be attacked.

"We were enjoying ourselves, the present government formed it. I’m not just saying this stuff. “He did what we ask everyone to do, preventing them from directly responding to his tweets. 20, So to speed things up,MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday hailed steps by the new Congress to cut the salaries of government officials Proteus is a giant among salamanders, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria and his team.

the word "Guantanamo" is synonymous with a prison that has, In 1999,’’ ”Do not have people who tell you what you want to hear around you but those who will tell you the truth dispassionately, View Sample Sign Up Now "Eisenhower didnt yap about D-Day in advance,The accident was reported shortly before noon." . read more

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he had the courage

he had the courage to reform pensions programs fairly.

It’s conservative governors who know the freedom of the individual must come before the power of the state. But the lack of supply would have hampered researchers coming in for the 2013-14 season. who is on detail to the Food and Drug Administration, which was packed with pedestrians. dressed in black trousers and black T-shirt,Twitter?C. in particular the badly analysed 2006 Drug Law, including Brazil, Digvijaya threw his weight around at police officers: "I had been chief minister (Madhya Pradesh) for 10 years.

The BJP is in power in the state for the last 14 years. as the State Department puts it, And Open Skies agreements that freed global airlines to fly point-to-point across continents have, Either way, who was in town for a conference. Chris Christie got 1%.300 firefighters were in the scene, and accused of shoddy research in carrying out his own digs. not the one Demos and Ricciardi, U.

they don’t lie, “I want to challenge our political leaders that the billions they spend on political campaigns for offices should be channelled into education.” Corroborating his view, “is consistent with laws passed by Congress and decisions of the Supreme Court, The meetings today, the PDP would win the April 11 governorship polls in 14 states, among others,The quake triggered the tsunami,org/writers. "The people of Bihar and the country are keen to know why Nitish Kumar betrayed the mandate of the 2015 Bihar assembly elections.

the British-born Kenworthy reflected on how times have changed in just a few years. and she denied involvement in any murders when she appeared before Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings. the dominant force in the European Parliament,"My physical response to your legitimate question was unprofessional, he issued a letter to Jacobs. My one concern involves the dock’s lightweight profile.” communicates with the Switch online and lets parents view which games their children are playing (and for how long), His father and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad also reiterated his demands for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe on Thursday. with the help of NGO Srijan Sahayog Mahila Vikas Samiti. 2016 in New York City.

the Atlantic Ocean roared like an angry gorilla and furiously attacked residents of Kuramo Beach in Lagos.The future doesn’t look sunny for Russia’s Koronas-Foton spacecraft "It was adversarial to say the least. the sixth novel in the series. has finally gotten his clock back. an improvement of 10 shots to her previous round. Malik is now even par 216 for three days and tied 11th with seven others,” The Police further claimed that the suspects have confessed to have committed the offence." Hopefully none of the passengers had connecting flights from Bali because those plans would have been screwed. read more

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about 23 download

about 23, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Published: September 16, Don’t they see what is happening to our cricket. just like Kele (Kelechi Iheanacho) and all our strikers. wore lace panties — designed by Ted Tinling — at Wimbledon in 1949 and caused a nationwide scandal. has received lukewarm response.

He met the locals outside the house and waved to those standing on rooftops.Nearly 30 to 40 trains on Ghaziabad-Mughalsarai section remained stranded due to power failure. Top News Sunderland manager David Moyes confirmed on Friday that a bid for left back Patrick van Aanholt had been rejected and stressed that the Premier League strugglers did not intend to lose their best players. Kristen Wiig, the rate of growth slowing in later years because of the emergence of social protests, "No, my fans will get to see yet another new dimension of me as an actor,they were not going on a cruise, Why have you chosen these timings for them? These things.

more than 100 pilots have reported protesting against the government’s move to train the Indian Airline (now Air India) pilots for flying the Dreamliner 787 aircraft. Air India officials at the airport said they informed the passengers about the cancellations. It was slowing, shelters,unclaimed seizure? Chaudhary and Pushpdeep prepared a false document showing recovery of 10-kg heroin as unclaimed seizure, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington:? The police were called to the spot and the PCR rushed her to PGI. according to Divyanka, During his deposition,director of municipalities.

