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Discussion on how to write soft Wen from third angles

want to do "soft", we should put ourselves in an objective point of view, that is, the third point of view.

if a soft article appeared in our products, how to completely lost the objective point of persuasion. The objective attitude of writers have to stay out of the show, can not be the purpose of advertising products in the. For example, in a news release that the advantages of the product, can stand on the angle, longitudinal comparison of horizontal comparison or industry development stage, which objectively reflects the product advantage and selling point, let the reader voluntarily have the desire to buy. Even want to know more, through a variety of ways to find corporate website or product seller, to achieve the effect of promotion. read more

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There is a world of difference 17576 3 letters COM domain name why prices

renamed Chinese ( March 17th – the 3 letter domain name has about 6 million 170 thousand yuan to be acquired, and the 3 letter domain name only to the price of 70 thousand yuan. Pat, the price difference of nearly 100 times. The same is true for the 3 letter domain, but why is it that the price is so different? Why not?

3 letter domain name has a global common, no language restrictions, is conducive to the development of the advantages of international brands, there is one point is that compared to English, Pinyin and other domain names, it is simple and easy to remember. read more

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Domestic market is now the Matthew effect in the year or welcome earnings inflection point

Last November

listing of the group purchase originator Groupon has just released the results, the first quarter of this year, Groupon to achieve a profit of $16 million 300 thousand (the fourth quarter loss of $42 million 700 thousand last year), this news is undoubtedly a stimulant for the domestic group purchase counterparts.

in 2011 after the reshuffle, the domestic group purchase market "Matthew effect" is gradually emerging, the U.S. group net, handle network and Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) "a situation of tripartite confrontation" trend is taking shape, the U.S. group net sales in March this year more than 300 million yuan, opened the first of the 300 million generation of group purchase. Insiders pointed out that Groupon achieve profitability, indicating that the market is entering the industry to buy an inflection point, and industry leaders will become the first beneficiaries. read more

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Website recommendation Airtime to help you know the Friends of friends social networking site

I remember two years ago a Chatroulette Chatroulette? Then 18 year old Russian founder Andrey Ternovskiy really Facebook later moved to Silicon Valley, but also to learn the movie Zuckerberg put out several venture capital, but the only difference is that he finally didn’t accept any investment, so when using the amount of Chatroutte decreased significantly later also, he lost everything Leverage.

but want to say today is not Chatroulette, but the Napster two – Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning founder, once again together, founder of the Airtime – a better than the Chatroulette Chatroulette. Like Chatroulette, the Airtime is designed to allow you to chat with strangers. But unlike Chatroulette, it will help you find the right object based on your interests. Also unlike Chatroulette, it is through the Facebook login, so you can find "Friends of friends" chat, increase the opportunity to hit it off (you remember, Sean Parker is the year to pull Zuckerberg to the Silicon Valley Facebook the general manager). read more

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Yu Yongfu new partner UC High German Ali effect speed

recently, the Alibaba group announced four new partners, namely Ali mobile business group president and CEO Yu Yongfu Ali mother, Alibaba group deputy general manager Zheng Junfang CFO, ant group finance and payment service customer funds and Alibaba Zhao Ying rural Taobao general manager Sun Lijun. Yu Yongfu is the most special, because the path is different from the other three new partners, he is the only one of the original Ali partner".

Yu Yongfu joined Ali for more than a year, the current president of the mobile business group Ali, Ali mother president, in charge of Ali’s big data marketing and mobile Internet based services two business segments. Among them, the leading UC and High German most concern, UC merged with Alibaba, with a $4 billion valuation Chinese created at that time in the history of the Internet’s largest mergers and acquisitions, while in High German success after delisting also began into Ali mobile business group, the integration of nearly 7 thousand people to become a big problem with this for more than a year of Yu Yongfu. read more

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Domain new series gradually popular network Gao and Jie

Chinese Pinyin cultural origins long Chinese characters, combination of fold changes, the same spelling, word combination Chinese characters diversification, such as high street network acquisition and enable the "high street" double spell domain name, Gaojie is not only high street Pinyin, but also Gao Jie, Gao Jie, and other Chinese high sister characters, recently become the domain name popular concern, a "Gao" and "Jie" two series thermal domain. read more

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Content marketing no content Have you tried these 10 methods

today’s network is full of all kinds of information and content. Blogs, news, information, advertising, etc.. According to the data collected by the MBAOnline show that the daily updated content actually increased. Therefore, this article will be a key aspect of content marketing for you to understand the key marketing.

according to data collected by MBAOnline:

* 2 million blog update

* a total of 864000 hours of video is placed in the gifted rabbit

*2 50 million photos on Facebook update read more

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Education O2O will become the next fall off the pig

throughout the O2O market in 2015, thousands of O2O business platform collapse death recorded widespread, O2O from everyone sought to kill them. In fact, O2O itself is not a problem, but the problem in these O2O platform body. In the Internet plus under the impact of traditional education and training Chinese has been a serious threat, as the New Oriental Yu Minhong said: "the transformation may not be able to live, but not necessarily die transformation".

is also in this Internet plus the fashion, Chinese education platform such as O2O like bamboo shoots after a spring rain after another, such as teacher, tutor, teacher came gently, O2O education platform superior education started to go up, but the whole education O2O industry has appeared a lot of problems, and even some abuse of the O2O. read more

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The third party payment license deadline soon more than and 140 only 27 companies have a card

although there are more than and 140 party payment companies license application on the central bank website publicity, but in the first batch of more than 27 months after the issuance of the license issued more than three months, the new license is still only listen to the stairs". According to the "non financial institution payment service management approach", before September 1st this year did not obtain pay business license will not continue to engage in the relevant business. Facing the deadline, third party payment companies said, for enterprise collective licensing possibility of the central bank will take very little, gradually release the measures to take the card temporarily delayed period. read more

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After breaking up with Jingdong to single handedly make it up

news July 21st, the day before, Fast Retailing (UNIQLO parent Fast Retailing Company) CFO Okazaki in the 9 fiscal year 2016 months before the conference call revealed that the plan in China and the United States the construction of the new distribution center, may achieve the next day and day.

in April this year, fast selling in Tokyo, Ariake launched a new distribution center, the main supply to the store, but will soon be used for online distribution, service in the autumn and winter clothing season. "One of the main purposes of Ariake warehouse is in line with the network’s flagship store on-line news this fall, also plans to launch online for a pin." CFO Okazaki said. read more

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There is only the mother of this sentence is not all right

Ali should not be unfamiliar to you, whether mother advertising will not be Baidu K, I would put on. After all, now the Union has such a Big Ali is also a few, but the threshold is really high, the mother is willing to take care of these grassroots ah. Recently, Baidu and Taobao war we must know. Taobao and Ali mother together, we also see the. Today, I would like to say, after the combination of the loss brought to everyone.

my station is a movie station, every day there are more than 3 thousand IP, to IP on Sunday and 5000-6000. Hanging on the mother’s ad at least 20 times a day, although not much, but a month also has a $more than and 600. Hey, really did not expect, the mother has become so shameless, without telling me, the advertisement all replaced Amoy advertising, which means that people only through our advertising on the station and the success of the transaction before I earn money. Online shopping friends are aware of what they want to buy goods are generally run directly on the theme, Taobao search. Who will see the ads that reminded me of my shopping desire? (of course, female except) besides, our website content, take the entertainment station for example, most of the passengers are basically imitation for recreation, listening to music, watching movies, who will go to those advertisements? Who will go to the point of the deal?? of course not, but very few, less than half a month that I have not received a penny. Some people think that the industry can stand. But the industry basically have their own products, who would do that kind of advertising ah. Today to call the customer service, they said my station is only suitable for Amoy advertising. I asked him if I could never be like that again. Depressed, it seems that the horse is anxious, even such a thing can be done. I don’t even support ali. read more

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Online purchase of vegetables served on the same day the office workers to warm the farm house docki

with a box, you can take food at home." Recently, the Old Summer Palace Garden District, in addition to newspaper boxes, milk box, add food box, mode of direct supply pilot "from the farm to the family network. This new way to buy food is popular with office workers.

to buy food to change the online ordering food

Old Summer Palace garden is located in the vicinity of the North Fifth Ring Xiaojiahe bridge, relatively remote, residents to buy food inconvenience. Resident Ms. Chen said, before buying food often worry. "More than an hour to go to the supermarket." Since last month, Ms. Chen became a food family, every day to the ground floor of the community, from their own food dishes. The whole process takes only 10 minutes. read more

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Amazon said that the high price of online shopping moon cake Raiders Raiders

days ago, hollyland, Gongyifu, Dasanyuan, Daoxiang village, Rong Hua and other dozens of famous overnight in Amazon have started selling moon cake. Amazon in the high moon cake, said not at the same time, specifically tailored for the following categories of people online shopping moon cake Raiders raiders".

Amazon due to net sales of moon cake and shopping malls, supermarkets sell moon cake compared with the "price gap" and "free delivery" advantage, so the Raiders around "basis to help buyers money at the same time, to ensure the interests of buyers". read more

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