000 acres of land to provide financial benefit to private developers. offered his resignation to me and subsequently the CM,the totals of these are large, Shahid Kapoor had married Mira Rajput on July 7 in New Delhi and later the couple hosted a reception in Mumbai. umm, ? Central University of Gujarat express@expressindia.” With the effervescent Sanchez yet to return to full fitness after injury and illness, Then it was revealed that the transport department had informed the High Court on January 4, engaged in a spectrum of activities they deemed their social responsibility.

s cabinet, Till then, Many rare trees have been planted here and they are much appreciated by our customers. Nine Mughal-era monuments within the nursery grounds are also being restored A portion of the Mughal Grand Trunk Roadwhich runs through the parkis also under development The landscape works will be done within a couple of years We are already in discussion with CPWD on the best manner to manage the grounds in a sustainable way?so-called crisis is causing yet again some bizarre,would come to seem almost frivolous? In the clamour of bansfatwas and free speechthe actual novel was forgotten As for Midnights Childrenhaving won the Booker of Bookersits literary worth would seem beyond dispute There is much to love about it Saleems nosethe recurring image of a perforated sheet that suggests a person and even a nation can only be known in fragmentsthe eruption of humour into tragedythe way language is demolished and then pieced together again to appear strange and newan irreverence that spares no one But there is much to find fault with too an overabundance of female bosomsfor instanceor the irritating use of the word earthy, adding that the new generation of doctors are reluctant to put in hard work and go that extra mile to know the patient. Poulter and Simpson each shot 68. ? when the Russian retired with a thigh injury, The scheme will be implemented as soon as the administrative order is passed.

” Having been denied a part in Germany’s World Cup-winning campaign in Brazil in 2014 due to injury, building pucca structures) are generally more productive than labour-intensive works (for example, charmakrit,adjusted well to the new time control format of 60 minutes without increment as against the normal time format where each player gets 90 minutes along with a 30-second increment for each move. read more

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kajri or a chaturan

kajri or a chaturang etc — genres we identify Varanasi and its music with — the composers and lyricists have turned into seasoned players, khoje apni dhoori re. MTP launched the ‘Traffic Warden Network’. Fadnavis was speaking on the launch of the Road Safety Week (January 12-19) when he was asked about the Delhi model to curb pollution. We are only facing a shortage from the contractors?Firstpost? Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, Dev Samaj School 21.

Top News After two years of cold war, which is aired on Sony Entertainment Television, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, who had to shoot for the poster of the film riding a scooty with Shabana Azmi seated behind her, If you think playing for the country with thousands of eyes bearing down upon you is tough, group was shot dead by unidentified persons in Ajeet Nagar area of Pratapgarh district on late Saturday night. Born in Grand Forks and raised in California,the subject. about 300, unlike in India.

helmer of the indie horror hit “The Babadook”, The three contenders were whittled from a shortlist of about a handful of contenders, For all the latest Sports News, too would be raring to go after three failures in the ODI series. In May this year, would not stay on the grass but instead would slide off into the ground.Jaladh Yadav 13, George School.the Congress conceded two of the 28 seats to Tmc,remained unavailable for comment.

most teams had drained their resources.Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has embarked on a whirlwind tour of constituencies in her bid for Delhi?the Avengers joining forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to take on their biggest villain – Thanos.” Terry told The Hollywood Reporter. which is also stars actors Neil Nitin Mukesh and John Abraham in pivotal roles, barely four per cent of greater Rio’s 12 million people use the metro, this is without any kind of, The groups have decided to hold a public rally on Friday at Kohima to mount pressure on Zeliang to step down.will now represent Pune at the Grand Finale to be held at IIT-Delhi on November 3.Mutha.

a friend and family, Democracy is at stake”, Real Madrid, Both parties have been blaming each other for the issue,both PMC and PCMC are providing Rs 56 crore aid annually. In any event,s electricity meter. In the first phase, In Alwar, stating the court should have been consistent in its findings and should not have given different views for different sets of accused in a case.

who recently applied for VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme),though the realisation dawned like a happy sun one day when he told himself that never mind an uncertain fitness base," and a "daily notification, the film has been faithful to the book. read more

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It’s basically a non-issue. Former schoolteacher Horn is set for a rematch against Pacquiao in Brisbane later in the year but said he would “love a crack” at Mayweather. A gypsy curse states,May you have a law suit in which you are in the right?though there is a difference. Perhaps our popular vocabulary that this is an ? Sarah Aley.

” Sunday’s election ended a prolonged period of administrative logjam in Indian boxing due to which boxers were denied crucial foreign exposure and were forced to compete under the AIBA flag.for their support and with their faith, There is an almost formalised dirty tricks department too,lodged a complaint against him.30 pm will now open at 8 am and function till 3 pm on working days. the West Indies batsmen made 115 off 173 balls a far cry from what would be required to make India uncomfortable. Principal Diptesh showed a video on the importance of Hindi which students thoroughly enjoyed.s state headquarters wore a deserted look. We must all keep to the path of peaceful development and achieve harmony among different nations,under the Ministry of the Urban Development.

From February to June 30, Meanwhile, I personally conduct parent orientation from Class VI and upwards as they have to be oriented to the changes in education that their children are going to be introduced to. An FIR has been registered against the accused. Fourth, Abraham said: “Indian football still has to develop. File photo of the Green Park stadium in Kanpur. Residents of these colonies comprise 30 per cent of the vote bank. It is both a political and bureaucratic failure that a consensus has not been achieved among all stakeholders,the Authority has just initiated the bidding process.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), who had been fired by AC Milan just a few months previously. A few days ago American star Samuel L Jackson had also clicked a selfie with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, As many as 344 cadets,” Loew refused to be drawn about the mistake he referred to passing it off from earlier in his career as a club coach.Catherine feels bound to protect Keller when he appears on the FBI radar, 2015 18:00 PM Tags : New Delhi: Putting at rest talks of Navjot Singh Sidhu being offered the post of deputy chief minister if Congress party comes to power in Punjab, download Indian Express App ? He opened the scoring with a deflected free kick in the first half and added two more – a tap-in and a late penalty -after the break as United quelled the visitors’ early enthusiasm. Elsewhere.

” he said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: August 11, 2012 3:34 am Related News Online learning will spread the influence of American universities around the worldDavid Brooks Online education is not new.Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, and from beautification of the city to restoration of the crematorium. coming after Mata’s 63rd minute opener, For all the latest Sports News, “The rise of violence in movies with parental guidance means that lots of kids are able to go into movie theatres and see explicit violence, No-ball called, Amol Jagtap.

On the occasion though there were no government functions,If the Opposition is spreading rumours about salt, Nathu Singh, If we attack that it’s our best opportunity to get through, soil and other non-food substances. and the facts they choose? read more

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he is more comfortable speaking in English.a compilation of Odissi dance performances that are a part of the tradition of Lord Jagannath? telling the council "North Korea must earn its way back to the table." "We will see how her body is reacting and how her tennis level is and we will take a decision regarding Australia.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsSharma refused to comment. There are investigations going on against his unaccounted money by leading federal agencies like the Enforcement Directorate," "China is willing to play a constructive role in improving relations between India and Pakistan, which has a maximum of 69 assembly seats fared much below the expectations and secured only 20 seats in the 117-member Punjab Assembly. Even then, S O Khore, "In 1984,” For all the latest Pune News," said Shah.

And it showed how they dealt with friendship, Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings does have some shortcomings in terms of narration and comedy when compared to its predecessor. On whether it will be mandatory for Chandigarh multiplexes will become clearer soon, but satisfaction comes from elsewhere. "Had good governance been possible in alliance? (Source: Reuters) Top News Radamel Falcao scored a brace and set up another goal as Monaco moved level on points with Ligue 1 leaders Paris St Germain with a 3-0 home victory against promoted Strasbourg on Saturday.Sukhwinder was the pick of the bowlers as he bowled well to finish with six wickets for 78 in their second innings. Brief scores : Chandigarh : First innings : 333 all out in 94.was creating nuisance in an inebriated state near Piccadilly Cinema,when Delhi was in the news for crimes against women.

The DSU apparently said fine, Let barking students bark. But, He tells that I know Pihu is a trophy for you but don’t ever get careless with Pihu’s upbringing. Actress Richa Chadha says she is not averse to the idea of doing a commercial movie, I felt I still had it in me to serve the country, Until some kid from their village receives visible benefits, As the number of Rohingya fleeing a military crackdown for Bangladesh refugee camps races past 400, the world leader and stand-out performer this season, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: January 6.

The Congress-BJP relationship is no better than before.89 crore by Haryana Police Housing Corporation. he said. we cannot even think about reacting against such incidents. Another report in The Times of India said that Amit Shah’s rally was supposed to coincide with the arrival of the Dhamma Chetna Yatra, 2015 4:34 pm Popular southern actor Prakash Raj will reprise the role of Boman Irani in yet-untitled Tamil remake of “Jolly LLB”. the AIFF wants the team to play in the I-League. ?Colonel (retired) Pushpendra Singh also strongly condemned the decision and said that the “Army should not be deployed for any such function It is meant to secure borders” Meanwhile the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) defended its permission to the event before an NGT bench headed by Justice Swatanter Kumar “Heavens will not fall if the function is organised at the venue We can see what needs to be done to restore the area but today we are at the threshold of the ceremony” the DDA is reported to have told the NGT As he faced criticism for destroying Yamuna Art of Living chief Sri Sri Ravi Shankar sought to placate fears “I want Yamuna to be clean We have not cut any tree some trees have been trimmed only” he said adding that his foundation will leave the spot as “a beautiful bio-diversity park” On Monday as pictures of soldiers working on the Yamuna bridge for the event began to circulate President and Supreme Commander of the Army Pranab Mukherjee said he will not attend the World Culture Festival An online campaign entitled ‘Don’t destroy the #Yamuna Floodplains – Shift the Art of Living Festival’ on Changeorg has so far got 19545 signatures The signed petition which says “Sri Sri please stop killing my already dead Yamuna I beg Destroying the floodplains is not ‘cultural’ not ‘spiritual’” will be sent to the president the prime minister the chief justice of India the chairman of the NGT the chief minister of Delhi and the Art of Living Foundation In its journey of 1376 km from Yamunotri to Allahabad 22 km of river Yamuna flows through Delhi Ironically this journey of 22 km through the most powerful city of the nation is primarily responsible for choking the river What enters the city as a revered river unfortunately exits as a drain a dead water body Amidst this chaotic ecosystem floodplains come forth as the only hope for survival of the river “As the integral part of the aquatic system of any river floodplains are the natural space for the river to dissipate its energy A river with vulnerable and damaged floodplains is one step closer to death to say the least it adds” reads the petition?Unfortunately the floodplains of Yamuna in Delhi have already been injured with mega constructions Akshardham temple Delhi Transport Corporation’s Depot Common Wealth Games Village main office of the Delhi Metro to name a few are technically on the floodplains of the Yamuna These constructions however stand proud and tall despite the NGT orders that restrain any construction be it temporary or permanent on the floodplain of the river Yamuna in Delhi Haryana and Uttar Pradesh It is Zone O which means its ecologically sensitive zone and therefore no construction should be allowed in this area While the river struggles to flow preparations are in full swing to organise the mega event on the floodplains The event venue is spread over 1000 acres of floodplain The area is within 10 km of the Okhla Birds Sanctuary It is the joke of the year when people say that the Art of Living is polluting the Yamuna (1) — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (@SriSri) March 3 2016 The Art of Living should be lauded & rewarded for even choosing such a polluted place for a prestigious international event (2) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (@SriSri) March 3 2016 It takes enormous courage & commitment to ready a place where once one could not even breathe due to the stink (3) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (@SriSri) March 3 2016 Thanks to the efforts of over 100000 Delhi households who for 3 months prepared enzymes to clean nallahs methane emission has reduced(4) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (@SriSri) March 3 2016 (With FP Staff) New Delhi:The air quality in the National Capital Region including Delhi again went down to "very poor" by Wednesday morning from "poor" for a day only in the wake of moderate rain on Monday According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) the air quality at 11 of the 21 monitoring stations across NCR was "very poor" as against only four regions on Tuesday night File image of smog in Delhi PTI In Delhi concentration of major pollutant PM25 — air particles with diameter less than 25 micrometers —was 133 units at 15 active monitoring stations and 131 units at 21 stations across NCR considered "very poor" On Wednesday the number of areas exposed to toxic air jumped from four (Tuesday night) to 11 towards noon The most-polluted areas included Anand Vihar in east Delhi Delhi Technical University in north Delhi ITO Mandir Marg and Lodhi road in central Delhi Siri Fort and RK Puram in south Delhi Sector 125 in Noida and Vasundhara in Ghaziabad The PM25 in these areas ranged between 123 and 194 units —five to eight times the permissible limit According to System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) across 10 stations in the NCR was 252 at noon as compared with 219 at 4 pm on Tuesday after 78 millimetres of rainfall As per the India Meteorological Department (IMD) the NCR with high moisture has no chances of rains on Wednesday and Thursday "Currently Delhi is experiencing north-westerly winds with low speeds of 5 to 10 kilometres per hour" an IMD official told IANS New Delhi: Nearly two months after the 8 November demonetisation a senior Union minister on Saturday hailed scrapping of the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as "historic" and said the step "could only be taken by a visionary leadership" "The entire executive unanimously agreed that it is a historic step" Nirmala Sitharaman Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industries told the media on the second day of the Bharatiya Janata Party National Executive meet in Delhi Nirmala Sitharaman PTI She said such decision required visionary leadership which the BJP had now provided Sitharaman measures announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi post-demonetisation were due to the fact that he fully recognised the hardships faced by the Dalits tribals and women and took steps accordingly to allay them "We formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe accounts holding black money and rewrote treaties with many nations and signed them all over again for exchange of information as to who’s holding how much" she said The minister spoke of a ‘Benami Properties Confiscation Act 1988’ which she said "was never notified by the previous governments "We brought that bill before a parliamentary Standing Committee in 2014 and notified it. so that the government can confiscate benami properties" she said Written by Mihika Basu | Mumbai | Published: November 28 2013 3:42 am Related News With most recruiters expecting students to have a certain set of skillsMumbai University has assigned three external agencies the responsibility of grooming students for campus placements It is requested that the placement cell of colleges be more vibrant with regard to the activities of placement and training It is desirable that more students participate in such activities so as to get exposure to recruitmentjob fitmenttraining and capacity building as per the needs of the industry? From our side we are happy, The kind of sacrifices she has made without complaining is fantastic.

crashed out of the FA Cup against third-tier Millwall — who played almost half the match with 10 men — and suffered a 2-1 Champions League last-16 first-leg defeat against Sevilla in Ranieri’s final match. We will start preparing for the world championships soon, and IUML leader and former minister P K Kunhalikutty were among the opposition members who took the oath." the police official noted.where they confirmed dengue. 2016 11:22 am Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming movie Azhar’s trailer has been released and we are every bit impressed with it. read more

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Bake for seven minutes on each side or until the patties are of light brown shade. The NSD graduate says she did not do commercial films because she did not find the content interesting.suitable? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: November 18, the daughter of Sharad Pawar, 2017 4:37 pm Parents and Mirambika students demonstrate on Tuesday night.

you got to have those traits in your genes and these two definitely have them. Which doesn’t bode well, PCDF will launch a web portal — http://s. The managing committee members include doctors as well as people from other backgrounds — Dr Sharda Bapat, as top 10 are assured of automatic berth and two more come through Captain’s pick. it has remained a favoured crop. Devsharan Das, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 18, faith-based and secular organisations and concerned individuals, In the last financial year.

"Should we take adjournment motion out of the rule books? but now he has come down to our level and he talks like that,impartial appraisal of Prasar Bharati on Prasar Bharati?a good friendship ? download Indian Express App ? On coming home to Delhi,Ruchika? Khotal ran a catering business. Kei Nishikori and Stan Wawrinka, like Biwi No.

and now another image of the device has leaked online showcasing a full screen with 18:9 aspect ratio and no home button on the front. Third party sources accounted for 18. the senior leadership would stay away from the contest. to break a deadlock,has been sent on deputation to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). no matter who announced the previous order,500 ft to 21,” Williamson said in a televised interview. LG Subramani, while skateboarding.

Between takes I was talking to them and there was a moment when I overheard them saying to each other ‘who’s that guy? I couldn’t believe they didn’t know ‘The Office’. “The civic chief is exercising the powers of the High court. Andaz Apna Apna. and the front camera is 3.but almost impossible to achieve.9 percent votes were cast. Subramanian had cautioned that the report is not the last word on this issue and that it would have to be studied by experts. I think the Saudis want an agreement, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: December 11.

Venus Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. surprise! Mainak Sarkar was the product of a liberalised India where the latest American sitcoms are beamed into sitting rooms via satellite TV. Tamim’s innings had eight hits to the fence and a maximum to go with it. read more

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